Pass LabsXP-30usedPass Labs XP-30Offering a super clean Pass Labs XP-30 Pre Amp. Comes with Revelation Audio Labs Passage Cryosilver DB- 25 Reference Dual conduit Power Umbilicals , 1.88 Meters Long. ( 74 inche...9500.00

Pass Labs XP-30 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Offering  a  super clean   Pass Labs  XP-30  Pre Amp.  Comes  with  Revelation  Audio Labs  Passage  Cryosilver  DB- 25  Reference Dual conduit Power  Umbilicals ,   1.88  Meters  Long.  ( 74 inches)  One owner, included :  Remote control,  Manual,  Power Cord, Stock umbilical cords, Original shipping boxes.  The  extra  long   DB-25 Umbilicals  power  cables  from  Revelation Audio  is valued  at  3K  for  the  pair.  Buyer  pays for shipping  and  PayPal fees.