Sound ScienceStatic Electric Discharge GlobenewSound Science Static Electric Discharge GlobeThis is the time of the year when Static Electricity can build up on us walking across carpet to get to our valuable Hi-Fi. If this is a problem for you take a look at the new Static Electric Disc...199.00

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This is the time of the year when Static Electricity can build up on us walking across carpet to get to our valuable Hi-Fi.  If this is a problem for you take a look at the new Static Electric Discharge Globe.  
Simply set it on your equipment rack or cabinet and touch it or grab it before touching any of your gear.  It will drain your static build up into your home electricity ground through your home wiring system.
The  Static Electric Discharge Globe (SEDG) is made of a 1.;5" diameter brass sphere that is connected to a 10' grounding wire to a power connector ground prong . 

I know of Audiophiles  that have caused thousands of dollars in damage to their electronics via static discharge, Order your  Static Electric Discharge Globe (SEDG) now.

This is a review from an early adopter of the The  Static Electric Discharge Globe:
Static electricity in the winter time has been an ongoing issue for me. So much so that static electricity recently damaged one of my stereo components. Playing vinyl albums during this season seems to be the worst culprit, to the point where I would not even attempt to play my albums. Since I’ve been using SoundScience Static Discharge Globe this issue has been completely alleviated. I simply touch the globe discharging any static build-up prior to touching any of my components. The static charge is simply dissipated by way of the home electricity ground. I highly recommend this easy and simple method of getting rid of static charge build-up.   Jack T.  from Tulsa

From Jeff in North Carolina: The discharge sphere was tried in two floors and three circuits in my house. It is effective on all of them, but my newest, dedicated and freshly reworked system, was the best. It s just grounded better. However, the unit works well in all situations. Oh, and more importantly, it’s the first thing I grab going into the room and it is very effective at dealing with static. This is our first winter EVEr  heating with gas and the 33-38 % humidity has been a shock (pun) dealing with the the amount of static electricity vs. electric (much less dry) heat. I was concerned about how to deal with it and the “new” literally constant static shock in my listening room. Your product is a true blessing and I’m sure it will not only add to the enjoyment of my system, but probably make the more delicate components last longer.

Static Electric Facts:

Static Charge Generation from flooring

When a person walks across a carpeted or tiled floor, a triboelectric charge builds up in the body due to the friction between the shoes and floor material. The more you generate, the greater the voltage potential developing in the body – you are basically acting as a capacitor.

Everyone’s capacitance to hold charges is different. However, a sure sign of static presence is hair standing on end or static discharge sparks. Static discharges can be noticed when you touch an object of lower electrical potential such as a door knob, and a bolt of electricity flows from your charged body to the door knob. This flow of electricity is actually a result of the stored static charge that is being rapidly discharged to the lower potential object.

This discharge that can be felt as well as seen, is commonly referred to as an electrostatic discharge, or “ESD”.


Generating Charges by walking across carpet

It is not necessarily the static charge generated in the body that does the damage as much as it is the difference in potential that creates an electrostatic discharge. The ESD event can be felt at the human sensation threshold of 3000 volts. If one feels or sees the static shock, it is a minimum of 3000 volts. The potential static charge that can develop from walking on tiled floors is greater than 15,000 volts, while carpeted floors can generate in excess of 30,000 volts.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected] or call me at720 308 4000. 
The Static Electric Discharge Globe (SEDG) comes with a 20 year warranty  


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