Graham AudioLS5/9newGraham Audio LS5/9 BBC monitor loudspeakersUp for sale a pair of brand new Graham LS5/9 in ebony finish, we open only the one outer box, just to take a picture, the inner box is unopened/shielded. The BBC LS5/9The LS5/9 is a high qualit...3800.00

Graham Audio LS5/9 BBC monitor loudspeakers [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale a pair of brand new Graham LS5/9 in ebony finish, we open only the one outer box, just to take a picture, the inner box is unopened/shielded. 

The BBC LS5/9

The LS5/9 is a high quality studio monitor that was designed by BBC Research and Development and featured a brand new 8 inch bass/midrange drive unit that was developed entirely in-house and constructed using the best materials available at the time.

Designed for use by the BBC in smaller studios and control rooms, the LS5/9 is a close sonic match for the larger LS5/8. Equally at home in a domestic setting, the open and expansive mid-range reveals previously unheard details from even the most familiar recordings.

With Derek Hughes at the drawing board, the original BBC design has been recrerated. A new bass/midrange driver has been developed in conjunction with Volt Loudspeakers which uses a substantial die-cast aluminium frame and a massive motor assembly, allied to a diaphragm formed from a selected grade of polypropylene and matched to a high quality rubber surround. Each bass driver is hand-assembled and tested by Volt.

The tweeter is a selected version of the Audax 34mm soft dome, which is protected by a strong metal grille. A sophisticated crossover network blends the units together and equalises the overall response for optimum performance in free space.

The cabinet uses classic BBC "thinwall" construction, and is manufactured in the UK from high quality 9mm birch plywood. Hand-matched veneers are applied and finished to a very high standard indeed. All joints in the cabinet are reinforced with hardwood batons to ensure long life and total air sealing. The panels are mass-loaded to ensure that resonances are moved away from the critical mid-range region, and a layer of Rockwool held in place by fabric provides air damping. The grille - machined from a single piece of 9mm birch plywood - is held in place by concealed rare-earth magnets.


System2 Way, reflex loadingEnclosureThin wall construction, birch plywoodFinishReal wood veneerDimensions (w/h/d)28cm by 46cm by 27.5cmWeight14kgFrequency response50Hz to 16kHz, ±3dBNominal impedance8ΩSensitivity87dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)Maximum outputOver 100dB for a pair at 2mBass/midrange200mm Diaphnatone polypropyleneTweeterSon Audax HD13D34HRecommended amplifier power50 to 200 watts unclipped programme

  • “The Graham Audio LS5/9 is an unusual and impressive speaker. It does a startlingly good job of transcending its small size to present large-scale music convincingly. It has a balance very close to neutral and surprising dynamic capacity. ...It may be that you have a need for a small speaker; if so, the Graham Audio LS5/9 is surely an item of extraordinary interest. Few other speakers of its size offer anything like a comparable musical truth. Comes to that, rather few of any size do.”

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