McIntoshMX-110usedMcIntosh MX-110McIntosh MX 110 Stereophonic (Tube) Tuner-Preamplifier Serial Number: 496Z4Sold February 1963 to September 1969, 19,158 units made. Description:“When powered up, there was only beautiful music. Th...2050.00

McIntosh MX-110

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McIntosh MX 110 Stereophonic (Tube) Tuner-Preamplifier 

Serial Number: 496Z4

Sold February 1963 to September 1969, 19,158 units made. 



“When powered up, there was only beautiful music. The MC240/MX110 combination is pure elegance: tight base, lovely mids and balanced highs. So, here’s a toast to the fine folks at McIntosh that invented this beautiful MC240/ MX 110 combo, the fine American employees who assembled it, and the original owner. The original owners’ wife said he liked fine wine, but he loved his McIntosh, I do too.” – Todd Marlowe Audio Review Website.


This Tuner/Preamplifier was purchased new by our family in the mid- 1960s. It was paired with a Macintosh amplifier and a Crown tape recorder, a configuration found in many recording studios of that era.  This unit was used primarily by the buyer, a professional singer, to make recordings which he shared with clients and friends.   It was last played in the 1970’s and remained in the cabinet in the living room until it was removed about 10 months ago to be sent to R&B Electronics of Redwood City CA, for a complete evaluation and tune-up in anticipation of sale.   All components were examined and tested, and R&B concluded that it was in very good condition and was operating properly; other than cleaning, little was required and none of the tubes needed replacement.  A copy of the R&B receipt is available. The purchase also includes the original User’s Manual for the device.


Front Panel:

Glass with anodized aluminum panel. Volume. Illuminated dial. Electron Ray Tuning indicator. MPX Stereo light. Tuning Control. Input Selector: AUX, MPX, FM, Phono 1, Phono 2, Tape Head. Concentric Bass Control. Rocker Switches: Muting: IN or OUT, Filters: LF: Out or In, HF: Out or In.  Concentric Balance: Left to Right / Power: On or Off. Rocker switches: Loud: Out or In. Tape Monitor: Out or In, Phase: 0 Degrees or 180 degrees. Concentric Treble Control. Mode Selector: L to L&R, R to L&R, Stereo Rev, Stereo, Mono (L+R), L+R to L, L+R to R. Panloc buttons.  


Back Panel:

Outputs: Main, Tape. Ground screw terminal. L+R Output. Power cord. Fuse. AC Outlets: 1 Unswitched, 2 Switched. FM Antenna screw terminals. Inputs: Tape Monitor, AUX Tape Head, PH-1 MAG, PH-1 XTAL, PH-2. Panloc mounting. 


Preamplifier Section: Response: 20-20kHz (+0.5 – 0.5dB). Distortion: 0.2%. Input Sensitivity and Impedance: Aux: 0.3V at 200k, Phono: 3mV at 47K, Tape head: 3mV at 220k, Tape monitor: 0.3V at 100k. Hum and noise: high level – 80dB, low level less than 3uV. Tone Controls: bass + 16dB to -23dB, treble + 18 to -18dB. LF Filter: 50 Hz at 12dB/ octave. HF Filter: 5kHz at 12 dB/ octave. Phase Switch: 0 or 180. 


FM Section: Sensitivity: 2.5uV. Response: 20-20kHz within 1.0dB. Distortion: less the 0.6%. Four IF Stages. Two limiters, Separation: 30 dB. Hum: -70dB. 


Power Requirements: 105 ~ 125 Volts, 50/60Hz at 75 watts. 


Tubes: All original as follows: 6DS4, 2-12AT7, 6AB4, 3-6AU6, 6CS6, 6HU6/EM87, 6D10, 3-6U8, 12AU7, 3-12AX7, Solid state power supply.


Size: 5-7/16”H x 16” W x 13” D

Weight: 27-1/2 lb.


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