CAD (Computer Audio Design) 1543 MKii DACusedCAD (Computer Audio Design)  1543 MKii DACPRICE REDUCTION!! BLACK FRIDAY SALE EXTENDED!!! See the videos below at the end of this description. A fav...5800.00

CAD (Computer Audio Design) 1543 MKii DAC [Expired]

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See the videos below at the end of this description.  A favorite for Boenicke, Verity and Kaiser based systems as well as many others.

Simply one of the best sounding, perfectly timbre and timing from a DAC that we've heard.  It is a USB input only, as it is the purest of purest designs.  Please read the reviews and construction precis. 

We also have the matching Server for this dac, though it would need to be upgraded by CAD if someone wanted it.  That upgrade essentially makes the server entirely new...all new guts fo bring it to the current status. (please inquire directly if you have an interest)

Here's what is said about the dac...the server has similarly rave reviews. 

“This DAC is the most transparent, natural, and well timed I have heard”

Jason Kennedy, HiFi+

  “the CAD 1543 is an articulate beast that built from the heart. Brimming with passion and love from a mastermind maker, I cannot think of any stone that has been left unturned. This is a magnificent machine”


"In terms of digital sound it is a true game changer and, thus, I have no other option than to give it the best award on the shelf a [gulp] Golden Groovy. Only the second gold award that I have ever awarded. Yes, it’s that good."

Tom Hackforth, The Absolute Sound -

'The overall result of such scrupulous attention to power supplies and potential noise sources is an audio convertor that seems to paint ink-black quietness behind the sound. A DAC that preserves and projects the rhythm and drive of dynamic music. A digital convertor for the 21st century dedicated solely to computer audio, to unlock with new clarity our archives of digital audio recordings.'

Computer Audio Design 1543 MKII DAC key features:

  • Five independent transformers feeding five fully discrete linear voltage regulators for the cleanest power to each modular section of the unit.

  • Custom 10 mm acrylic case selected for superior acoustic properties.

  • NEW: additional internal EMI/RFI materials to lower electromagnetic interference noise floor.

  • NEW: redesigned mains power conditioning to reduce ingress and egress of mains-borne noise.

  • Sixteen Philips TDA1543/N2 resistor-ladder chips.

  • Filterless NOS design for unparalleled time-domain replay accuracy.

  • NEW: custom four-layer PCB to support DAC chips.

  • Passive output stage with Duelund Coherent Audio capacitors and selected US-made audio resistors all made to CAD specifications.

  • NEW: internal signal wiring upgraded to custom UP-OCC copper.

  • The 1543 MKII DAC is made in a modular fashion to make future upgrades possible ensuring your investment will last a lifetime.

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