Linn LP12 Sub-chassis usedLinn  LP12 Sub-chassisEach one of these brand-new sub-chassis - for the Linn LP12 - is painstakingly custom CNC / Machined from the same (solid (one-piece)) aluminum as the genuine OEM Linn Keel with IDENTICAL dimension...950.00

Linn LP12 Sub-chassis [Expired]

no longer for sale

Each one of these brand-new sub-chassis - for the Linn LP12 - is painstakingly custom CNC / Machined from the same (solid (one-piece)) aluminum as the genuine OEM Linn Keel with IDENTICAL dimensions, thicknesses throughout, and the exact weight distribution.  Choose from the following arm board cuts:
Naim ARO = $1125
SME = $950

Finish is Black Anodized Aluminum.

A little background for you. I'm a long-time audiophile with design and machining capabilities.  As for the product itself, these CLONES compare very favorably with the actual Linn Keel as manufactured by Linn.  Even my long-time Linn dealer loved them sonically and otherwise.

In fact, every listener agrees this Clone (in both the Linn version and the Aro version tested) is sonically indistinguishable from the genuine Keel in A-B (and extended) listening sessions with identically equipped LP12's in Reference quality systems. 

Furthermore, in the Rega and SME versions this Clone easily outperforms Kore in all aspects. 

You won't be disappointed.  In short, every customer has been extremely pleased. 

(Also includes installation and setup manual, as well as bespoke bolts to fit tapped holes in each specific sub-chassis). 

Listed price is for your choice of ONE Keel-Clone (with the respective prices listed above) and includes Insured, Tracked Shipping to Canadian (provincial) addresses and US addresses in the lower 48 States.  (I will ship to other countries (worldwide) with the actual shipping cost added to your cost - exact amount TBD).

Payment is by EMT only (in Canada), or by ONLY (outside of Canada).

Or, customer pickup and cash payment is welcome. 

(For those of you not familiar with, it is an extremely secure and user-friendly service (trusted by over 10,000,000 satisfied customers world-wide) that allows registered users to transfer money internationally to any other user (without the need to share either party's private banking details) all at a very nominal fee.  And, WISE sign-up is easy and quick - they actually have responsive telephone support available if you have any questions). 

Check my feedback and purchase worry-free. 
Happy listening!

(In order to place this listing Audiogon forces a selection of PayPal - as a payment processor but I accept EMT or  If you insist on PayPal add 4.5% to the price - this is the (actual) exorbitant fee that they charge me). 
Just a brief update for people: Here's an email I received regarding this listing (so, thought I'd post it and my answer:

Q: I was looking for a Kore to install the new Karousel bearing. The arm is an Ittok but I also have an origin live tonearm. Is this really an exact klone? So true Linn enthusiast can not tell any difference?
thanks, j.

A: To directly answer your question:
Yes, it is an exact Clone of the OEM Linn Keel. To elaborate on the ad's statement to this effect - every dimension, pocket, pocket depth and size (which are all variable - in order to effectively dissipate standing waves) are identical to the Linn Keel. The one-piece aluminum is the same too. (Like the Keel, the Clone is Karousel ready). More specifically, the Rega arm board cut version (that you would need for your Origin Live arm) is exactly the same dimensionally, etc. as the Linn Keel (Linn arm-board version) except, of course, the arm board layout (which is the exact same layout as the Kore - Rega cut). (As you know Linn does not offer a Rega Keel - it would too deeply cut into their Tonearm sales - I bet/guess is their reasoning). There are some excellent Rega arms!
My Rega Keel wipes the Kore.
Both mine and the Linn are Black Anodized.
My anodizing looks great. But, there are lots of slightly different anodizing facilities / processes. The finish (though not at all flawed) is not absolutely identical to Linn's. Nor does it have a Linn logo. Thus, if you had them side by side - as a "true Linn enthusiast" they are not absolutely identical in finish - and finish only.
(Furthermore, I want to emphasize that the pictures offer an extremely accurate portrayal of the actual anodized finish.  It is topnotch anodizing and, in no way, can it be called substandard or deficient.  Merely, slightly different).

(Also, to pre-empt a similar question on the other Clone versions offered:  RE: the SME same would apply as the Rega answer, but arm-board layout is identical to Linn SME arm board layout.  Aro version is Keel Clone).


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