MasterbuiltSignature Bi-wire speaker cable 3MusedMasterbuilt Signature Bi-wire speaker cable 3M (Price Drop!)For sale is our demo pair of MasterBuilt Signature Line Bi-wire Speaker Cables. This is a 3 meter pair with spades at the amp end and banana connectors at the speaker end. The Signature Line i...6950.00

Masterbuilt Signature Bi-wire speaker cable 3M (Price Drop!)

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For sale is our demo pair of MasterBuilt Signature Line Bi-wire Speaker Cables.  This is a 3 meter pair with spades at the amp end and banana connectors at the speaker end.  
The Signature Line is second to the flagship Ultra Line within the MasterBuilt product line.  These cables are wonderfully revealing without producing even a hint of grain or harshness.  We are selling because we have switched to a different cable line and are no longer dealers for MasterBuilt.  

Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems 

Below is the product description and specs from the MasterBuilt website:

Many audiophiles have purchased expensive speaker cables and later became dissatisfied with the sound of their audio systems.  In many cases, cables built to look expensive and marketed with buzz words to impress the potential consumer do not live up to the hype.  Many music lovers are initially impressed with the silver wires beneath the inexpensive clear plastic cover, or the beautifully made “magic boxes” that contain circuitry designed to compensate for some perceived engineering weakness such as time delay or phase shift inherent in that type of cable.  Unfortunately, it is all too common to hear coloration in extremely expensive audiohphile cable brands.

Our engineers at MasterBuilt designed the Signature Line of speaker cables to be as close to sonic perfection as possible without resorting to truly exotic and costly methods as used in the Ultra Line.  The same technology used by spacecraft which require mission critical reliable and accurate signal data transfer.  Signal corruption is not an option for satellites or human fairing craft alike.

These award winning speaker cables transmit a musical signal through long lengths without inducing reactance, which include resistance, capacitance, and inductance.  Truly neutral and with noise level far lower than the competition, the Signature Line of Speaker Cables exceed the performance of top tier lines from the premier “Audiophile” cable companies.


Outer Jacket:  High Density Thermoplastic Elastomer with Polyester braided sleeve

Construction:  Low EMF Hexagonal

Conductor Insulation:  Fluoropolymer

Conductor Material:  U.S. laboratory grade high conductivity Single Crystal pure copper, concentric stranding

Conductors:  16 for single wiring & 32 for bi-wire,

with proprietary vibration absorption

Gauge:  10 AWG per leg (Positive & Negative)

Cable Power Rating:  100 Amps max

Terminations:  High conductivity copper alloy with gold plating

Finishes:  Carbon (standard), Black (upon request)

Questions for the seller
Hi. Just wondering why have you rated this cable 8 out of 10? How old is this cable?
We purchased the cables in early 2016. They are in excellent condition, but I chose to rate them conservatively. As our reference demo pair they were used with a number of speaker systems over the years rather than a single installation. Some evidence of use is visible on the banana/speaker ends. Hope that helps, Ron
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