FocalAria 948 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker - Black GlossusedFocal Aria 948 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker - Black GlossFocal Aria 948 Three-Way Floor-Standing Loudspeaker Original owner with boxes and owner's manual. 9/10 and pristine black gloss and like-new grills (rated an 8 as it has 7 of 8 floor spikes). Tw...3400.00

Focal Aria 948 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker - Black Gloss [Expired]

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Focal Aria 948 Three-Way Floor-Standing Loudspeaker

Original owner with boxes and owner's manual.  9/10 and pristine black gloss and like-new grills (rated an 8 as it has 7 of 8 floor spikes).  Two years young (March 2019) and lightly used (see orig. Focal manuf. stickers on top of speakers).  If you have tube equipment, listen to jazz, folk, blues, classical, or classic rock, you will be hard pressed to find more natural speakers at this price point.  The Aria 948s sound great with all types of music. These are the only Aria 948s on Audiogon under $5990 and they are like new.  

Local pickup ideal. For non-local pickup, YRC (aka Yellow Freight) shipping to business or residence on a pallet. Designated non-stacked shipment. Speakers are 77 lbs each (without box) and Buyer responsible for removing from truck gate (hint: tip the driver $20-30). Shipment risk with buyer. Pallet shipping is far safer than free-standing boxes (read reviews on Audiogon). For most major cities on East Coast (and subject to current pricing quotes), shipping on these terms included in price. When looking at other speakers for sale where shipping is not included, keep in mind that shipping prices have significantly increased lately. Arranging shipping is an education as well if you have not done so for large, heavy speakers (or other, similar items). I’ve done that for you already to make shipping super-easy.          

The Aria 948 loudspeaker symbolizes the return of the “true” acoustic loudspeaker. The Aria 948s have two 8.25’’ Flax speaker drivers, which effortlessly provide intense and controlled bass. The deep and intense reproduction of bass is the notable difference from the 948s to the Aria 936s, which are one step down and slightly smaller. The 6.5" Flax midrange driver of the Aria 948, though, provides a refreshingly neutral reproduction of sound that makes these speakers truly remarkable for the price. The natural sound, with low coloration, a richness of reproduction in the midrange, and tighter bass, result from Focal's unique use of Flax in their drivers.  

As background, Focal began as a manufacturer of drivers, tweeters, and midrange speakers for end-purchase, speaker companies whose names are well known. Then Focal vertically integrated and began building their own speaker boxes, complete with their manufactured drivers (bass and midrange) and tweeters. The economies of scale through vertical integration enabled Focal to offer speakers at a price point with which their competitors were challenged to compete.  

These Aria 948s are minimalist for smaller spaces (the speaker boxes are only 11" wide (the base is measured in the below specs.)).  


Type: Three-way bass-reflex floorstanding loudspeaker

Speaker drivers: Two 8 1/4" Flax bass
6 1/2" Flax midrange
1" Al/Mg TNF inverted dome tweeter

Frequency response: (+/- 3dB) 37Hz - 28kHz

Low frequency point: - 6dB 31Hz

Sensitivity: (2.83V / 1m) 92.5dB

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Minimum impedance: 2.5 Ohms

Recommended amplifier power: 50 - 350W

Crossover frequency: 280Hz / 2600Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D): 45.5"L, 15"W, and 16"D 

Weight: 77lbs

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