Custom MadeCable ElevatorsusedCustom Made Cable Elevators *UPGRADED VERSION* (Set of 10)*THIS LISTING IS FOR THE UPGRADED VERSION WITH ADDED VIBRATION DAMPENING*I looked into products from several companies, including the Cardas Multi Blocks, Cable Elevators, and the Shunyata Dark Fie...59.99

Custom Made Cable Elevators *UPGRADED VERSION* (Set of 10) [Expired]

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I looked into products from several companies, including the Cardas Multi Blocks, Cable Elevators, and the Shunyata Dark Field Suspension System. In the end, I decided to make these for use in my own system. They were much more effective than I ever dreamed, and I immediately noted a better noise floor, and a cleaner, more open sound. I demoed them at my local hi-fi shop and everybody there felt the same. They look great, improve the sound of your system, and as an added bonus make cleaning under the cables a lot easier. You can also use them for cable management and organization. These elevators make a great budget tweak to any system! If you would like them in another color, please let me know and I will check if I can make them for you! Multiple sets available, so please let me know if you need more than 10. Larger orders will need some extra time for production, so please let me know what you need.

The elevators are 3D printed plastic and measure 1" x 3" at the base by 2 3/4" tall. At the top is a 1 1/2" wide by 3/8" holder for larger cables. There is also a thinner 1/4" x 1 3/8" vertical slot for thin ribbon style cables, such as those from Nordost. Each side holder is 3/4" wide and 7/8" deep. I space them about 2 ft apart so that the cables are elevated off the floor completely without major drooping.

I am now also offering an upgraded version with improved vibration absorption with layers of viscoelastic and foam dampeners. A set of upgraded stands is $59.99

Have a specific cable size to support? I can customize the elevators to your specific application, just email me with your specifications and to discuss pricing.

Ships via USPS Priority Mail, unfortunately I can't offer free shipping anymore due to cost increases.

These sets are made to order and as such may require several days lead time for printing and quality control.

I have multiple colors available aside from black, please let me know if there is a specific color you would like!

-Here’s a review of the upgraded elevators from Ian, of my clients:

"Well finally after quite some time (for which I truly apologize) I have just now completed my review of your ’up-dated and improved’ Cable Lifters!

So let me give you a bit of background on how the testing was handled.
I warmed up the system for at least an hour before any serious testing was conducted.
As I already had my lifters in my system, I started off with them.

I specifically chose one song which was extremely well recorded and was with one voice.
I am very familiar with the song in question and thought that it was a good jumping off point.

I played about 3/4th of the song to critically listen to it at a medium to high volume about 75 to 80 DB.
Then I paused the Aurender and left the volume on the BHK Preamp at the same volume. (45) on the digital display.

Then I proceeded to switch out my units for your units.

Quite a small feat as you are aware, the cables are behind my speakers and not an easy to comfortably change out.

But in any event I proceeded with the change out, which by the way I got somewhat proficient with as I was able to do it quicker each and every time. In fact I switched them out a total 6 times just to be sure that what I was hearing was in fact correct!

I believe that when having ‘wooden’ floors it is imperative that each and every unit be totally flat with the floor and not in any way twisted or tilted so that only a part of the lifter bottom might not be in total contact with the floor.

One of the factors that aided in the ability to have total contact with the floor is with the stickiness of the substrate which helped bond the cable lifter to the wooden floor completely...
...Please allow me to digress for a moment, and say to you how very pleased I am that I found/saw your ad on Audiomart!
Your Cable-Lifters have been a ‘god-send’ in improving sonically my sound system. I am so delighted with them and how they look and how well designed they are!
You have created a very nice unit and it does a wonderful of improving the sound of any Hi-Fi system! Congratulations…… Very well done, Mr. Bill.
...Again, they sound clearer and give out with a more 3 dimensional sound.
The center channel image is better and clearer with less distortion!
I find that the sound is ‘real’ and closer to the music and more revealing.
The bottom end is deeper, the mids are more real and transparent and the top end floats better without and harshness.

To sum it up, I find your units eliminate the ‘distortion’ that was there before.
All the music sounds so much more ‘tube-like’ and a joy to listen too.
...This is scary incredible, to keep climbing the sonic improvement ladder and each time a tweak is used it actually improves the sound. I can not even remember what my system sounded like before I started all this but it mush not of been as good as it is now and so revealing in every way. It is truly a ‘joy’ to fire it up and listen to it."

-Here’s another one from Craig S from Houston,TX

Mine already was a carefully isolated system. For example: I use a separate power conditioner for switching power supplies like in the mode/router and cooling fans, Mapleshade footers and plinths under everything, etc. With your cable elevators my system is even more isolated because I use them to separate the subwoofer cables from the main’s cables, etc. and the power cables have their own sets of cable elevators. I will attest that my system sounds better with the cable elevators. I will attempt to avoid the descriptions used by the audiophile press because I am not certain what every one of their words actually describes. Instead, I will say that there is what sounds like a large heavy bell with a deep tone in one if the songs I listen to. With the cable elevators I can now hear what I will describe as texture in the reverberations of the bell after each note. Like if you watched a bell ring in slow motion. Before my system was such that the decay of all instruments went on forever. Yet I never had sensed the “texture” in the bell reverberations. It is quite thrilling. It’s not just that bell, even though it was the most distinctly improvement because I had never before experienced that texture in the reverberations, all music sounds a degree or two better with your cable elevators in place and the picture on my 4K TV improved to some degree as well.
Definitely an improvement in that I notice details in more songs that I had not heard were there before. Plus, all I need to do to clean under the cables is to use a Swifter. I believe that the results with your cable elevators on carpet would be even more pronounced because of the static charge synthetic carpet carries.