TannoyTurnberrynewTannoy TurnberryTannoy Turnberry Gold, come to Taos and listen to them.This is for 1 pair and I am only authorized for Tannoy sales in New Mexico. I have other Tannoy models in the store too.Conveying all the powe...8000.00

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Tannoy Turnberry Gold, come to Taos and listen to them.

This is for 1 pair and I am only authorized for Tannoy sales in New Mexico.

 I have other Tannoy models in the store too.

Conveying all the power and musical articulation of the new Gold Reference Dual Concentric driver yet housed in a more compact 100 litre cabinet, Turnberry GR brings Prestige performance to smaller rooms. The 250 mm (10.00”) Gold Reference Dual, unique to the Turnberry GR, uses a new paper pulp cone material with HE twin roll fabric surround and 1.3 in aluminium-magnesium alloy dome tweeter with Tulip WaveGuide. The low-frequency cone is fitted with a new 50 mm (2.00”) edge wound voice coil. This latest evolution of the 250 mm (10.00”) Dual brings an even more thrilling and dynamic performance than its well-regarded predecessor.

The high power crossover is hand-built on a dedicated crossover board using the finest sounding components and full Deep Cryogenically Treated to improve crystal structure of the conductor throughout the circuit. The result is a rich and articulate sound with remarkable sound staging and all the cohesive musicality of a true point source transducer. The Turnberry GR’s High-Frequency power controls can tailor the listening experience without introducing any potential distortion that can result from using an amplifier’s ‘tone’ controls

The cabinet is hand-built from the finest plywood using traditional joinery methods to ensure that attention to detail and unique styling go hand in hand. A distributed port design for exemplary LF response from the enclosure, the cabinet is finished in Prestige oiled real walnut wood veneer and complimented with solid walnut trim and edging, machined metal trim and adjustable HF power.

It is detailed, dynamic and outstandingly articulate sound with all the musical cohesion inherent with the Dual Concentric driver. The Turnberry offers the bespoke cabinetry and remarkable performance of Tannoy’s Prestige series, yet costs no more than a typical mass-produced loudspeaker.



Recommended amplifier power20 - 200 WattsContinuous power handling100 Watts RMSFrequency response34Hz - 44kHz -6dBSensitivity93dB (2.83 Volts @1 metre)Nominal impedance8 Ohms (Min 5 Ohms)



Dual Concentric high-frequency33mm (1.30") aluminium alloy dome with Tulip WaveguideDual Concentric low-frequency254mm (10.00") treated paper pulp cone with HE twin roll fabric surround. 52mm (2.00) edge wound voice coilDispersion90 degrees conical



Frequency1.3kHzTypeBi-wired, hard-wired passive, low loss 2nd order low pass, 2nd order high passAdjustment+/- 3dB over 1.3kHz to 44kHz shelving



Enclosure typeDual Distributed PortVolume100L (3.5 cu.ft)Dimensions950 x 456 x 336mm (37.5" x 18" x 13.25")Weight30kg (66 lbs)FinishWalnut veneer with solid walnut trim and edging. Internally cross braced and heavily damped.

Greetings New Mexico audiophiles and music lovers.  This is Neal Van Berg from Sound Science.  I received my first Audiogon feedback 17 years ago.  Then Sound Science was called Moonlight Audio.  At that time I was working full time for Hewlett Packard  and had started moonlighting selling home audio gear out of my house.  Thus the name Moonlight Audio.  

It was during this time I developed my first audio product called the FBI for “Fast Burn In adapter”.  It was an adapter to convert the IEC connector of a high end power cord to a female electrical outlet.  This was/is a method to connect a high current load to your high end power cord and burn it in quickly, this time of year an electric heater will do the trick to bring plenty of current through your power cord and burn it in.

In 2006 I designed a custom built music server to work with the Slim Devices Squeezebox and  Transporter.  I named it the Music Vault.  In 2008 I redesigned the Music Vault to be a stand alone server with a SPDIF digital output that could play any sample rate up to 192K samples per second.  At that time the few servers that existed could only play either 44.1K or 96K sample rates, they could not switch sample rates automatically like the new Music Vault. I continue to update the Music Vault to be the best sounding server and as in the beginning the Music Vaults have always been memory players with bit perfect output along with being one of the few complete servers that will copy your CDs from its built in blu-ray drive.     

Sound Science is a brick and mortar audio retail store in lovely Taos New Mexico, we moved here from Colorado 3 years ago.  We are New Mexico’s exclusive Tannoy Dealer and the exclusive Elac Concentro Speaker dealer. We have also been selling Lyngdorf longer than any other dealer in the USA.

Please contact me at [email protected] to join my email list.  Feel free to call me at 575.224.3270 if you prefer to talk.

Communication via email allows me to let you know about specials and products I think you will be interested in.  Advertising on Audiogon makes many of the companies I retail uncomfortable however emailing you the same information doesn’t.  Take a chance and join my email list.


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