RCM AudioSensor 2 Mark IIusedRCM Audio Sensor 2 Mark IIFrom PTA: I can assure the reader that an RCM Sensor 2 gets you very close to the summit as part of that chain of vinyl specific components required for groove-oriented bliss. I loved it. Auditi...2000.00

RCM Audio Sensor 2 Mark II [Expired]

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From PTA:

I can assure the reader that an RCM Sensor 2 gets you very close to the summit as part of that chain of vinyl specific components required for groove-oriented bliss. I loved it. Audition one. Find out for yourself where it puts your system on that long climb to the top. Your vinyl collection will thank you. You can go to Patagonia next year.

Highly recommended.

The SENSOR 2 MkII is a preamplifier which is an extension of the idea of ​​the "first" Sensor. It was created as a result of our experience and attempts to improve the parameters of such a demanding device as a phono preamplifier. The structure was designed and made in accordance with the principle of maximum use of available resources and technologies. On the other hand, all the elements used in this project are the result of practical experience, which allowed us to use the optimal configuration while maintaining an affordable price.   

As with the first version, the SENSOR 2 MkIIit distinguishes itself from other phono preamplifiers by its high output level. Our experience shows that in order to obtain the optimal sound, this value should not be less than 1 volt. This is due to many factors, such as the fact that currently used input stage solutions prefer sources with a high signal level. Ideally, its value should be 2 volts - the same as in a standard CD player. This solution imposes very high requirements on the entire device, because in the case of an MC cartridge with an output level of 0.3 mV, the signal must be amplified by about 76db, that is over 6300 times !!!

SENSOR 2 MkII of course, like its predecessor, it has the ability to select how the input works, which can work in balanced or single-ended mode. The signal coming from the phono cartridge is symmetrical, thanks to which, with an appropriate input configuration, it is possible to obtain a greater distance from noise and a wider dynamic range. Why give up what is good.      

The adjustment of the input load is made by switches on the rear panel. An eight-position switch was used in the "two", which allowed to increase the number of settings and thus more precise selection of the input load. In the same place there are also switches that allow you to set the appropriate gain and select the operating mode of the input circuit (balanced or single-ended). Selected integrated circuits deal with amplification of the signal, while the correction in accordance with the RIAA standard is made as a two-stage passive circuit with low-noise resistors and polypropylene capacitors.

Power is a very important element in achieving complete success. SENSOR 2 MkII has been equipped with a symmetrical power supply, and its design uses solutions aimed at maximum noise reduction. Great emphasis was placed on the proper selection of capacitance in the filtering circuit and on reducing the output impedance of the power supply. Another important factor for the final effect is the separation of the transformer from the rest of the circuit and placing it in a separate housing. The changes that have been made in this part of the device include the main power supply, as well as the power supply around the operational amplifiers. The first part includes a transformer, a rectifier circuit and the first stage of stabilization. The second stage is located in the main housing of the preamplifier.

The casing of the preamplifier and power supply is made of rectangular pipes, which significantly improved its stiffness. All parts are made of non-magnetic materials.     

Such extensive changes allowed to improve the dynamics, reduce the noise level and build the sound stage with a much greater momentum. Listeners familiar with Sensor Prelude will be impressed by the changes brought by SENSOR 2 MkII , and its new owners will be able to enjoy the unlimited form of presenting vinyl records.    

The MkII version is an upgraded version of the base Sensor 2. Printed circuits and some electronic components have been changed, and the RCA sockets have been replaced with the excellent Furutech FT-903R terminals.

Technical data:

Input sensitivity:    0.3 - 5 mV (adjustable)

Sensitivity Adjustment:    0.3 - 0.4 - 0.6 - 0.9 - 1.4 - 2.5 - 5 mV 

Reinforcement:    52 - 76 dB (2V rms output)

Input impedance:    20 ohms - 47,000 ohms

Impedance adjustment     20 - 30 - 50 - 100 - 200 - 400 - 1,000 - 47,000 ohms

Input capacity:    100 pF

Input operating mode    symmetrical - asymmetrical

Entry    RCA

THD:    0.01%

S / N    85dB

RIAA linearity:    +/- 0.3dB (20Hz-20kHz)

Output Impedance:    70ohm

Exit    XLR, RCA

Nominal Output Level:    2V rms

Maximum output level:    8V rms


245 x 227 x 110 mm - preamplifier

122 x 230 x 70 mm - power supply


3.5 kg.

- 1.7 kg preamplifier . - charger

Collection:    max 17W

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