Icon AudioStereo 845 PPusedIcon Audio Stereo 845 PP - The Ultimate Integrated Tube Amplifier using the 845 tubes** OWNERS CHOICE FOR BEST TUBE INTEGRATED - FANTASTIC 845 TUBES ** The Ultimate Tube Integrated Amplifier is achieved in the Icon Audio UK Stereo 845 PP. Pure Class A Triode front-end and pure Tri...11395.00

Icon Audio Stereo 845 PP - The Ultimate Integrated Tube Amplifier using the 845 tubes [Expired]

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The Ultimate Tube Integrated Amplifier is achieved in the Icon Audio UK Stereo 845 PP. Pure Class A Triode front-end and pure Triode push pull output stage incorporating the amazing sounding 845 tubes. This Icon Audio flagship integrated amplifier was designed to get the best performance out of the fabulous 845 tube and is ideal for the listener that wants the ultimate in luxurious warm sound. Contact  [email protected] or 249-880-5040

The legendary 845 luxurious sound quality is
presented here in nearly all class A, as the valves (tubes) are
only running at 35% of their rated output. The
attention to detail and quality will reveal the finest
detail of your recordings in a warm musical form.
Everything possible has been done to allow this
superb valve (tube) to work its magic. Forty watts is ample
power to obtain a high volume in most situations.
This means that all of the components and valves are
generously rated to give the ST845 its enviable sonic
signature. And still comfortably get everything in one
The importance of Push Pull. Many exotic SE
designs are criticised for their distortion and bass
performance. A glance at the ST845 figures shows
real bass power at low distortion is possible!
The sound quality: tested on a wide range of
loudspeakers the ST845 offers a very unbiased
interpretation of music that only valves can do. The
design is deceptively simple, using very little
feedback, lots of pure copper and heat!
You can expect a three dimensional sound stage,
and very precise imaging is more precise. The
“texture” of each instrument is more apparent.
Why did we design this? Following our very
successful MB845 110w mono blocks, we realised
that there are many people who just love the sublime
quality of the 845 valves but do not need high power
or have the space needed for two large mono blocks
and a pre-amp. Surprisingly 100w to 40w is only
3.9db lower in sound output, so the ST845 is an
excellent relatively small one box.
Summary: The finest pure triode presentation without the
high power of our MB81s. Created with absolute listening
quality in mind. The “ultimate” triode PP integrated

Valued Client Testimonial of Icon ST845 PP

Updated: Oct 28, 2020 ** Full Review at www.audioarcan.com - Blog/Testimonials **

Hi Warren

Spent the best weekend in my audio life listening to this superb Integrated.

WOW, the first and most important quality being is the sound stage.


As you know it is the third unit bought from you and every one of them was well design, excellent craftmanship,  with a certificate of quality assurance, and a look that will attract any one.Superb soundstage, imagine a thick wall of sound, all instruments and voices at the right place but with air around them,  same as if you hear a guitar in a room you know where it is but you also hear the reflection which add to the presence,Excellent Frequency response : people tell you that tube color or warm the sound, I have found that compare to the many other amps (SS or Tube) I have tried this is the most neutral

  1. Bass is there, not shy but not overemphasized, I can now make the difference between Fender, Hofner, Double bass ( obvious but the character of the player is easy to grasp)

  2. Finally voices and high-range are not aggressive but well modulated, a pleasure to listen with any style of music

  3. Dead quiet, no hum, no tube rush and very short break time, less than 15 hours.



TT: Mcintosh MT5

Cart:  Dynavector 20X2L

Phono:  Icon Audio PS3

CD: Cambridge transport and DAC

Amp: ST845pp

Speakers: Tannoy Kensington

Cables power and RCA: Pangea Audio

Tubes are from Icon Audio and for the first time I am not incline to swap any of them


More than happy, Rejean


Specifications and Features  Pure Class A, Triode front end
 Pure Triode 845 push pull output Stage
 All hand wired point to point
 Remote control volume
 May also be used as a power amplifier
 Comprehensive manual supplied
 Built in “Easy Bias” Meter
 ALPS Japanese volume pot.
 4x 845 precisely matched
 2x 6SL7 first stage valves
 2x 6SN7 output driver valves
 1x GZ34 driver stage rectifier
 Max output one channel 41w 8Ω 1% THD*
 40+40w 8Ω both ch driven 0.5% THD*
 THD 8w 0.15%. 1w 0.09%
 Max output into 4Ω 32w (11.3v)
 Max output into 16Ω 39w (25v)
 Signal to noise level -105db
 Channel balance better than 0.1dB
 Damping factor of 14
 Freq response 10hz-20kHz -0dB (41kHz –0.1db) 8w
 Freq response 20Hz-20kHz 0.25dB (40kHz -1dB) 38w
 Suitable loudspeakers 4Ω to 16Ω
 *Low Distortion Tertiary wound output transformers
 Transformers potted to reduce noise
 Solen/SCR Hi Fi quality audio capacitors
 Jensen copper foil on request
 Silver plated pure copper PTFE audio cable
 Gold plated Input & speaker terminals
 Attractive Plexiglas cover supplied
 Four line inputs
 Record loop
 300mv sensitivity.(high) for full output
 950mv sensitivity (low) for full output
 Input impedance 100 kΩ
 220/240/115 volts 220watts typical, 500w max
 44cmW, 46D, 24H (28H with cover), 35kg
Typical Figures @ 235v Provisional specifications subject to change



Full complement of tubes with 845’s in Push Pull design, 40 + 40 watts RMS, Valve rectifier, LDT transformers, Remote control, Easy Bias meter, record loop, original packaging and documentation and two year warranty provided from our office in Barrie, Ontario.


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