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Avanti Audio Vivace Interconnects - CAT7 3.0M Ethernet Cable [Expired]

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Please check out our new Avanti Audio Vivace cable review, "When Nice Gets Nicer..." at Stereo Times!



Vivace CAT7 Ethernet Cables

With so many choices for Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems, Music Servers, Music Streamers and Gigabit capable Ethernet Switches in use with audiophiles today, too often the interconnecting cables that marry these devices get overlooked with an, “any old Ethernet cable will do” attitude. Each of the devices listed above demand consistently high-speed data transfers, low latency, timing accuracy, vanishingly low jitter and cross talk…and have an intolerance for physical data errors (CRC Errors and Collisions). On their own, these devices will perform as expected and as designed but will only perform to the level that the Ethernet Cables linked between them can support. An improperly built, seasoned/aging or lesser Category rated Ethernet Cable can easily become a bottleneck that affects system wide audio performance. Knowing this, you can quickly understand the need for a premium quality Ethernet Cable that’s built for the task.

The Avanti Audio Vivace series Category 7 (CAT7) S/FTP Ethernet cables are capable of supporting throughput/transfer speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second. The 10 Gig standard is possible due to the 5-shield design of CAT7 over lesser Category cable standards. With the Vivace CAT7 Ethernet cables, each of the four pairs of 26-gauge OFC high purity stranded copper conductors are individually shielded with their own foil wrap (+four shields) and then all four pairs are surrounded by a full coverage silver plated copper braided shield (+one overall shield). This combination of shielding schemas both block and eliminate cable pair cross talk and EMI/RFI intrusion and interference.





Directional by Design

Our CAT7 Ethernet cables are directional in design with regards to how the overall braided shield is terminated on each end of the cable and connectors. So impressed with the performance and low noise floor of our...Read More






Vivace CAT7 Ethernet Interconnect Specifications:



  • Highly flexible Category 7 (CAT7) S/FTP (Screen Shielded/Foil Twisted Pair) cable design

  • 8x26AWG, High Purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) fine stranded conductors

  • Five total shields - One foil shield wrap for each twisted pair of conductors (x4) -plus- One overall full coverage silver plated copper braided shield that surrounds the four twisted pairs

  • Fully shielded Telegartner RJ-45 Connectors w/integral strain relief & protective caps

  • 10/100/1000base-T compatible

  • Directional & shielded cable design


*** This listing is for a 3.0M long Vivace CAT7 Ethernet cable ***


Price is $225.00 for the 3.0M long Ethernet cable. Shipping is a FLAT RATE of $10.00 for all of our products within the Continental United States. We will combine shipping for multiple items purchased in most cases. Canada add $15.00 per Ethernet cable for shipping. Other locations please contact us for shipping quote.

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