Aavik AcousticsC-150newAavik Acoustics C-150 preamp w/Phono&DAC plus 2 Audio Alchemy DPA-1M monoblocks. Dream combination!For sale Aavik Acoustics C-150 preamp with DAC (PCM-DSD) and MC-Phono modules. New in open box paired with 2 mint demo class A Audio Alchemy DPA-1M monoblocks. This combination of pre-amp and 325...15680.00

Aavik Acoustics C-150 preamp w/Phono&DAC plus 2 Audio Alchemy DPA-1M monoblocks. Dream combination! [Expired]

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For sale Aavik Acoustics C-150 preamp with DAC (PCM-DSD) and MC-Phono modules. New in open box paired with 2 mint demo class A Audio Alchemy DPA-1M monoblocks.
This combination of pre-amp and 325 wpc power amps has an outstanding bass extension, control and authority with explosive dynamics. Incredibly three-dimensional soundstage and precise image specificity

Everything is shipped in original boxes and include remote. We are authorized Aavik dealers thus the C-150 comes with full warranty.
About Aavik C-150 Preamplifier The Aavik 150 series is developed on all the experiences gained by the development and production of the highly praised Aavik 300 series and as thus, it carries most of the Sonic DNA from its famous larger siblings.
  • 2 pairs of RCA outputs
  • Max output: 7.5Vrms
  • Distortion, line stage: <0.005% (THD at 1kHz, 1V input)
  • Output impedance: 50 ohms
  • Floating RCA input (1 set)
  • Load resistance adjustable from 50 ohm to 10 kohm
  • Frequency response +/-0.5dB (20Hz-20kHz)
  • Noise -90dB re 2V out
  • Distortion <0.02% (20Hz-20kHz)
  • RIAA correction curve
  • Gain: 65-75dB adjustable in 2dB steps
  • 3 inputs
  • Input impedance: 10kOhm
  • Default gain: 9dB
  • Gain (input 1 and 2): 5-15dB adjustable in 2dB steps
  • Gain (input 3): 1-11dB adjustable in 2dB steps
  • 2 RCA S/P-DIF inputs (32-192kHz, 24 bits)
  • 2 TOSLINK S/P-DIF inputs (32-96kHz, 24 bits)
  • USB galvanically isolated, UAC2, asynchronous (PCM 32-196kHz,24 bits, DSD64 and DSD128)
  Volume control:
  • 80 1dB steps
  Power consumption:
  • Standby: <0.5W
  • On: <20W
  • 88 x 440 x 370 mm
  •   Weight:
  •  14,0 kg
About Audio Alchemy DPA-1M monoblock pair.
Key Features
· 325 WPC into 8Ω, 400 WPC into 4Ω
· Class A discrete FET input stage
· Cool-running Class D output stage
· XLR and RCA inputs
· Switchable gain and mute

  • Analog Class A input stage The input stage is the same essential circuit used in many of the world’s best and most expensive amplifiers: a Class A design built using discrete FETs and powered by a semi-toroidal transformer. Because it’s pure analog all the way through, with no integrated circuits in the signal path, it provides the output stage with an ultra-clean signal and preserves every last tiny detail in the music.   

  • Effortless, efficient power The secret behind this magic is a Class D output stage, which runs about 80% efficiency, compared to about 30% for a typical Class AB amp, and idles at about 20 watts rather than the 100 watts many Class AB designs consume. Because the DPA-1M’s output stage produces so little heat, it doesn’t require large heat sinks, a large chassis, or anything more than just minimal ventilation. Thus, it operates flawlessly whether it’s out on the floor on an amp stand, or tucked away in an equipment cabinet or closet.  


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