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The MC-1 Double Helix Signature (DHS) 

Our top hand help model.

Pure Helix Technology magnetic wave guides: These complex waveguides concentrate the electrons to a super-fine focus for better more realistic, and much more musical sound and video image quality!  Ads incredible clarity and reduces the hardness and hardness of an audio system dramatically.

Gold plate contacts in the wave guides: This offers a better transfer of electromagnetic energy throughout the entire wave-guide.   

Capacitor assisted electron training: A new concept developed by High Fidelity Cables to help the magnetic system to concentrate the electrons into an even more Finley focused stream for even lower distortion.

HFC's Nano Based Contact Enhancer: This product is an extremely high end Nano based contact enhancer: Designed for the internals of our highest end components. This high-tech solution is a nano based contact enhancer designed to work exclusively in our most advanced wave guides and is one more step to help even further lower potential distortions. 

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How it works?

You may have heard to keep magnets away from electronic devices! The reason for this is that Electrons can be dramatically influenced through magnetism. 

Electricity does not conduct the way most of us are taught. 

Physics explains that electrons do not move at the speed of light, in fact they move incredibly slow. At 10 amps of current electrons actually move at about .25mm/second or 0.0099409449 of a inch per second. This can vary slightly with wire diameter however it is obvious that electrons are far from being fast.

So how do electrical signals move so quickly? Well this is where magnetism plays its role, all the electrons are moving in another way called “spin”. Electron spin or what is also referred to as a “Dipole Moment” is what happens to make electricity. A dipole is a description of a magnet having both a negative and positive pole.  In the case of electricity, the electrons are forced into a deep spin and become powerful magnets or “dipoles”. They inter-link magnetically thought the length of the entire electrical conductor.  This link allows them to move in unison, as one large super elongated particle. When a signal forces the first electron to move, although it will not move very far or fast itself, it sets a chain reaction that communicates signal velocity and this is all done magnetically. The signal transition is communicated though this magnetic sea of electrons forced by magnetism at close to the speed of light. 

Magnets therefore can “obviously” have a deep influence because it is really all about magnetism this the name "electromagnetism". In fact nothing else known in science of can influence an electrical signal and have more potential benefits to signal transfer than magnets! 

Now that we know magnets can be used to dramatically help signal transfer the patented technology of Magnetic Conduction and products of High Fidelity cables become the most intriguing products in audio.  

These Power Conditioners are really powerful Magnetic Conduction tools and are used to dramatically increase both A/C power quality and your audio signal quality! This exciting new technology is the first of it’s kind in 200 years. It is the first time we have actually been able to improve electrical "signal transfer" significantly in over 200 years of electrical history (at least at room temperature "so super conductors do not apply").

These power conditioners are all based on this new breakthrough technology and are the most advanced and high-tech power conditioning products ever conceived. 


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