Audio NirvanaSuper 10 Alnico usedAudio Nirvana Super 10 Alnico Custom SpeakersCustom pair of Audio Nirvana Super Alnico 10" Single Drivers with custom cabinets by Wyatts Acoustics. Drivers alone are $1000. From Common Sense Audio, who sell the Alnico Drivers:The Audio Nirvan...525.00

Audio Nirvana Super 10 Alnico Custom Speakers [Expired]

no longer for sale

Custom pair of Audio Nirvana Super Alnico 10" Single Drivers with custom cabinets by Wyatts Acoustics. Drivers alone are $1000. 

From Common Sense Audio, who sell the Alnico Drivers:

The Audio Nirvana 'Super 10 ALNICO'has a test bench frequency response from 35 hz to almost 20,000 hz (varies by temperature). You can expect at least 96 db efficiency in any of our cabinets. It handles 30 watts continuous RMS (normal listening level will be about 1/10 watt). Impedance is 8 ohms. Voicecoil is 1.4 inches (35.5mm). Magnet weight is 2.4 lbs. Total weight is 13 lbs. The cone is made of paper. The surround is accordion style and made of treated cloth. The phase plug is copper anodized, machined solid aluminum. The frame is cast aluminum. The Alnico magnet is made of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt and is stronger than normal ferrite/ceramic magnets. Our alnico magnet models are the smoothest Audio Nirvana models and make the most bass.

Cabinets are made by a master woodworker, who previously operated under Wyatt Acoustics. It is based on the 2.8 cabinet design by Common Sense Audio. They measure 38.5T x 14.5W x 11.25D and made out of 1" BB ply, with white lacquer sides and Black Walnut fronts. Two ports, silver jacks, silver internal wiring, extra bracing. 

Local Sale Only. Conservatively Rated as Fair due to some minor scratches (which you really cannot see) and some tiny wear to the wizzer cones which doesn't affect sound quality. 

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