Aric AudioSuper 300B SETusedAric Audio Super 300B SETNOTE: I've made a small drop in price to this amp to make it more appealing. I won't be dropping the price further. Up for sale is a Super 300B SET amplifier that I recently completed. This amplif...5695.00

Aric Audio Super 300B SET [Expired]

no longer for sale

NOTE: I've made a small drop in price to this amp to make it more appealing. I won't be dropping the price further.

Up for sale is a Super 300B SET amplifier that I recently completed. This amplifier is brand new, fully tested and ready to ship! This amplifier features a robust driver stage using Transcendar interstage transformers to drive the 300Bs to full power as well as Transcendar output transformers, both with silver coated wires. This amplifier is extremely dynamic and detailed, with no bass rolloff or muted high end. The sonic presentation is INCREDIBLY linear from top to bottom with deep, tight bass extended highs and the robust midrange the 300Bs are known for!

This build is top tier, using a full DC filament supply with Schottky diodes, vishay resistors and low ripple, long-life capacitors.  Film capacitors throughout the power supply circuit and robust chokes provide excellent regulation and LOW noise. You cannot tell this amplifier is turned on in terms of self noise or noise from the speakers- it is dead quiet at idle.

Dual toroidal power transformers and twin tube rectifiers allow plenty of current (the power supply could actually run two of these amplifiers!), and this is apparent in the power and headroom this amplifier affords when turned up very loudly! Speaker connections are 4 and 8 ohm and RCA jacks are located on the top plate.

I will include a FULL compliment of tubes with this amplifier and additionally will include the Emission Labs 300BXLS with the purchase. These tubes MSRP for $975 and my pair has under 100 hours on them. You also receiver a pair of RCA 5U4GB rectifiers, NOS OA3 regulators, a pair of Sylvania black glass 6V6GT drivers and a pair of Sylvania "Bad Boy" 6SN7GT inputs tubes. The amplifier is covered by a full 2 year manufacturer's warranty and is ready to ship! Jupiter copper foil coupling capacitors are used in this build. More specs are below:

This re-design of my popular 300B SET features loads of upgrades including a fully outboard power supply with twin 5U4GB rectifiers, dual OA3 regulators, 3 chokes and 100% film capacitors for each filter stage. Inter-stage transformer coupling of the driver to the 300B eliminates the "wooly syrupy" sound commonly associated with 300B amplifiers! The amplifier utilizes silver-coated copper output transformers custom made in the USA, Jupiter copper foil capacitors, full PTP wiring and copper shielding.  A 6SN7 in SRPP mode for the input stage drives a 6V6 triode-strapped as the driver for the 300B. The driver stage provides extra headroom so that the 300B never sounds rolled off or compressed. This amplifier sounds like 15 watts per channel instead of the 300B's rated 8 watts per channel!

- 6SN7 input stage in SRPP mode
- 6V6 driver stage in triode-strapped mode
- 300B single ended output stage
- Jupiter Copper foil coupling capacitors
- US made Transcendar output and inter-stage transformers
- outboard power supply with robust power transformer, 3 chokes and robust filtering for dead silent operation
- copper lined chassis
- gold-plated sockets and jacks used throughout Vishay resistors used throughout
- Schottky diodes used throughout all filament supplies
- DC filaments used on all tubes
- Hand-built Curly-Maple/Walnut chassis
- 9 watts RMS per channel
- 5-50,000 hz frequency response
- 100kOhm input impedance
- 1.5 volt input sensitivity (can be used without a preamplifier if using a high voltage source with a volume control
- weight: 60 lbs
- dimensions: 16" x 12" x 6"

There is a very favorable review of this amplifier on the StereoTimes website by Terry London, and several customer reviews posted on Google if you search for Aric Audio Super 300B SET. This amplifier MSRPs for $5,995 + an additional $500 for the Emission Labs 300Bs (which include a 5 year warranty of which 4 are left). This amplifier is brand new, and ready to ship so you can avoid the 3-4+ week build time. Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to ask any questions. Best regards Aric


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