Emotiva Stealth 6 Precision Airmotiv™ usedEmotiva Stealth 6 Precision Airmotiv™Emotiva Stealth 6 Precision Airmotiv™ I am the original owner. Speakers are in good, pre-owned condition. Includes power cord. Accuracy and consistency. The gain and frequency balanc...450.00

Emotiva Stealth 6 Precision Airmotiv™ [Expired]

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Emotiva Stealth 6 Precision Airmotiv™


I am the original owner.  Speakers are in good, pre-owned condition.  Includes power cord.  


Accuracy and consistency. The gain and frequency balance of each Stealth 6 is factory calibrated to be within 1 dB of our reference standard; the Stealth 6 is flat from 39 Hz to 23 kHz + / - 1.75 dB.


Emotiva’s exclusive airmotiv™ high-frequency transducer. Delivers flat frequency response, low distortion, virtually nonexistent signal compression, smooth off-axis response, superb transparency, and uncanny imaging.


Emotiva’s airmotiv™ low-frequency transducer. Delivers clean, accurate bass; made from advanced Curv® woven-polypropylene cone material, a heavy-duty die-cast metal basket, flat spider, and synthetic butyl rubber surround. A copper capped pole piece and aluminum shorting ring further reduce distortion and enhance linearity.


Plenty of clean power. The Stealth 6 is fully bi-amplified. Each transducer is powered by its own independent class A/B amplifier (100 watts for the high-frequency transducer and 110 watts for the low-frequency transducer), which minimizes distortion, even at very high listening levels. This power enables a pair of Stealth 6’s to deliver clean peak sound levels of over 115 dB SPL (on axis, short term, near field).


Precision electronic crossover. The amplifiers are fed by a precision multi-pole active crossover, which was custom designed and optimized for the Stealth 6; the crossover includes adjustments that enable you to match the Stealth 6 perfectly to your studio or audition room.


Minimum Acoustic Signature™ cabinet. Besides looking impressive, the angled exterior contours on the Stealth 6’s advanced cabinet are computer-optimized to minimize diffraction effects and room interactions. Heavy duty construction, nonparallel side walls, and extensive bracing in all three axes cooperate to eliminate resonances, standing waves, and cabinet vibrations. Our exclusive three-phase interior damping (consisting of asphaltic mastic to eliminate vibration, acoustic foam to absorb high-frequencies, and synthetic fiber to tame low frequency energy and increase the apparent size of the cabinet) prevents the cabinet from making any unwanted contributions to the sound. The face plate, milled from a thick slab of solid MDF for superior strength and rigidity, is acoustically inert.


A tough exterior. The attractive studio black satin finish, made up of six individually applied coats of lacquer, is both durable and great looking.


High quality electronics throughout. Components include all double-sided FR4 circuit boards, all precision resistors and precision film capacitors in the signal path, extensive use of surface mount technology, and an efficient low noise toroidal power transformer.



Frequency Response:

39 Hz to 23 kHz + / -1.75 dB.

36 Hz to 32 kHz +0 / -6 dB.


Input Connectors:

One balanced combination connector (balanced XLR, balanced 1/4”, or unbalanced 1/4” connector).


Driver complement:

One 60 x 32 mm airmotiv™ high-frequency transducer.

One 165 mm (6.5 inch) airmotiv™ low-frequency transducer.

Bass Alignment: Low-diffraction rear-oriented slot-loaded port.



High-frequency amplifier: 100 watts RMS.

Low-frequency amplifier: 110 watts RMS.



Precision multi-pole phase compensated fully active crossover.

Crossover frequency: 2 kHz.


Adjustments and Calibrations:

Gain adjustment: nominal +/- 6 dB.

Bass Tilt adjustment: -2 dB, -4 dB, -6 dB at 40 Hz (starting at 1250 Hz), or fully disable low-frequency driver.

Bass Roll Off adjustment: -2 dB, -4 dB, -6 dB, or -8 dB at 40 Hz (starting at 250 Hz).

Treble Tilt adjustment: +1 dB, -1 dB, -2 dB (above 3 kHz), or fully disable high-frequency driver.


Maximum Acoustic Output (pair, short term):

> 109 dB SPL (sine wave, @ 1 meter, on axis, radiating into half space).

> 115 dB SPL (sine wave, @ 0.5 meter, on axis, radiating into half space).


Power Source:

120 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10% or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10%

IEC standard removable power cord


Size and Weight:

Size (each): 13” high x 10” wide x 11.5” deep (330 mm x 254 mm x 292 mm)

Weight (each): 26.1 pounds (12 kg)

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