Black Cat CableSIlverstar! USBusedBlack Cat Cable SIlverstar! USB1m Stereolab / Black Cat Silverstar USB. A to B, Very high quality performer. New cable in older style original box. This is the last one Openbox model for showcase/photos. Predecessor to the ...200.00

Black Cat Cable SIlverstar! USB [Expired]

no longer for sale

1m Stereolab / Black Cat Silverstar USB.  A to B, Very high quality performer. New cable in older style original box. This is the last one Openbox model for showcase/photos. 

Predecessor to the latest DIGIT 75 USB cable which retails for $967.80

The Silverstar! USB is a well-executed cable that was designed for maximum performance at a minimum price. “The USB cable market has been in full swing for several years now, but I wasn’t comfortable releasing any products unless they were in the realm of ‘can’t be beat,’”     -----says Black Cat founder Chris Sommovigo. 

“I had to be confident that the new Silverstar! would be heads and shoulders above other cables even three and four times its price. I’m so excited about the final product, and I can’t wait for end users to hear what’s possible at this price. This USB cable draws a line in the sand.” 

Black Cat Cable products have been renowned in the audiophile community for many years for their extreme performance and reasonable price tags. And their latest offering, the Silverstar! USB, embodies that company philosophy perfectly, by ignoring unrelated bells, whistles and pseudoscience, and focusing solely on performance. “In a way this scaled-back approach is quite a bit better than a lot of your other options, including some of the radically expensive cables,” Sommovigo continues. “As with so many other things, before getting fancy we have to make sure we're doing no harm. Silverstar! USB is our 'Do No Harm' cable, and we think you'll be surprised at how well it can do its job.”

NOTE: Lowball offers will be politely declined. 
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