RS9 MUSIC SERVERRS9 MUSIC SERVERnewRS9 MUSIC SERVER - can run Audirvana, Jriver, Roon, HQPlayerRS9 Music ServerThe RS9 Music Server, can run Audirvana, Jriver, Roon, HQPlayer $2,895.00 – $3,395.00 Link: 0% Fin...2895.00

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RS9 MUSIC SERVER - can run Audirvana, Jriver, Roon, HQPlayer [Expired]

no longer for sale

RS9 Music Server

The RS9 Music Server, can run Audirvana, Jriver, Roon, HQPlayer

$2,895.00 – $3,395.00


0% Financing 3 Years - Apply Today!


New Model! Smarter, Faster, Built for High End Audio

RS9 Retail Price is $3400 2 TB – 4 TB $3900 –

On Sale RS9 2TB $2895 & for the 4TB $3395 – a $500 to $700 Savings

RS9 Music Server System – USA Labs,

Made in the USA.

Run ROON on any Network Player Streamer, DAC, even if your streamer or DAC is not ROON Compatible!

8th Generation Intel Core i7



Zero computer/network knowledge needed. Just plug it in! Plug & Play. Setup video is available & if needed our techs can & will remotely setup the RS9 for you for Free. All you have to do is connect the RS9, power it up and we will take it from there, Remotely via computer. Pretty cool right!

Do not use a computer to stream your music, computers run dozens of background programs just to keep the computer up & running. This causes unwanted, noticeable noise in the signal path.

The RS9 has no Noise, no fans, super fast instantaneous delivery, huge horsepower for large libraries, no spinning disks, no moving parts, imbedded operating system, no drivers, all solid state, runs super COOL, built for high end audio Only! Put it anywhere, Plug & Play. Solid State drive included.


0% Financing 3 Years

Run ROON on any Network Player

8th Generation Intel Core i8. Fanless aluminum chassis. Chassis is the heatsink. All solid state.

8th Generation Intel Core i8
128 GB SSD system and database drive
2TB – 4TB SSD music storage drive

Completely silent. Extremely fast. Rock Solid. The on-board 2TB SSD makes album look ups substantially quicker than network attached drives. No more worries with network issues or wondering if ROON is still running as an App on the network. The perfect way to run ROON. Roon subscription not included, but can be added for an additional fee.