VelodyneDD12BGusedVelodyne DD12BGNOTE: Sale Pending - I have an offer on these as I have them listed elsewhere. You're free to make an offer if for some reason the sale doesn't go through. Please send offers only. Thank you. I'm...1999.00

Velodyne DD12BG [Expired]

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NOTE: Sale Pending - I have an offer on these as I have them listed elsewhere. You're free to make an offer if for some reason the sale doesn't go through. Please send offers only. Thank you.

I'm selling my pair of Velodyne Digital Drive DD-12, 12-inch (12", 12 inch) Subwoofers. They are in great shape and sound amazing, however, being conservative I'm rating their condition a 7/10. They do have scratches on the top and sides, however I doubt you'll ever find a pair of these used that don't. The gloss black is very easy to scratch. I have cleaned these up and given them a light buffing as you can see from the photos.
The Digital Drive series of subwoofers are driven by internal 1250Watt RMS, 3000Watt Peak amplifiers and have a frequency response of 17–120Hz, +/-3dB - which is below the threshold of human hearing of 20Hz. At that point you definitely feel these subs. A pair of these are incredible and there's not much out there that can touch them. I have used them in a stereo 2-channel system to create a low-end that was amazing when I had a pair of Wilson Alexia's. I moved up to the Alexx's and no longer have the need for subwoofers in this area. They would also be excellent in an Atmos home theater or with any home theater for that matter due to just how low they go and how they can compress a room. They have a very sophisticated digital measurement and parametric equalization system that should be configured to get the best performance out of them. You can find all the details you need searching the Internet along with a ton of highly positive reviews of these subs. 
New these subs sold for $2,999 each. My price for the pair is a steal. I live in both the Roanoke, VA valley and the Northern Virginia area so can meet the buyer within a reasonable distance. Paypal users add 3%.
As my feedback shows, I've owned JL and many of the other popular brands. The Velodyne active servo subwoofers are hands-down the best subs I've ever owned. The active servo technology in the Digital Drive series keeps distortion to a minimum and maximizes on fidelity and control. They are highly adjustable and have an active interface that can be accessed through the video output in order to view and modify the eq in addition to many other settings.
Included in this listing are two subwoofers, a single remote control and two power cords. Nothing else is included.   
Shipping (all the details):
NOTE:  I'm not looking to make money on the shipping. Buyer will pay the exact cost of shipping. I would expect the costs to be somewhere around $200-$300, however it may be more or less depending on the destination and how much it costs to have them packed up safely since I don't have the original boxes. 
The Actual Shipping Details: I do not have the original boxes. Shipping will be calculated at the time of sale. If you want to get an idea of the costs, there will be two (2) boxes anywhere from 25x25x25 to 22x22x22 weighing 75 Pounds each (the actual subs weigh 67 pounds each) + (Plus) the cost of shipping materials. These will need to be professionally packed and shipped in order to ensure they arrive safely.  If You Use Buy-It-Now: If you use Buy-it-Now, you'll have to pay the shipping that the Audiogon calculator has in it - which two boxes weighing 99 pounds with dimensions of 25x25x25 - I entered this in order to account for the cost of having them packed up professionally. If you would rather have this be exact, you can select "pick up in person" and I can invoice you the actual costs after the sale when you provide me your information. You can also message me here and I can get you a more accurate cost. Again, I'm not looking to make money off from shipping here. I want this to be painless and stress free for all parties involved. So if you choose buy-it-now and pay what they have in there and it's short by $50, I'll eat those costs. If I owe you anything, I'll refund it. Anything over that then I'll invoice you for it. I think that's pretty reasonable - and please don't forget to add in the 3% fees for paypal. You're free to come listen to them and inspect them in person, just contact me. And you're free to come pick them up in person if you're able to (that would be preferred anyway).
About Me (the seller) and this listing: I am an individual, not a company. Everything I sell is/was a personal item I used in my home. I take care of my equipment and treat everyone with fairness - as you'll see in my feedback as well. Trust that you are buying from a person who's been on Audiogon for 11 years and has 100% positive feedback - someone who will go above and beyond making things right if something should happen to go wrong (which happens in shipping when the delivery company mishandles things for example). I take seriously what I sell and make sure you're getting exactly what I list. If you have any questions, please ask first before making an offer or purchasing. I'll gladly answer and and assist you with the purchase.   

Thanks for your interest.

Velodyne Digital Drive DD 12 Subwoofer Specifications: Digital Drive DD-12 sealed-box powered subwoofer Driver: 12" cone with 19.3-lb magnet structure, tandem 3" push-pull voice coil Frequency response: 17–120Hz, +/-3dB Harmonic distortion: <1% typical Highpass crossover: 80Hz @ 6dB/octave Lowpass crossover: 15–199Hz, variable in 1Hz increments; 6–48dB/octave slope Subsonic filter: 15–35Hz, variable in 1Hz increments; 6–48dB/octave slope Phase: 0–180°, variable in 15° increments Amplifier output: 1250W RMS, 3000W peak Inputs: line-level L&R, LFE (mono) line-level RCA, balanced XLR, speaker level L/R Microphone: balanced XLR Through (L&R): line-level RCA EQ output: video, L&R Other inputs/outputs: RS-232 in, RS-232 out Dimensions: 14.5" x 14" x 15.5" (HxWxD) Weight: 67 lbs each

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