MCINTOSHC500 SOLID STATE PRE AMPusedMCINTOSH C500 SOLID STATE PRE AMPBeautiful condition( see the pictures) MCINTOSH C500 solid state pre amp for sale.Incudes original boxes, remote manual, etc. Buyer pays for shipping and PayPal 3.5%( unless Friends and family) S...7200.00


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Beautiful  condition( see the pictures) MCINTOSH C500  solid state pre amp for sale.Incudes original boxes, remote manual, etc.
Buyer pays for shipping and PayPal 3.5%( unless Friends and family) Shipping it's 2 boxes. Reason for sale it's because I moved to tube pre amp.
Please check my over 20 years Audiogon feedback  and buy with confidence.

McIntosh C500 preamplifier controller

The McIntosh C500 stereo preamplifier is a
no-holds-barred, fully balanced, dual- mono design with separate power
supplies. Available with solid-state or tube preamplifier electronics,
the C500 preamplifier marries outstanding audio performance with
flexible user-programmability in a stunning two-chassis solution.Dual
R-Core transformers anchor a massive power supply that is the heart of
this preamplifier, providing the audio circuits with clean, rock-solid
power enough to handle the most demanding musical passages with ease. Moving
Coil and Moving Magnet phono preamplifiers are supported in both the
solid-state and tube designs. Both feature high open-loop gain enabling
the use of negative feedback around the compensation amplifiers for very
low noise and distortion and markedly improved RIAA performance.The
C500 volume control is a balanced design with a logic-controlled audio
taper. This custom attenuator is accomplished via a 4-stage, digitally
controlled analog circuit that operates with 16 bit precision.

Preamplifier chassis has the signature blue meters on both versions and the tube version also has a window to backlit tubes. The attractive, well-built chassis houses a full featured, state of the art preamplifier with a dual mono, fully balanced design complete with a Moving Coil and Moving Magnet phono stage.

The technology incorporated within the C500 is fairly extensive, including a variable rate volume control, silent audio switching, and dual, fully regulated R-Core transformer based power supplies. The McIntosh website has much more information on these technologies and the descriptions thereof make for interesting reading.

I have been listening to the C500 preamplifier for several months and utilize it as my reference preamplifier in my two-channel audio reviews. The sound quality is superb and truly reference grade. Music was reproduced in a natural, unforced manner with superb presence and solidity. The noise floor was the lowest of any  preamplifier I have ever had in my system; detail and dynamics were akin to what one would find in a top notch solid state unit. This combination of qualities led to a detailed, well formed soundstage with each source well identified without congestion or crowding even with busy orchestral pieces.

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