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TOTO-TUNGSTEN XLR Interconnects by Bogdan Audio [Expired]

no longer for sale


PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BID OR USE "BUY IT NOW" OPTION: If you have 0 feedbacks please contact us before you bid or buy our cables, otherwise you will be blocked and reported to Audiogon stuff. 

With TOTO ( Latin: whole, totally, completely) we celebrate our 15th years of making High-End audio cables and serving audiophiles all around the world. 

Conductors are 99.99% pure TUNGSTEN uninsulated wires Why TUNGSTEN? To believe you have to hear. Tungsten sounds more realistic  than Copper, Silver or Gold. Simple amazing lifelike sound. Warm and rich but more extended in both ways than Silver or Copper.                                   

   TOTO XLR is Fully Balanced, tree wires Interconnects and it's terminated with custom made Silver plated XLR Connectors with non magnetic Carbon Fiber barrel. 

 TOTO unique construction around 3/4" diameter,  organic, unbleached, virgin cotton core with bare, uninsulated wires knitted through the surface of cotton core.  Pure, untreated fiberglass sleeving is used as a outer jacket. There is no insulation of any kind, only bare wire surrounded by air.

HOW THEY SOUND:                                                                 Simple AMAZING. TOTO's unique geometry and construction, uninsulated, bare wires create an open and airy, liquid, lifelike sound with great dynamics and balanced presentation with HUGE, HUGE, three dimensional soundstage. One of the best cable on the market.


..Hi Ben I received the TOTO interconnects.. I let them burn in only for about 30 hours..but I must say even at this point..they sound magnificent! They don't have a sound..they just let the music come trough with such clarity..dept and layering of the soundstage..lifelike timbre on vocals and instruments..and great articulate bass..Thanks again Ben-Regards, Chris.-Audiogon member "clite"

Feedback from Audiogon member "clite"

Ben is one of the most helpful trusting sellers Ive done business shipping and always answers emails..but the product he produces are excellent..the Toto interconnects were absolutely amazing..blew away my MIT cables that I previously had..I will def be buying more cables from him-Audiogon member "clite"

Fedback from Audiogon member "joshuadance"

Excellent seller,great communication.Smooth transaction. The TOTO tungsten rca interconnects.are a great value. I have tried many brands and types over 20 years. In my system they have the best yet. The sound is very open, extended, with a large holographic natural soundstage. One of the best vaiues in the high end audio market. A+++

 feedback from Audioigon member mantis007

I switched back to RCA cables and decided to give the Toto a try. l was pleasantly surprised at how the Toto compared with my 10x + more expensive XLR cables. Really amazing sounding cables. I’m looking forward to trying more from Bogdan. Dan is very easy to work with and is an A+ seller with an A+ product. I think these will gain popularity very quickly after more people try them.

Don't let the TOTO's small price fool you, when you hear them you will realize how big they are.

 Price of $550 is for  1m pair TOTO XLR Balanced  Interconnects including FREE Priority shipping in US. Please contact us for prices on International shipping.  

Cables will be shipped in 2-4 busines days.

RETURN POLICY:                                                                     You can return TOTO interconnects in 15 days for full refund. Shipping is not refundable. 

no returns on custom length cables.

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BID OR USE "BUY IT NOW" OPTION: If you have 0 feedbacks please contact us before you bid or buy our cables, otherwise your you will blocked and reported to Audiogon stuff.  

Our new website will be up soon.

Thanks for looking TOTO interconnects.