ADD-POWReau2newADD-Powr eau2 AC Harmonic Resonator    Discount applies to 2 unit purchase onlyThe new eau2 electraclear audiophile unit AC HARMONIC RESONATOR Sound and Video like you've never heard or seen before! Neu...300.00

ADD-Powr eau2 AC Harmonic Resonator Discount applies to 2 unit purchase only [Expired]

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                              The new eau2 

                  electraclear audiophile unit     

                 AC HARMONIC RESONATOR

   Sound and Video like you've never heard or seen before! 

  Neutralizes noise from any 110/220 VAC 50/60 HZ wall outlet!

The eau2 is the latest, most affordable addition to the ADD-Powr family of innovative, non-invasive products that deliver a measurable solution to the issues of AC quality and audio/video system performance.

It is an active line harmonic resonator that adds a program (algorithm) of a low fundamental frequency signal along with harmonic overtones directly onto the AC line and DC power reference. The harmonics resonate with the audio signals of the system components adding musical information previously missing.

The system noise floor will drop as well as add energy to the audio and video reproduced signals. Guaranteed !


"A" stock units available September 2020. Enclosed in smaller carbon fiber tube with smooth gloss finish in black shell. 

• Increases the depth and realism of the musical performance.
• Lower perceived background noise.

• Extraordinary Harmonic richness and Clarity

• Deeper, more dimensional and more vibrant picture on AV systems

• Upgraded harmonic resonator design

• Gold-plated terminal NEMA plug (Schuko unavailable)

• Carbon fiber tube

• Weight: ~ 8 oz.

• Dimensions: 5.0 x 1.5" • Power: 90 - 240 VAC / 10 ma

• 30 day money back guarantee

Note: International customers' minimum order $250. Shipping / insurance charges additional.

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