mcintosh1500usedMcIntosh 1500 Receiver  /  RESTORED  /  Free US ShippingMcIntosh 1500 Hybrid Tube Receiver RESTORED $1950 Includes FREE US SHIPPING The 1500 Receiver is RARE. Approximately 2600 examples were produced during a 2yr period. The 1500 was built to...1950.00

McIntosh 1500 Receiver / RESTORED / Free US Shipping [Expired]

no longer for sale

1500 Hybrid Tube Receiver 


$1950 Includes FREE US SHIPPING 

The 1500 Receiver is RARE. Approximately 2600 examples were produced during a 2yr period.  The 1500 was built to typical McIntosh Standards
Contemporary Tests considered this receiver to be BETTER than many competing separate component models from other companies.   
This Receiver Is Restored 
Power Supply Caps Under Chassis (Multi Section Cans Left In Place For Appearance)
NEW Small Electrolytics And Many Resistors In Amp And Preamp Sections
NEW Preamp Transistors   
FM Alignment
All Sockets Cleaned And Tightened
All Switches And Controls Cleaned And Lubricated   
All Tubes TESTED   
Cosmetic Condition Is EXCELLENT !
Glass and Lettering Are EXCELLENT !
Chassis Is CLEAN And Corrosion Free   
Tubes Are Mostly US Brands
MATCHED Phillips 7591 Quad
(2 Phillips Branded, 2 Realistic Branded; Identical Construction)

My Tech Burned In This Receiver For 8 Hours After Restoration

Sound Is Glorious !
Tight Center Image In Mono- Indicating Both Channels Are Balanced
Wide And Deep Stereo Soundstage   
FM Is Remarkably Sensitive And Easily Locks Onto Low Power NPR Stations   
Sonics Are A Combination Of Vintage Tube "Lushness"
And SS Power and Control Best Of Both Worlds
Sounds More Precise and Detailed Than A Fisher 500C   
The Buyer Acknowledges They Are Purchasing a USED Receiver   
SOLD ---AS IS--- and Without Recourse   
Sale Is Strictly AS-IS   
Please Contact Me With Any And ALL Questions !!
I Welcome YOUR Questions !!
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