Graham SleeReflex M or C Moving Magneti/CoilnewGraham Slee New Reflex M (mm) OR Reflex C (mc) Phono Preamp w/PSU1** SPECIAL SHOWROOM DEMO ON NEW REFLEX M or C With PSU1 POWER SUPPLY ** *FREE SHIPPING/BROKERAGE - PRICE INCLUDES TAX AND TWO YEAR WARRANTY* *** Note *** All our Graham Slee power supplies are ...895.00

Graham Slee New Reflex M (mm) OR Reflex C (mc) Phono Preamp w/PSU1

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*** Note *** All our Graham Slee power supplies are for North American power rating ***

  NEW REFLEX C or M available w/PSU1 - $949.00 Full Two Year Warranty on all models.  w/green power supply $695.00 **  FREE SHIPPING WITHIN US or Canada - INCLUDES N/C STEREO/MONO SWITCH *******  REFLEX M SUPERSEDES THE ERA GOLD WITH MORE PERFORMANCE ****** **  Audioarcan Offering The Reflex MM OR MC - Best Selling Model In The Line **
Outstanding Sound Quality That Performs Where Other Products Fall Short.    For Maximum Results  Recommend the PSU1 Power Supply *   Stereo/Mono Switch included n/c  **  NORMAL DISCOUNTED PRICE $1095.00 w/upgraded PSUI  **SPECIAL SHOWROOM DEMO PRICE $895.00***  TAX/SHIPPING/BROKERAGE  INCLUDED - With Green Power $695.00 - includes all taxes/duty and freight.  Available in either MM or MC (MC - $949)   ---  Typically SHIPS WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY   *** Check Out all Our Graham Slee UK and Icon Audio UK Products at ***  ALL PRODUCTS COME WITH A TWO YEAR WARRANTY  ***
For more information contact us at [email protected] or call 249-880-5040 visit us at  ******* MM  Why You Need a Dedicated Phono Preamp for a High-Output Cartridge: A switchable MC/MM phono preamp will give you the convenience of being able to switch between cartridge types, but it won’t be able to make MM and other high output cartridges perform at their best!
That’s because its input has got to be optimized for low-output moving coil - it has to be an ultra-low noise input, and ultra-low noise inputs have low saturation voltages (that’s a fact).

When switched to MM and your high-output cartridge sends a large-transient upper-midrange music signal to it, the input saturates and is shunted by the second stage’s integrator capacitor which is: a) the wrong load, and: b) seriously affects a thing called "slew-rate" — it slows right down — considerable distortion is the result.*

It’s OK if your music is quiet all the way, but music is dynamic and hits transient peaks. Recording desk PPM meters red-line at +8dB (2.5 times the signal), but in reality the signal overshoots to nearer +14dB which is 5 times bigger.

Add the fact that magnetic cartridge output voltage rises in proportion to frequency (they all do), and clearly-audible highs are going to be +10dB higher than the cartridge’s official 1kHz output rating. With peak added-on the input is called on to accept nearly 80mV for the average 5mV output cartridge.

The low-output MC optimized input can only handle a quarter of that, after which it saturates, so for most transient highs right at our most sensitive hearing frequencies the result is quite unpleasant.

The sound is described as "grain" or "vinyl-burn" and sets you on edge through every loud and busy passage.

The solution is the Reflex M - it’s dedicated to high output cartridges. It proves you don’t have to resort to low-output MC to get the best sounds.

The Reflex M won’t give you premature saturation! Its input is optimized for high output cartridges so it won’t hit the stops no matter how hot the signal.

Plus it has lightning reflexes — that’s why we call it the Reflex M — its slew rate which determines its tempo performance and superbly precise stereo imaging, is far higher and is purely natural compared to a switchable MC/MM phono preamp.
MC   You buy a moving coil cartridge for high-performance — so team it with a performance phono preamp for winning results!  Reflex MM model also a winning choice. 
The music you listen to should be your choice — your equipment shouldn’t dictate your musical taste.
That’s the trap many fall into when "upgrading" to moving coil. If in doing so, you find it difficult to listen to your kind of music, read on, and find out why you need this high performance phono preamp.  ** Stereo/Mono switch added n/c
The Reflex C is supplied with the Graham Slee Green power supply with optional PSU1 power supply, and a choice of voltages and power plugs; 100 Ω or 1k Ω input impedances; and there is also an option to have a mono switch fitted which Audioarcan ad on all available phono stages amps.
Moving Coil Primer...
Moving coil cartridges output somewhere in the region of 0.1 - 1 mV - they’re low output.
The idea behind the moving coil cartridge is great! By making the magnets fixed to the body, the stylus moves the coils of wire instead. The coils of wire are made really light by using only a small number of turns, which means there’s much less inductance compared to moving magnet cartridges.
This results in a nimble cartridge whose frequency response goes much higher, and without the inductive peaking you get with moving magnet.
But everything has its downside, and with moving coil it’s the phono preamp electronics that haven’t kept pace with the progress the moving coil cartridge made.
The Reflex C Gives You The Freedom To Choose
The Reflex C uses low-noise video amplifiers which overcome the difficulties of input saturation and slew induced distortion.
You can play the music you want! Throw the fastest tempo music at the Reflex C and you’ll marvel at its pace.
It captures all the subtleties of your music - all its detail - plus it projects a really convincing and articulate stereo image - and much less in the way of clicks and pops.
The Reflex C is the answer to moving coil preamplification you’ve been waiting for.
Suitable Cartridges
The Reflex C is suited to low output moving coil (MC) with output in the region of 0.2 - 1.0 mV (ref 1kHz at 5cm/sec)
Cartridges having lower outputs may be used if you accept the risk of hearing more hiss than you may be comfortable with.
Your amplifier’s volume control is intended to be set to give you the loudness you want and should be adjusted accordingly. With the lowest output cartridges you will need to turn the volume control higher than you would use with other sources such as a CD player. Audioarcan orders all models with stereo/mono switches where available n/c  Audioarcan provides a trade-in policy to a upgraded Graham Slee product or our best selling tube phono stage (Icon PS1 MKII MM/MC) for down the road consideration 
Get the best out of your Slee. Discover the ways ...
Frequently purchased with...
Solo Ultra Linear DE Headphone Amplifier
Majestic Multi-Input DAC/Preamp
CuSat50 0.6m RCA/RCA short-link interconnect
Lautus 1.5m RCA/RCA interconnect
Input and output connectors
RCA/phono sockets, hard gold plated
Input sensitivity range
0.2mV to 1.0mV (recommended)
Output range (for above inputs)
252mV to 1,260mV
Maximum input
3.9mV rms
Maximum output
4.914V rms
62dB (1,260) at 1kHz
Input impedance
100 Ω or 1k Ω to order
Output impedance (driving impedance)
1k Ohm (will drive 10k Ohms and above)
Noise at output
-62dB CCIR Quasi-peak 20Hz to 20kHz
typically 0.02%
RIAA accuracy
< 0.5dB
Frequency response
20Hz - 100kHz ("flat", corrected to RIAA)
Channel balance
Channel separation
Power supply
remotely powered using PSU1 linear power supply
Size (approx.)
W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 180 (mm) inc. jacks

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