Zesto AudioAllasso Step Up TransformernewZesto Audio Allasso Step Up TransformerWe have a brand new, sealed Zesto Allasso SUT available. This very versatile and great sounding step up transformer has been getting rave reviews since it was released. Key Features Allasso in G...2000.00

Zesto Audio Allasso Step Up Transformer [Expired]

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We have a brand new, sealed Zesto Allasso SUT available.  This very versatile and great sounding step up transformer has been getting rave reviews since it was released.

Key Features

  • Allasso in Greek means to change or transform one thing to another.
  • It’s very versatile! Will accommodate the widest range of cartridges with 40 adjustments in Mono and 40 adjustments in Stereo.
  • It’s flexible to allow you to control the 4 step up ratios/gain settings, each having 10 load positions.
  • Designed with the highest quality MC transformers. They are quiet, with extra shielding and large enough with the multiple windings to handle even your high output cartridges.
  • It’s easy to use as all the adjustments are on the front, nothing is hidden inside.
  • All adjustments can be done on the “fly” without clicks or pops.
  • No math skills are required; it’s just you and your ears.
  • Enough adjustments to tailor it specifically to your cartridge or your next one.
  • Works with any standard MM input on any phonostage.
  • Designed to reduce “Hum” with 2 ground lift switches and 2 ground binding posts.
  • The Mono switch is specifically designed to reduce “Hum” in your Mono cartridge.
  • A unique feature of the Mono switch is it takes a single input and sends to both outputs.
  • It’s quiet, with extensive grounding in the circuit design and enclosure.
  • RCA connectors are high quality, Gold plated, recessed with an isolated ground.
  • Recessed RCA connectors are durable and will hold up to the typical Audiophile who loves to change their configuration.
  • Elegantly designed 18 gauge steel enclosure to help isolate the electronic “chatter” from nearby equipment.
  • Easy to read large type on back panel.
  • Each unit is hand built “Made in the USA”.

Zesto Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer – Quite Possibly The Last SUT You’ll Ever Need!

Michael Corsentino | Positive Feedback | March 2019

“From my cold, dead hands!” - Charlton Heston, describing the only way anyone would be able  to take away his guns. I’ll state right up front that after a month in my reference system that’s exactly how I feel about the Zesto Andros Allasso step up transformer. In fact I was completely smitten with this little sonic marvel in a matter of hours, we bonded that quickly…”



April 2019 | Stereophile | Michael Fremer

…”Zesto’s George Counnas designed the Allasso (Greek for change or transform) to be both incredibly flexible and easy to use…

Best of all, rather than overload your primary and secondary coils, Counnas says that “it’s about the best sound, not the math.” He suggests beginning with the middle load position (5). I’d still use math to set the gain, based on the cartridge’s output, but you’re free to experiment while listening. Turning the Andros Allasso’s knobs produced no thumps or bumps through my speakers….”

As a replacement for the "fixed" (and thus compromised) step-up transformers built into your favorite MC preamplifier, or to add MC capabilities to a high-quality MM phono preamp, Zesto Audio's Andros Allasso is a smartly designed, reasonably priced piece of analog kit!

“The Allasso is the step-up transformer for the ultimate audiophile who loves his phono cartridges. With features way beyond the competition, a neutral extremely detailed sound, and gorgeous depth of field, the Allasso is a triumph of American engineering.”

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