DALI Epicon 6usedDALI  Epicon 6 Loudspeakers in Rare High Gloss Piano White FinishDALI Epicon 6 Loudspeakers in Rare High Gloss Piano White Finish The deep bass and liquid midrange is a highlight of these Danish design floorstanding speakers.With delays in manufacturing and sh...12449.00

DALI Epicon 6 Loudspeakers in Rare High Gloss Piano White Finish [Expired]

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DALI Epicon 6  Loudspeakers in Rare High Gloss Piano White Finish 

The deep bass and liquid midrange is a highlight of these Danish design floorstanding speakers.

With delays in manufacturing and shipping, these are unattainable in the piano white gloss finish elsewhere.

Thank you kindly for looking. 
Taken from the DALI site
"Allow sensational musical moments to live on in the comfort of your own home with the revolutionary EPICON 6. Designed to make a lasting impression, the exterior of the loudspeaker is as captivating to the eye as the sound is to the ear.  The backbone of EPICON 6 is DALI’s new driver technology. Featuring two 6 ½“ bass woofers, the unique Linear Drive Magnet System as well as the breakthrough ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter the sound breaks with traditional loudspeaker conventions.  The EPICON 6 relies on a 2½-way system as – woofer kicking in below 600Hz. However, for the highest frequencies the EPICON 6 also incorporates a ribbon tweeter as part of the hybrid tweeter, in reality turning the speaker into a ‘2½ + ½-way’ construction.

Review from Absolute Sound: "Let me start with the frequency extremes. The DALI has an unusual high-frequency driver, comprising a dome tweeter that is rather larger than usual (29mm) surmounted by a ribbon tweeter to fill in the top of the top octave—and actually a long way beyond (ribbon drivers tend to go way on out there). The result is a very high level of perceived high-frequency clarity—you will hear a lot of the micro-detail so beloved of audiophiles, helped on by the ultra-low distortion all the way down, as already noted.

This speaker has resolution and clarity in spades. The idea of using two tweeters to cover different parts of the treble is not new—it goes back at least as far as the Spendor BC1. But it is surely carried out to good effect here as far as apparent clarity and resolution are concerned. Things like the high percussion in one of my go-to orchestral recordings, Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances (Mata, Dallas, ProArte) sounded remarkably like real cymbal crashes, with the requisite micro-structure that is really there in reality and on the recording, but that can turn into an undifferentiated blur with less than stellar tweeters. In these terms, the high-frequency compound unit of the Epicon 6s is in the top echelon, one of the best. If the high end is anything like synonymous with high end for you, you will be very happy here as far as the intrinsic behavior of the unit is concerned."


Type: Floorstanding bassreflex loudspeaker
Driver complement: Two 6″ bass/mid wood fiber cones, one 29mm soft textile dome, one 10 x 55mm ribbon
Crossover frequencies: 700Hz, 2550Hz, 15kHz
Frequency range: 35Hz to 30kHz
Sensitivity: 88dB
Maximum SPL: 110dB
Nominal impedance: 5 ohms
Weight: 66 lbs. each (net)
Dimensions: 9.1″ x 40.3″ x 17.4″

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