Wells AudioCommander IIusedMAKE OFFER – Wells Audio Commander II (MSRP: $9,000!), Great Condition + Price!!We have a Wells Audio Commander – LEVEL II – for sale (MSRP: $9,000!!). This hybrid tube/solid state preamp comes loaded with Bybee AC purifiers, Rike Capacitors, Khozmo attenuator, slow start feat...5499.00

MAKE OFFER – Wells Audio Commander II (MSRP: $9,000!), Great Condition + Price!! [Expired]

no longer for sale

We have a Wells Audio Commander – LEVEL II – for sale (MSRP: $9,000!!). This hybrid tube/solid state preamp comes loaded with Bybee AC purifiers, Rike Capacitors, Khozmo attenuator, slow start feature, and copper foil polypropylene paper-in-oil, output coupling capacitors. The noise floor when this is powered on is barely audible.

It has complete flexibility to command your AV or 2-channel setup – it has XLR input and output, HT Bypass function for hooking up to AVR-controlled surround sound systems while maintaining your incredible front stage speakers/amplifiers, a unique polarity inverting feature, and a heavy duty remote control that manages volume, input switching, and the polarity for on-demand A/B testing.

The unit was owned by a single owner who bought it new from Wells Audio, it was well cared for (see photos), and even has upgraded internal tubes (OEM tubes included as well). Finally, it will ship out in Wells Audio's original double-box packaging and is also available for a local sale in the Bay Area.

Please see additional details below and reach out with any questions!


From Wells Audio (MSRP: $9,000)

"The Commander tube linestage preamplifier is a product that has been anticipated for 5 years and with the last 20 months in earnest design. The idea was to deliver a fully realized, very sophisticated, cosmetically seductive and revolutionary cutting edge new design. Sonically the Commander achieves levels of resolution and sense of "realness" combined with levels of timbre, harmonics, tonality and a naturalness heretofore unknown in high end preamplifiers. Music is rendered with a delicacy, transparency and resolution never before experienced . Without realizing it you sometimes find yourself experiencing, even music heard many times before, from a completely different and new perspective. There are 3 Commander models, the Commander ($4,000), Commander Level II ($9,000) and Commander Level III ($18,000).



- Gain 16db
- Frequency response +0/-0.1db from 2Hz to 20kHz
- Noise -92 db, 35uv wide band
- Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): at 1k or at 20k 1.5v out = .05%
- Max Output = > 10v
- Channel Separation = 82db at 1kHz
- Input Impedance: 25k Ohms nominal
- Output Impedance = 200 Ohms
- Tube complement is 4 12BH7 tubes (2 for gain stage, 2 for polarity flip circuit)

Our products are priced extremely aggressively to meet our customer's needs. We understand this is a MAJOR component for your system, and we value your dollar as much as you do.​​

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