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High Fidelity Cables NPS-1260 Contact Enhancer

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NPS-1260 Magnetic Field Enhanced Connection Treatment Material. 

What different about NPS-1260 is that this solution does not focus on electron transfer in a traditional approach. Not at least as it does in a "traditional contact enhancer" Instead, it focuses on magnetic or more precisely “electro-magnetic field” transfer. It is uniquely set apart in this concept, design and application.

Magnetic Innovations LLC lead by Rick Schultz inventor, has a fundamentally different way of thinking about how energy transfers. The is an understanding that is has more to do with the power of electro-magnetism and the subsequently produced magnetic fields associated with electrons and less to do with the actual electron (forward) movement thought to be responsible for electricity in traditional theory. 

Electrons do not move down a cable quickly they move very slowly. They move around only 1mm/second or about 0.0393701 inch per second. Or about 1-10/th the speed of the slowest snail. However the spin of an electron is very fast and that is what matters. This creates the Dipole-Moment or Magnetic-Moment the energy we use tat produces what engineering refers to a the "b-field" a magnetic field used often to transfer through induction energy (magnetically transfer electricity) as in transformers ect. However all electrical energy transfer works on this simple principle, simply transferring energy magnetically from electron to electron. The b-field is simply a sum of all the electrons spinning together.

What does this understanding have to do with a contact or connection? Everything, contacts work in the same way but the task is harder due to the space between electrons that want to communicate your signal. This space although small to us is a large deterrent to the transfer of electrical energy, remember electrons are extremely tiny and this mechanical connection space or gap is huge to these particles it makes it hard to transfer the magnetic energy spin form one electron to the next and ads unwanted noise and a lot of it. 

This new contact and enhancer is not just a contact enhancer it is an advanced “High Fidelity” Total Connection Treatment material. It works on many different levels and in many ways other than just raising conductivity like contact Enhancers. This product also and primarily works in the magnetic realm to support the magnetic transfer of spin much more efficiently form electron to electron. It helps communicate the spin or the magnetic force much better and lowered distortions in the process.

The first thing to understand about connections is that this is probably the single largest area of distortion in an audio system with the greatest loss of actual audio or video signal. Reducing distortion and loss at connections significantly with NPS-1260 will likely be the biggest single upgrade in your audio system regardless of price. 

The reason for this is that if connections are one of, if not the largest problem that will cause's distortion. NPS-1260 is simply a method to prove and show this. Certainly overcoming this problem offers amazing results and application of "NPS-1260 maybe the single most important investment you make in your system".

Without proper electron to electron spin signal transfer in these connections systems sound hard, bright, fatiguing, and lack musicality, which escalates greatly at higher volume levels. If you currently sense any edginess, ringing in your ears, lack of detail, and/or lack of separation in the sound stage. If you witness a low degree of 3-D imaging or any other distortion-related sonic attributes you can expect will be dramatically eliminated with NPS-1260.

Although it may seem like an investment in a place you would not otherwise invest it is important to realize that this is much more than just a contact enhancer, it is a new technology that surpasses anything before it and is highly effective. 

No matter who you are or what kind of system you have, this product is the right choice for you and it is your best next move! There is no other product on the market like it, it is the first of its kind. It doubles both as a extremely effective contact enhancer and offers EMF noise reduction as well as its primary "magnetic-assist" technology. NPS-1260 offers mechanical micro dampening technology, reduces RF as well as providing longevity to your connecters. The true all-in-one solution!

Materials involved with NPS-1260 are the finest and most advanced and rare products available. And include assorted nano-particles as well as other proprietary materials. 

The 5 mL bottle will do multiple systems, once it is applied it should not be reapplied unless connections are "repeatedly" removed and reconnected. 

NPS-1260 is also “far more conductive” than contact enhancers so it is important to very carefully insert the cables as to not create any potential for resistance between to pathways.

NPS-1260 must be used at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for the damage to any devices it may be applied to. 

If NPS-1260 is not something you're comfortable applying have a professional come and do it for you it is well worth the investment.

Please note that this product “will” take time to break-in. It dramatically changes the signal transfer and effectively removes distortions so the signal flow must adjust. Although it will sound better than it before application upon the initial start-up it takes approximately one week of playtime for it to really maximize. You can typically expect the most dramatic change within 24-60 hours from startup. 

Money-back guarantee? NPS-1260 is not offered with a money-back guarantee as this increases costs to the end-users. We feel it's not fair for those who are confident in buying and just willing to buy to absorb costs to others that refund policies endure. By offering a money back guarantee's products become more expensive than they need to be because someone has to cover this investment as it is a fixed cost and we are trying to bring this to you as economically as possible. If you lack confidence wait until there are reviews and testimonials to bring sufficient confidence before you buy.

This can be used in pretty much any application from home theater and home audio systems to recording studios or full-fledged IMAX theaters and anything in between.

It has been tested to work well on power cords, and fuses (apply with care) as well as circuit breaker connection and the wires connected to these devices, receptacles are an obvious choice. Obvious uses are on RCA’s, XLR’s, speaker cables, speaker jumper plates, thin applications on USB and HDMI AES3 and SPDIF have been “transformative” successful in our testing.

It can be used on coaxial cable wires connecting your Wi-Fi system or ethernet cables removing the excess from the plastic connecter itself completely so that it is clean afterward. 

Can be used on antenna connection of routers, digital cables of all electrical types. Patch cables, quarter-inch cables 1/8 in cables headphone connections of all types, mini-XLR, and others have been successfully treated.

It can also be used (at your own risk) on tube pins as long as you apply it carefully to the tip only.

Applications are only suggestions and again like any of these solutions you are to “use this at your own risk” as careless applications could cause problems because this is extremely conductive we take no responsibility for any damage.

In the application of the product, we recommend a thin layer on the male connection side only. Apply NPS-1260 to the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the tip only.

If several connections are done you can expect the sound to get darker temporarily. Do not worry this will go away with the break-in (time). This darkness happens whenever distortion is dramatically decreased but it's temporary. It may be prudent to do one cable at a time leaving a week or so between applications. The next week ally to another cable and so on, the total end result of your full system sound will be greatly delayed by this method however. Note every application to every cable or connection is step forward enhanced 3-d sound.

For manufacturers who would like to use this inside equipment. Please contact us for OEM large amount/bulk pricing. Applications include virtually all mechanical connections inside all speakers electronics and cabling. 

Note to manufactures: This product is not suitable for multi-pin connections such as “ribbon tapes” that connect transport mechanisms to the operation board. For these applications, it is simply to conductive however. If you'd like to know more or one or guidance you may contact us at 214-614-7111 a consultant will get back to you alternatively you can email [email protected].

This product is a revelation in the audio industry there's never been anything like it and it will make some question what we're doing, that's okay. We are used to innovation being questioned. It's natural question invention and invention is even offensive to many. However it is truly a new breakthrough invention it is not something your friends will understand without help! We understand this, there are and will be many questions and we will try to get to them as time goes on. 

Final note:

We have been working on this technology for a while and there are some people who have had previous generation samples none have the new NPS-1260 however. Although they would speak about these samples highly it is not the same product as what we're offering in NPS 1260. The original product was a contact enhancer only, it was effective but not the same. NPS-1260 Total enhancement product is extremely different from what they've heard and much more effective covering much more areas of distortion.

You will know NPS-1260 by the label as it is shown on our website. We do expect a small change in the labeling as the current units are being provided with a label that goes sideways across the product this will be changed soon but it will be the same product exactly. 

We will be posting informative instructional videos on how to apply the product properly. You should remove any other solution or any contact enhancers that you have on your connections before applying and NPS-1260.

Have fun this is going to be a revelation for us all!

HFC Innovations team!

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