ParasoundJC2usedParasound JC2The JC-2 Preamplifier designed by famous Audio Designer John Curl is well-known in the Hi-End Audio Community. I have listed Reviewer's Accolades and its Specifications later below. The Preampli...1904.71

Parasound JC2 [Expired]

no longer for sale

The JC-2 Preamplifier designed by famous Audio Designer John Curl is well-known in the Hi-End Audio Community.  I have listed Reviewer's Accolades and its Specifications later below.  


The Preamplifier is nearly brand new in terms of only minimal use as it was used in a second system that I didn't have much time to listen through due to my busy schedule.  The Preamplifier is cosmetically flawless other than normal connector use to attach interconnects.  It has at most 4-months of use in total.  I am the original Owner and the environment is smoke-free.


Reason for selling?  I am embarking on a Master's Degree and am liquidating most of my stereo gear to assist with funding it.  JC-1 Mono-Block Amplifiers that was part of this System is also listed in a separate Audiogon Ad.


I have not sold in some time, but in the past, I have sold at least 39 Items on Audiogon and had a perfect (100%) satisfaction Record.  I am an M.D. by background and most people know we take very good care of our possessions, especially audio equipment. 


Any serious offers will be entertained.  I am happy to answer questions, but as I have a busy schedule with both working and studying, I usually only look at e-mails at the end of each day,  So please be patient we me in getting back--It will be the same day, but depending on your time zone, it may be late or very late that day.


Any Final Offer accepted will still need to add 2.9% to cover PayPay Fees that will be incurred.  Buyer also pays for shipping costs. 


Thank your for your interest!!


Accolades for the JC-1 Power Amplifiers:


Absolute Sound Magazine: 


Best Solid-State Preamp 2008/2009:  


"The new JC-2 lives up to its legendary forebear, offering outstanding neutrality, very low noise, high resolution of inner detail, excellent timbre and texture, excellent large-scale and small-scale dynamics, and a surprisingly large taste of the air and bloom that only tube preamps used to own.


Absolute Sound Magazine January 2009 (Neil Gader):


"Curl has managed to create a quite affordable preamp that does seem to offer some of the same dimensionality and air and bloom and neutrality that, previously, only tubes gave you, without sacrificing any of the bandwidth, transient speed, or clarity of solid state tubes." 


"This is a terrific linestage preamp that would be a Product of the Year in any year."


Absolute Sound:  Editors Choice Award 2019: 


"The JC 2 BP is that extreme rarity – a near-reference-quality product that many of us can afford. Neutral and natural, transparent-to-sources, quick and delicately detailed, here is one solid-state preamp that doesn’t trade away key parts of the baby (air, bloom, color, three-dimensionality) for the bathwater of razor-cut imaging and iron-fisted control."


Home Entertainment Magazine (Steve Guttenberg):


"The JC 1 / JC 2 combo produces a remarkably detailed and shockingly realistic sound." 


"The JC 1 / JC 2 sound strikes a keen balance between offering superlative resolution and sounding beguilingly sweet and natural. I find myself totally absorbed by CDs that previously bored me." 


"If you are new to high-end audio, Parasound’s JC 1 / JC 2 combination is a great place to start. It would be worth your time to experience them firsthand through a dealer. Bring along some of your favorite music, and be prepared to hear it like never before."


Home Theater Review (Frank Doris):


"The Parasound Halo JC 2 is a line-level preamplifier that delivers superlative sound.  Like any good preamplifier, its primary function is to "get out of the way" of the signal coming from the music source and not impart any coloration of its own.  The JC 2 is one of the closest preamplifiers I've heard to attaining this ideal, and lets the music come through with exquisite detail and clarity.  It's solidly built and performed flawlessly during hundreds of hours of operation.  Although not cheap at $4,000, you get what you pay for without question."


Sterophile Magazine (Sam Tellig):


"The JC-2 allows music to emerge intact - with body, bloom, and dynamics, with definition and detail - from an utterly silent background.  It allows your CD player and other sources to do their stuff.  One more thing: the JC-2 excels at the reproduction of space.  It helps the JC-1 power amps through a huge soundstage."


"My guess is that the Parasound Halo JC-2 can compete successfully against preamps, solid-state or tubed, that sell for twice the price - or more.  Like the JC-1, the JC-2 is up there with the best of them, but down to earth in price."


JC-2 Preamplifier Specifications:


--Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 100 kHz, +0/-3 debridement


--THD: < 0.003% at 100 Hz; < 0.005% at 20 kHz


--IM: < 0.003% 


--S/N Ratio: > 116 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted; > 104 dB, input shorted, unweighted


--Crosstalk: > 100 dB at 10 kHz; > 90 dB at 20 kHz


--Gain: 14 dB, maximum; L, R Gain Control Range, - 10 db


--Input Impedance: Unbalanced, 30k ohms; Balanced, 30k ohms per leg


--Output Impedance: Unbalanced: < 60 ohms, Balanced: < 60 ohms per leg


---Input Sensitivity: 200 mV for 1 V output; Total Gain, 14 dB; Maximum Output, 8 V


--XLR Pin Identification: 1 = Ground (Shield); 2 = Positive; 3 = Negative (Return)


--AC Power Requirement: 110 - 120 V or 220-240 V, 50 - 60 Hzs (Set AC Voltage switch on rear panel)


--Power consumption: 25 watt standby; 30 watts when turned on


--Dimensions: 17 1/4" wide, 16" deep, 5-7/8" high with feet (5-1/4" high without feet)


--Weight: 24 lbs. (11 kg)


--Shipping weight: 36 lbs. (16.4 kg)

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