PS AudioDirect Stream DAC w/ Bridge II StreamerusedPS Audio Direct Stream DAC w/ Bridge II StreamerEast End Hi-Fi is selling a customer trade-in of a PS Audio BHK Direct Stream DAC w/ Bridge II Streamer that is in excellent condition with one owner. The unit has a warranty until 11/7/22! It i...3590.00

PS Audio Direct Stream DAC w/ Bridge II Streamer [Expired]

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East End Hi-Fi is selling a customer trade-in of a PS Audio BHK Direct Stream DAC w/ Bridge II Streamer that is in excellent condition with one owner.   The unit has a warranty until 11/7/22!  It is Stereophile Class A+ Recommended!

This is what DAGAGO had to say about the BHK Direct Stram DAC: 
“In all configurations I tried, playback from the Memory Player was clearly better than playback from the Mac Mini+Roon. This is an instance where I feel the differences were not a matter of preference. I am sure there are some out there who would prefer the sound of the server, but they would be wrong…. I consistently heard a lower noise floor from the Memory Player and, from that, more air, better definition, and less smearing, which I became aware of only when confronted with its absence.” 

This is what Audiophile Style had to sat about the BHK Direct Stream DAC: 
“The PS Audio DirectStream DAC is a 5 year old design that, with the latest “Snowmass” release, still competes with the best DACs in its price class. How many DACs can make that claim? Many DACs are user-upgradeable, but very few have received the steady stream of free firmware updates that delivered sound quality improvements - not just bug fixes - that enable the DS DAC to retain its competitive edge. Plus, designer Ted Smith tells me he still has some (albeit shrinking) capacity left in the DS DAC’s FPGA to continue delivering improvements in the future. These include trickle-down findings.”

Vade Forrester of The Absolute Sound said this about the PS Audio Bridge II: 

“The DirectStream DAC remains one of the best I’ve heard, and PS Audio has pursued a path of significant upgrades that has made its DAC even better.”

“Most importantly, the MQA files I auditioned sounded more natural, higher in detail and lower in time smear. It wasn’t a night-and-day difference—you don’t need to erase all your current digital music files and repurchase them with MQA encoding. But for playing the relatively few MQA downloads currently available, and for streaming the limited number of Tidal Masters albums, PS Audio’s Bridge II card makes a welcome improvement in sound.”

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