VerastarrGrand Illusion IIusedPair of Verastarr Grand Illusion II High Current * 6 Copper Foils Each * 4' 11" Power CablesThis listing is for a matched PAIR of Verastarr Audio Grand Illusion Series II High Current AC Cords in Excellent, Like New Condition. 2" Wide, 99.997% Pure Copper Foil, Cryo Treated - 6 Foils ...3000.00

Pair of Verastarr Grand Illusion II High Current * 6 Copper Foils Each * 4' 11" Power Cables [Expired]

no longer for sale

This listing is for a matched PAIR of Verastarr Audio Grand Illusion Series II High Current AC Cords in Excellent, Like New Condition.
2" Wide, 99.997% Pure Copper Foil, Cryo Treated - 6 Foils Each - Static Free Design

"The Verastarr Grand Illusions offered an exciting, robust completely involving presentation that was just a tad on the warm side of neutral, well extended at both ends of the spectrum, blessedly free of the annoying highlighting I often hear in contemporary cables and with an articulate propulsive bass that has to be heard to be believed. Encased in their gorgeous soft black cloth and black leather end caps, the Grand Illusions exude sex appeal and quality. Not only do they sound like multi kilo-buck cables, they look like it. Prepare to be even more impressed once you hear how well they handle your music. You'll have a ton of fun with these. I sure as hell did. The Verastarr Grand Illusion cables are aptly named. They really do offer the grand illusion of real flesh and blood musicians playing in front of you. Way recommended." From Paul Candy's review for 6Moons, found here

Contact us if you only need one of these amazing High Current Power Cords.

Mike Powell, Verastarr's CEO shares that "The Verastarr Grand Illusion is testament to our ability to think outside the box. Designed with eliminating the inherent anomalies of round wire in mind, the Grand Illusion uses high purity metal foils instead of wire. The result is a breakthrough in imaging and dynamics. By increasing the surface area of normal round wire tenfold or more, skin effect is no longer an issue. Efficiency of electron flow is maximized, and efficient electron flow means low noise. Micro detail becomes unlocked and soundstage and image opens up incredibly."

Personally, I like to know how things are built- here is a summary of the process for making the foils for these fine Grand Illusion cables- the 99.997% pure copper is flat rolled to a mirror finish with a radial edge. Then, the foils go through a deep heat annealing process to cure any fractures from the rolling. During this process, the metal crystals become longer and more uniform- increasing the ability of the foil to transmit signal with little or no noise. To enhance the heat annealing, Veratarr then cryogenically freezes the foils which further reduces the gaps between the metal crystalline structure and relaxes the metal. A high tech thin film polymer is bonded to the foils, without adhesives, this ensures that any dielectric charges are released more quickly than extruded insulation.

"The Grand Illusion 2 includes several improvements over the original (described above). On the Grand Illusion 2, we have added passive RF/EMI filtering technology utilizing rare earth minerals in a polymer matrix, as well as treatments to the live and neutral leg to reduce magnetic flux, as well as a crystal wafer resonating disc which activates in the presence of AC power. These 3 treatments give the Grand Illusion 2 even lower noise and greater micro detail for a more holographic soundstage, and quicker transients. Also, low frequency becomes more timbrally accurate and musical with the treatments in place." ~ Verastarr website

This High Current (HC) configuration of the Grand Illusion 2 power cord uses twice the amount of foils as a regular Grand Illusion, effectively doubling the surface area of the cable- with two foils for each polarity and ground. The Grand Illusion 2 HC is recommended for high current amplifiers as well as line conditioners. The greater surface area also sounds faster for source and front end components.

This pair was made with special top level Furutech Gold GI28 IEC and Plugs.High Current Power Cord 1 High Current Power Cord 2

This pair of 4'11" Grand Illusion II High Current Power Cable look almost new! When you take a close inspection you may notice something a little off.... I am pretty sure that Mike actually had a 10’ foot HC PC that he made into this pair and he did not have quite the match on the leather wraps when he transformed the one into two – the reason I think this is that the wrap on the IEC and Plug ends are different on each cable. Here are two pictures of what I am talking about. You can see here how the bottom wrap on each cable has a little more shine to it then the top wraps.
And this second one shows that the wrap on the left is a little scuffed.Otherwise, these cables look great and were probably used for a Trade Show weekend.. so they will be ready to go into your system with greater ease.
Here are the end wraps of the other High Current Power Cord:

Paul Candy's review loom included a set of the Grand Illusion 2 High Current power cords like the ones listed here and he shares that:
"All in all, dynamics were what stood out most to me by far. The Grand Illusions were not in the least what I would call a laid-back cable line. Quite often I found myself leaning forward on the edge of my seat instead. These snakes are for those who want to feel the music rather than just hear it."

These cables give power the perfect avenue to support your system delivering you the music as the musicians intended - Pure and Powerfully Flexible!

The Grand Illusion power cords won "Stereo Times Publisher's Choice Award for Most Wanted Components." from Clement Perry. Mr. Perry's full review may read the full review here. I have shared the main points of his review* below, mixed in with in house pictures.
"The Grand Illusion demonstrated a remarkably open and dynamic window into the music. One of its major attributes lies in its expression of dynamics and how this impacts the bass in particular. Low level bass came across more taut, expressive and nimble-footed. And there was a sense of aliveness: bass notes breathed more freely and effortlessly." We have been working with Verastarr cables since 2000 and have loved every evolution Mike has weaved with the cables and continue to reap the benefits of Verastarr cabling in our systems today. They simply are great cables which bring the fullness of sound that musicians intend for us to hear. I recently did a listening challenge between the Verastarr power cords and standard power cords... WOW! what an amazing difference - the challenge point was powering our Ypsilon Aelius II Amplifiers (which we have for sale here). I was simply blown away by the difference! I feel very privileged to get to listen to the systems we have had over the years and my ears have become accustomed to the beautiful shades of aural magic that the equipment provides to the music we play. When our Verastarr power cords got changed out for standard ones - I was sad to realize that a lot of folks never get to hear the richness that was present when the Verastarr cables were the power link. Today, we are grateful to personally offer you the opportunity to purchase and install a Grand Illusion cable into your system at a special price and hear the difference yourself!

The Verastarr Grand Illusion power cords and cables that we have available at these special prices are "B stock" which, in this case, means they may have minor aesthetic flaws like a visible piece of glue or a catch in the fabric of the cable jacket and or they may have been lightly used for a weekend in a trade show, professionally installed by Mike himself.

You are getting about a 35% discount because they are not guaranteed to be aesthetically flawless nor brand new. If they were used at a show, then this simply improves the initial quality of sound which you will hear when you install these power cords. Mike also built some of these cables to take with him to do personal demos. From our discussion of them it was clear that some of them had less than 2 hours on them, while all of them had less than 200 hours on them. So, you may be getting a cable that as Clement Perry shares in his review of them, are "richer" than when he first plugged them in and this is true for the whole Grand Illusion line ... "A couple of days later, I returned to hear any differences at the 100-hour mark. In a word: richer. The Grand Illusion remained dynamic, but with an enhanced sense of "flesh and bones" richness to the human voice. Because this AC cord sounds so dynamic, energetic and alive, it illuminates the human voice bouncing off the walls of the recording studio. These added ambient cues produce a sound that is less "here" in the living room and more "there" in the studio. If I had to choose which is the more accurate, I'd go with "there" in the studio. For me, that's where the perfect illusion is created."

"Accuracy of tonality helps create the illusion that you are listening to the real thing and it's difficult to find this in AC cords, no matter how dynamic they may be. The Grand Illusion seems to have accurate timbre miraculously woven into its very design." *CP "with the addition of the Grand Illusion AC cords, dynamics and bass control improved to a degree I would have not believed possible."
"The dynamic scale from top to bottom increased, giving a new sense of life to recordings."*CP
"What is most surprising about the Verastarr Grand Illusion AC cord is that it lives up to its name perfectly. It has created a series of positive aural sensations I have not been able to fully understand nor fully explain in this review. That the Grand Illusion is half the asking price of my reference Bybees makes it even more impressive. The natural ebb and flow of live music that the Grand Illusion imparts is its greatest asset. My Publisher's Choice Award for 2011 goes to Mike Powell of Verastarr Audio and the Grand Illusion AC cords: my new reference standard in the here and now. Need I say more?"*CP
Clement later reviewed the Verastarr Grand Illusion Silver AC cords: "This is a huge leap over the standard Grand Illusion I went gaga over some years back. My sustained hesitance had everything to do with the word SILVER. Often, too bright in my system. Surprise! These are, believe or not, even warmer in tone than the standard Grand Illusions. They simply possess greater bandwidth and are perhaps an order of magnitude quieter."
If you would like to experience the Silver version of these fine High Current cables for around $3,500 for 4ft, or even the Gold/Silver alloy Statement version for around $6,000 per 4ft cable, then please do contact us and we will get you the current market price and help you figure out which level will work best for your system.
And, if you you need a different length, please inquire with us because we do have a variety of lengths in stock.
What's Included for $3,500:
A PAIR of Verastarr Grand Illusion 2 High Current Power Cord * 4' 11" each in Original Box With Certificate of Authenticity.
Aesthetic Condition: Very Good
Past Care: Stored in original case in a smoke-free, pet-free environment
Original Retail Cost: $5,400
Shipping Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 6"
Shipping Weight: 6lb

We have shared a lot of information about Verastarr Grand Illusion High Current Power Cords, thank you for reading. Hopefully, we have given you enough information to make the choice as to whether or not you would like to make this your own. Please feel free to call us at 575.535.2280 or email us if you have any questions and or would like to discuss how this could integrate into your system.

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We here at High End Zone are a full service audio video business and we would be happy to assist you with your systems. Below are some glimpses into our show successes, the fine print details and some of our clients systems. Contact us if you want to discuss how we can help you improve your systems!

We participated in two award winning rooms at the LA Audio Show 2017. Here is a little about our two channel room: Our 2 Channel room featured the Perfect8 Point loudspeakers, paired with the following Ypsilon Electronics: PST 100 MkII, DAC 100 and the Aelius II Amplifiers (which we have for sale here). We played music from the Aurender W20 and A10.

The next two links are video links of AV Showroom's coverage of our 2 Channel room which we are very honored and grateful to say was awarded a Gold Show Award as well as Best Sound of Show from Part Time Audiophile. The pairing of Perfect8 speakers and Ypsilon Electronics helped make the act of listening to music in this room very transportive, and honestly-- I had a hard time paying attention to our guests because the music kept drawing me in.

Jason Victor Serinus from Stereophile said the following in his review:

"Especially impressive was a 24/96 track of mezzo Jamie Barton singing Sibelius, where the system conveyed the huge expanse and changing dynamics of her stunning voice better than any other system I've encountered. When Barton opened her one-in-a-million, Golden Age voice to full capacity, you could literally hear it expand in the room. Wonderful." .... "It is no wonder that two of the Ypsilon products have received Class A ratings in Stereophile's recommended components."

Rafe Arnott (who was, at the time, the Editor and Creative Director for "Part-Time Audiophile" and is now the Managing Editor for 2 of Stereophile's major properties, "Audiostream" and "Inner Fidelity") also spent some time in our room and awarded our room with an all of show award, and had the following to say in his show report:

"I'm going to start with the Best Sound which goes to a new combination of manufacturers for me (Perfect8 Technologies, Ypsilon Electronics, Aurender), which were curated by bricks-and-mortar shop owner Stefan Fuegi of The High End Zone out of Gila, New Mexico. My initial show report on this room is here, and as I wrote, this combination had soulful musicality, an ability to handle huge dynamic swings with ease, and aurally convinced with its impression of limitless headroom to the scale, depth, and impact of the sound."

For our second room, High End Zone and Starke Sound collaborated with an amazing team of more than 25 people from over 10 companies including Trinnov, JVC, Kaleidescape and many of the world's best AV firms to create a 27 channel Atmos home theater system that seemed to be a well received surprise for the audiophiles at the LAAS. The Gateway Ballroom exhibit won an Alfie award for the Starke Sound IW-H5 Elite wall mounted speakers which we were using eight of to form the base level surround channels. These speakers have won several awards at CEDIA and other events since LAAS and they rightfully deserve their place as an ultimate level home theater speaker! Three IC-H5 Elite Starke Sound speakers accompanied the IW-H5s as the LCRs and eight IW-H3 Be speakers were ceiling mounted. The room's bass was so thumping that some guests asked if we had put drivers under the chairs! This was accomplished through the use of six Starke Sound SUB36 subs and two almost refrigerator sized Rythmik subwoofers to fill the 50' X 50' room with 12' high ceilings with bass. The system was powered by Starke's A7 MK II amps, fed by the Trinnov Altitude 32 processor, with content from Kaleidescape's 4K Strato movie player. To help transform a hotel ballroom into a theater, we used Acoustic Sciences Corporation's TubeTraps, which also won an Alfie award, and Haikoustics panels on the walls and suspended from the trusses. The visuals in this room were handled with the help of Metra 4k HDMI cables feeding the JVC flagship projector the DLA-RS4500, projecting on a Seymour-Screen Excellence RF 160HD Enlightor 4K acoustically transparent screen measuring 160"x90". The visuals were as impressive as the 3D world created around you by the 11.8.8 Atmos system. I did the overall design of the room and specified most of the components. Curt Hoyt who is one of the owners of Trinnov who also consults with us, specified speaker placement and did the room calibrations. He knows more about 3D audio than anyone I know specified the precise speaker angles and did the calibration.

Peter Breuninger from AVShowrooms said "This is the finest theater system I have ever heard" and made a video with me and Curt talking about 3D sound which gives you some idea of what we do.

"The immersive soundfield was exceptional, and the sound was very clean, clear, and powerful throughout the audio range... As far as I can tell, the first LA Audio Show was a big success. I was glad to see one room dedicated to immersive sound, and I hope that home theater becomes an ever-increasing presence at LAAS and other audiophile confabs in the future. For this year, The High End Zone put on quite a show, and I commend the efforts of all involved!"- Scott Wilkinson, show review for AVSforum.

We aim to enhance your video and musical experiences, please email us to meet our design team and discuss your project. Shipping information:
Shipping Weight: 6 pounds
Origin: Gila, NM 88038 USA

Please email us at [email protected] if you are sincerely interested in purchasing this and have any questions. We may also be contacted by phone at 575.535.2280.

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The High End Zone, is a full service audio and home theater dealer offering superb gear at the best price possible. Please do not hesitate to email us with your questions at [email protected] or give us a call at 575.535.2280. We'd be happy to welcome you into the High End Zone family.While we are well established as the premier dealer in our small town market, we also serve many clients who have multiple homes or live in far-flung places. The world is increasingly a small place and I delight in talking with and serving clients from all continents and many countries of the world. Depending on your needs we are happy to just sell you gear (note some manufacturers may prohibit us from sending gear to certain places) or we can provide a full service experience including system design, acoustic design and construction, installation, programming, and more. We've done work for very high profile clients with multiple homes and we are also proud to serve many hobbyists who enjoy this hobby on a modest budget. No matter your budget, we'll strive to provide the products you want at a price that is fair with top shelf service.

High End Zone is proud to carry these lines and more:

High End Audio Gear:

Acoustic Zen Loudspeakers and cables

Audio Desk World's finest record cleaning products

Audio Vault Exquisite award winning custom racks, made in the USA

Aurender Music servers for every budget, best new music product of the decade, have increased my listening fivefold

Daniel Hertz Ultimate audio creations of Mr. Mark Levinson

Elac Affordable yet superb speakers and electronics from the mind of Andrew Jones

EMM Labs the famed Meitner DAC's and the MTRX, quite possibly the world's best solid state amplifier

Finite Elemente German audiophile racks

Graham Engineering Tonearms

Hartvig Swiss made turntables

HB Cable Design Ultimate marble power strips from Germany

Ikeda Best Japanese phono cartridges for the money

Isoclean Audio Grade breaker panel and power products

KEF Hi-Fi Speakers

Kuzma Brilliant tonearm designs and turntables

Lampizator Exquisite tube DAC's and more, made to order with your choice of parts

Lansche World famous speakers with Corona Ion plasma tweeters, ask us about Ypsilon custom transformer upgrades

Metaxas Sculpted gear from the recording giant Costas Metaxas

Parasound Legendary electronics with circuitry designed by John Curl

Perfect8 The world's best "cost no object" loudspeakers and my favorite speaker, now if only I could afford them!

REL Acoustics Unique approach to subwoofer design makes them the best for 2 channel or home theater--this I can afford!

Revel loudspeakers designed by Kevin Voeckes and the brilliant team at Harman

Scaena loudspeakers were the choice of Harry Pearson for almost a decade, we sold his pair to one of our clients

Synergistic Research Too many cool products to list, PowerCells, cables, bases, fuses, grounding and much more.

Stage III World's finest audio cables

Tandem Reference quality audio racks from Greece, this is the rack we take to audio shows and win awards with

TechDAS Air Force One Turntables

Thales Swiss reference turntables, tonearms and cables

Totem Acoustics Audiophile loudspeakers for 2 channel and superb on wall and in wall systems for home theater

Verastarr One of my all time favorite cables, I use many of these in my systems

Wireworld Another cable that I use a lot, designs everyone can afford, all the way up to reference level cables

Wilson Benesch British made loudspeakers, carbon fiber racks and more

Ypsilon Our favorite electronics company, the best of the best. So good they can have 2 links. Second one is to price sheet on our distributor's website.

Home Theater lines: there is some crossover to be sure and some of the lines above, especially REl Acoustics, Revel, Totem, Verastarr and Wireworld are also ideal for home theaters while some of the products below, such as the Tube Traps and design services from Acoustic Sciences and gear from Trinnov are also idea ideal for 2 channel systems. So the categories are not rigid and when we advise you we will work hard to understand your needs and can even pull from an extensive list of additional companies beyond those listed here if need be to get you the best possible setup for your system or systems.

AB Amps The theater amps used at Skywalker, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, etc.

Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) Tube Traps and custom acoustic design services and products

Cineak European luxury home theater seating

CinemaTech German and North American made home theater chairs for the finest theaters

Elac Affordable yet superb speakers and electronics from the mind of Andrew Jones

Front Row Affordable theater seating, made in Canada

JVC 4K projectors

Kaleidescape Movie servers are the best solution for today's movies, used in pretty much every industry demo

KEF Home Theatre Speakers

LG World's best flat panel TV's, ask us how we can save you money on all the LG OLED's for your home!

Marantz Affordable home theater processors and more

Metra Home Theater Velox HDMI cables deliver 4K with true 18GB performance

Middle Atlantic Rack systems, ubiquitous

Procella Reference speakers designed specifically for home cinema use

Salamander Racks, seating systems and more

Seymour Screen Excellence World's best screens, featuring Enlightor 4K acoustically transparent material

Starke Sound Award winning loudspeakers for Atmos theaters and 2 channel, stunning on wall sound

Sony Projectors, OLED TV's and much more

Stewart Film Screens

Trinnov Audio World's finest audio processor / home theater preamp. We offer exclusive custom system design and calibration with one of the co-owners of Trinnov when you buy from High End Zone. We install across North America.

Tru-Audio Speakers, soundbars and racks

Control and lighting equipment: We offer system design, sales, installation and service nationwide. Our installer is doing the Raider's new facility in Las Vegas and has done projects across North America and Central America. In most cases he can visit your home once to get everything running and after that he can take care of your system remotely so that you do not have to pay for travel on subsequent visits. Please talk with us, we offer high quality service for a fair price. Lines include, but are not limited to:






Of course we can install digital assistants for you. One of our colleagues has already been testing the Apple HomePod for months and we'll have those as well as the Amazon, Google and Sonos Assistant products.

Doing these lists is always very hard because we are in process of discussion with some more very cool brands I'd love to list but haven't had time to get everything nailed down yet. And on the other hand there are some lines I left off because we just haven't had much call for them lately. But who knows, maybe tomorrow the phone starts ringing off the hook for one of those, I would certainly welcome it. So please don't be dismayed if you don't see one of the products you really want here. It's not set in stone and I bet we can get it for you and that we'd be happy to do so as long it is a quality component that we would be proud to sell. One of the advantages working with a family shop like ours is that we are flexible and will work hard to get you a system that suits you. Please give us a chance at earning your business.
Our clients certainly enjoy their home audio and video rooms. We do as well and hope you'll also take pleasure and be inspired by the variety of these beautiful installations.

Some aspects of making an informed choice in an audiophile grade listening room or a home theater system are worth a little extra effort. We invite you to contact the High End Zone for help in making your choices, we will make the extra effort worthwhile.


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