Shunyata ResearchSIGMA AES/EBU Digital CableusedShunyata Research SIGMA AES/EBU Digital CableFantastic opportunity to own one of the finest digital cables at anyprice. Substantial discount over new retail. The cable is in excellentcondition, lovingly cared for. Better than new - this on...1135.00

Shunyata Research SIGMA AES/EBU Digital Cable [Expired]

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Fantastic opportunity to own one of the finest digital cables at any
price.  Substantial discount over new retail.  The cable is in excellent
condition, lovingly cared for.  Better than new - this one is fully
broken in! One owner, no tobacco home.  Includes original paperwork and warranty card. 1.5M cable length.   

Sigma AES/EBU interconnects feature Shunyata Research's exclusive patent-pending TAP Polarizer technology. TAP reduces electromagnetic polarization distortion. ZiTron technology, Ohno Continuous Cast Copper, VTX (hollow core) conductors with expensive fluorocarbon dielectrics make for a true reference quality interconnect. KPIP eliminates burn-in issues. As the performance vanguard in the Shunyata Research's cable line-up; Sigma Series cables take the term 'state-of-the-art' to an entirely new level with the introduction of two new cutting-edge technologies. The first, integrated in the Sigma Series interconnects and digital cables, is the 'Transverse Axial Polarizer' (TAP). It minimizes a form of 'micro-distortion' identified as 'electromagnetic polarization' that reduces 'sonic glare' while increasing clarity and coherency. The second technology incorporates a proprietary device called HARP that reduces current resonances within speaker cables – a concept somewhat analogous to the use of diffusion panels to treat frequency irregularities in room acoustics.

"The Sigmas are flat-out fabulous across the key areas of dynamic fluidity and stability, soundstaging and imaging, resolution of detail, tonal complexity, and musical completeness."
– The Absolute Sound, July/August 2018

"By removing so much noise and interference from the path, Shunyata's flagship cables renewed my passion for recordings I'd begun to take for granted."
– Vance Hiner, The Audio Beat

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