MJ Acoustic (reference series)dual SR-400 subwoofersusedMJ Acoustic dual SR-400 subwoofersThis ad is for one pair of MJ acoustics 400-SR subwoofers. This set is my personal demo set and they are in mint condition. They come with all applicable stock wiring, original packaging and can ...3000.00

MJ Acoustic dual SR-400 subwoofers [Expired]

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This ad is for one pair of MJ acoustics 400-SR subwoofers. This set is my personal demo set and they are in mint condition. They come with all applicable stock wiring, original packaging and can be remote controlled via the free MJ acoustics app. This is the most adjustable user-friendly subwoofers I have ever experienced. This is the newest version of the 400 reference model and they are approximately 4 months old.

Information from the manufacturers website;
Many so-called ‘full-range’ loudspeakers cannot reproduce the low bass frequencies found on most music and movie discs, these frequencies are necessary for the accurate reproduction of the original recording to impart the natural ambiance of a real-life recording. When present, it is immediately recognizable by listeners as being closer to ‘the actual performance’. Of course, movie DVDs incorporate a dedicated bass channel for bass special effects, these being just as described, “special effects” to be precise LFE (Low-Frequency Effects). LFE should not be confused with the bass frequencies present in a normal full range sound signal being presented to the main full-range speakers. A properly designed sub-bass system will not only reproduce these bass frequencies with accuracy, but it will also augment the output of conventional stereo music with very low-frequency bass that is felt rather than heard. The result is greater audiophile fidelity in the lower and mid-band range. A system with a wider bandwidth will always sound more realistic and ultimately more entertaining, stimulating and engaging.

The only way to add these critical bass frequencies is to introduce a correctly designed sub-bass system, one which not only has the technical ability to reveal the deepest musical notes, but will also integrate seamlessly with the loudspeakers so that your system speaks with one deeper, more natural voice. Close your eyes and the music appears to be emanating from the speaker enclosure and not from 2 separate enclosures. Reference 400-SR does just this and it does it with complete composure and total control.

MJ Acoustics designs and builds specialized sub-bass systems that do just this. For nearly 20 years, the evolving range of MJ products have delighted audiophiles and cinephiles around the world and received outstanding critical acclaim. MJ’s superiority in providing real-life, sound-for-pound value continues unchallenged, proving that genuine sub-bass is a rare commodity, and only available from a specialist.
The Reference 400-SR has a feature list that covers all the essential ingredients and then some to integrate into any audio system. The onboard microprocessor provides for extensive management of this feature set. Reference 400-SR is simple to use via its digital display confirming all your settings. With a cabinet size as small as 345mm square, Reference 400-SR can be tucked away into the smallest of areas. 300mm Ultra Long-Throw sub-bass driver, digitally accurate crossovers, multiple inputs, High-Level cable option, M8 spikes, Reference 400-SR is amazingly well equipped and ready for the most demanding movies and the most detailed bass lines.

Twin pairs of RCA inputs to enable augmentation of bass frequencies within an audiophile grade system from the line-level connection as well as the legendary High-Level input so unique to MJ Acoustics. RCA Inputs for LFE and Center channel connections are once again unique to MJ Acoustics. All inputs can be used simultaneously and we encourage you to do so when installing in a Home Theater system. You can augment the bass for speakers connected to the Front Left & Right, the Center channel and the LFE source. A true enveloping sound stage can be achieved from a single subwoofer that makes all speakers in the system sound as though they are large floor-standers.

It even comes readily equipped with a line-of-sight IR remote control and a remote eye receiver option to make recalling one of the 4 user-presets an absolute breeze. For those of you that have access to a smart device like an iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android Tablet, we have added the exciting feature set of “Smart Remote” this is a specially developed out of sight remote control that puts at your fingertips the ability to dial in the settings from the listening position in a way that could never have been achieved before. Totally unique to MJ Acoustics and developed over the past 4 years by our in-house programming team, it really is a feature set that makes it hard to comprehend how the setup was achieved without it. Ask your local dealer for a demonstration today and experience the missing link to your system! There really is nothing like an MJ Subbass system. It will transform your audio listening pleasure.

MJ’s unique combination of state-of-the-art electronics mated to specially tuned hand-built sealed cabinet affords the user the ultimate in sub-bass control. Deep and powerful enough for the most demanding movie soundtrack, yet subtle, agile, fast, and accurate for the highest fidelity in music listening. It really is just like being there! Scary at times when the director of the movie intends it but if removed, leaves a system without foundation. Once installed and dialed in you will not want to be without it.

Many great reviews.
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