RotelRDD-1580usedRotel RDD-1580 DACFor sale is a Rotel RDD-1580 DAC purchased new in 2015. It has had one owner in a smoke-free household. Excellent physical and working condition, tested as of 1/15/2020. There's a small hair on ...395.00

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Rotel RDD-1580 DAC [Expired]

no longer for sale

For sale is a Rotel RDD-1580 DAC purchased new in 2015.  It has had one owner in a smoke-free household.  Excellent physical and working condition, tested as of 1/15/2020.  There's a small hair on the front photo, no scratches on faceplate.  I think this is one of the best high-quality values in DACs under $1,500.

*Comes with original packaging, remote, instructions, and software.  Also includes rack mounts.  Buy with confidence.

My experience and why I'm selling:  I have used this DAC in my system which includes a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP and Goldenear Triton Ones, I've found the detail and accuracy to be very good, I used the rear usb input from a jriver source.  Got a new dac so selling this one.

This DAC uses dual Wolfson WM8740 DA converters (one for each channel) up to 192/24.  It has 2 optical, 2 coax, 1 PC input in the back and a USB in front which also is capable of streaming bluetooth with the included usb chip (pictured plugged in on front photo).  Outputs are balanced XLR or RCA.  Also has a 12v trigger. 
Rotel Product Page: 
Dimensions:  17"x12"x2" , 11lbs.

Absolute Sound:  "the RDD-1580 is more than just a checklist of features; it’s a true hi-fi component with gripping sonics that run with the best of ’em without running you into debt. . . the RDD-1580 was flawless, both in features and in sound quality. It is by far the best DAC that I’ve heard in this price range, and probably would beat out most DACs double or triple its price . . .But if you are looking for a DAC that costs even $2500, don’t overlook the RDD-1580. I definitely hope Rotel will let me hang on to this one a while longer." 
WhatHIFI "Playing Radiohead’s 15 Step from our Naim reference streamer and into the Rotel’s coaxial input, we’re struck by how remarkably clean and straightforward the RDD-1580 sounds.  Each instrument is carefully and precisely laid out, and there’s a good sense of rhythm and crispness to the edges – it’s quite the feat considering the song’s intricate arrangement.  There’s good weight to the sound, too, and the tonal balance is even throughout the frequencies."
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