VACRenaissance 30/70 Mk.3 MonosusedVAC Renaissance 30/70 MonosThese are my coveted pair of VAC Renaissance 30/70 Mono amplifiers. (Class A-Triode). They started out as the Mark 3 version, the preferred one. Head designer Kevin Hayes has described these as pos...6200.00

VAC Renaissance 30/70 Monos [Expired]

no longer for sale

These are my coveted pair of VAC Renaissance 30/70 Mono amplifiers. (Class A-Triode). They started out as the Mark 3 version, the preferred one. Head designer Kevin Hayes has described these as possibly the best 300b based amps he has designed. He also said that there are only 30 or 35 pairs of these anywhere in the world! They exceed the magnificent performance of the Renaissance 70/70 amps. This is due to the extra transformer in each amp, and the inherent superiority of well designed mono amps. (Separation/imaging/headroom, etc.) I have owned these for years, they have had excellent maintenance. When VAC first converted them from the original 30//30 Stereo amps, they got new capacitors. This was done by the previous owner. I sent them to VAC because I had one channel that was slightly weaker. They recommended that I send both of them, I did. They put all new voltage rectifiers in both amps-16 of them! Of course they were thoroughly inspected, and auditioned by Mr. Hayes. I purchased the high end Shuguang Black Treasure 300b output tubes from a reputable dealer. This is the same company that supplies the stock tubes for VAC, but these are their premium, limited production 300b version. VAC okays their use as they meet the Western Electric specifications that are ESSENTIAL to run safely in the Renaissance 300b based VAC amps! Another convenient feature is the automatic biasing/sentry circuit. A series of built in led's indicates when the amps are biased and if there is a defective output tube. This amp has excellent protection!  For the 6sn7 input tubes, after a long and careful audition of vintage tubes, I settled on these superb Tall 1955 Sylvania 6sn7 GTA's. They offered the best sound stage/imaging with rich, but detailed music. Dynamics are wonderful. Each amp has a Hi-Fi Tuning Gold fuse. The sonics are magnificent and should satisfy the most demanding music lover. Personally I prefer them to any of the newer amps that I have heard. Cosmetics are really nice for their age, of course not like new. I cannot find anything really distracting to point out. Some fade spots on the gold accents for instance. Very minor nicks perhaps. These amps can run 95% of all high end speakers in grand fashion. I encourage you to download an Owner's Manual to cover all of their ultimate Triode features. They were $16000.00 when first introduced in the very late 1990''s.  IMPORTANT!--------------------------300b based tubed amps can be notorious for having a higher "Noise Floor" (Hum heard through fairly efficient  speakers when no music is playing).  This hum does not increase as volume goes up. Keep this in mind. Premium 300b tubes last a really long time, but they do drift and even cycle to produce extra hum at idle. They are still considered to be so inherently musical, that it is a small price to pay.  Again, this can vary from system to system. It never intrudes in my music listening. The 300b's have about 850 hours on them, the 6sn7's maybe 500 hours. I cannot find the receipts from VAC to prove my maintenance claims, however VAC can confirm this. This amp takes (2) power cords. I do not have the generic originals, as most listeners want to upgrade to their own taste. These monos do not come with power cords.  Also do take into account my perfect and long Feedback on Audiogon, as well as a perfect record on Ebay, Feedback almost 1800. I also go by "thegotoguy01".  I am in the process of some downsizing, so these amps are not necessary at this time. I have double boxes for the amps, as shipped from VAC. The tubes and polished capacitor covers will ship separately. There will be 3 or 4 total boxes. Safe shipping is my goal. I am going to ask for a very reasonable Flat Shipping fee of $300.00. Paypal as usual is free! This auction is for the USA only! If you are from another country, you will need a very reliable (Paypal Verified) USA based address that I can ship to!
BONUS+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I will include an extra matching pair of the identical Shuguang Black Treasure 300'b output tubes as I am providing with these amps. They have low hours, the original case is included.