ENIGMAcoustics MythologyM-1 Speakers, Super Tweeters, & StandsusedENIGMAcoustics Mythology M-1,Speakers, Super Tweeters, & StandsHighly recommended by Weinhart Design and those in the know and see the rave reviews below:These are some of the most beautiful speakers we’ve ever had in our store and have a warm musicality...5500.00

ENIGMAcoustics Mythology M-1,Speakers, Super Tweeters, & Stands [Expired]

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    Highly recommended by Weinhart Design and those in the know and see the rave reviews below:
    These are some of the most beautiful speakers we’ve ever had in our store and have a warm musicality that is seductive and extremely musical with imaging and all the magic have a cost no object speaker. 
The super Tweeters are the best we’ve ever heard and will complement any speaker that we have ever tried them with and not being sold separately at this time.


    Power and Persuasion:

  • The Mythology M1 represents a significant step forward in mini monitor loudspeaker design. The most striking, and telling, aspect of its design is the seamless blending of dynamic drivers with an electrostatic super tweeter in an augmented 2-way configuration. The transition between the dynamic components and the electrostatic tweeter is accomplished via a phase coherent first order crossover, simplified to allow the soft dome mid / HF driver to roll off acoustically, with no inductive reactance to electrically taper its response. The result is incredible transparency, inner detail, and enhanced ambience retrieval.

    As the second ENIGMAcoustics product to embody the company’s patented Self-Bias Electrostatic (SBESL™) Technology, Mythology M1’s design eliminates the need for an external AC source to produce a polarizing voltage. SBESL™ circuitry, instead, derives the bias voltage from the signal itself.

    Woofer and mid /HF driver designs were the result of an extensive evaluation of materials, over a year of design and refinement, all with the delicate integration of their attributes with those of the electrostatic driver as the ultimate mission. No detail was overlooked. And while Mythology M1 exhibits excellent measurements in the lab and generates superb numbers, its sonic performance is something that simply must be heard to be appreciated. 

  • Specifications:

  • Item Name Parameters Sensitivity 85dB(2.83V/1m) Recommended amplifier power 50–200W/channel Peak power handling 80/150W Nominal impedance Minimum impedance 4Ω/47Hz Frequency response 40kHz(w/Sopranino) Bass type Bass reflex Woofer 180mm PP cone Tweeter 34mm soft textile dome Crossover frequency 1,100 Hz Net Weight (main speaker) 19 Kg Net Weight (speaker stand) 20 Kg Net Weight (Super tweeter) 2.7 Kg


    • “Mythology M1 Revisited” by Srajan Ebaen

      March 2015


    • “Applause!” by Panagiotis Karavitis
      Part-Time Audiophile

      February 2015


    • “”Passing the Torch” by Dick Olsher
      The Absolute Sound

      November 2014


    • “Super Monitor” by Srajan Ebaen

      April 2014


    • Stereophile
      2014 Int’l CES

      January 2014


    • The Absolute Sound
      2013 CA Audio Show

      August 2013


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