Adona CorporationAV45GnewAdona Corporation AV45G Classic 3 level  AV45GThe original Adona classic three shelf-audio rack. This is the rack that earned Adona Corporation a place in the high-end audio arena. It’s sonic signature is completely flat throughout the entire ...1425.00

Adona Corporation AV45G Classic 3 level AV45G [Expired]

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The original Adona classic three shelf-audio rack. This is the rack that earned Adona Corporation a place in the high-end audio arena. It’s sonic signature is completely flat throughout the entire audio spectrum. You’ll experience incredible focus, life-like sound stage and tight bass response. All without any perceived added coloration.

This model has three infinitely adjustable granite shelves and incorporates Adona’s proprietary anti-resonance technology. Each shelf has a capacity of over 300 pounds. It is most likely the most rigid rack available anywhere. Upgrade any shelf to a larger 19 x 24 inch platform for an extra $150.00. You may purchase additional shelves (comes with x-frame) for an extra $450.00 each (this doesn’t include column). Upgrade to our Cherry trimmed platform for $100.00 each 18 x 18 and $100.00 each for the 19 x 24. The rack is coupled to the floor via large solid-brass cones.
The Adona anti-resonant technology is the result of many years of research and development. Our secret is in the way we transfer energy back-and-forth between the different layers of materials. The material mismatch is deliberate and well executed and nulls-out any of the negative effects of each material producing a flat response throughout the entire audio spectrum. Guaranteed!

Competitors have tried their own version of this design by substituting other materials between the MDF and granite(or worse yet just plain granite)! And the results are always the same, a compromise in sound stage and a sense of harshness in the upper mid-range.
The unit measures 25 inches wide by 25 inches deep by 37.5 inches tall. Access between the columns is 20 inches. You have your choice of silver or black columns. You may also specify column height. Solid brass floor cones are included.

Adona defines a new standard in audio performance and visual appeal. Just when you thought you’ve seen (or heard) it all, there’s a refreshing new design, , totally unique to the world of high-end audio. Art and music, hand in hand, the way it should be.
Here’s what our customers are saying:

Hi Paul,
I received my component stand last week and got it set up on Sunday. I am very happy with the product aesthetically and sonically. You have a great product at a great price. I thank you and my equipment is saying thanks by giving me more detail on many of my favorite recordings. Thanks again.

"The sound of my system had never been better - articulate, extended both top and bottom, extremely natural and detailed in the mid range, and the images were dimensional on a huge 3-D sound stage." Mark

"I really love your work and I think these stands are truly fabulous both visually and sonically, you surely have done your homework and spent some time refining such a great product." Chris

"just wanted it to let you know packages arrived in A+ conditions, beautiful job on those amp stands, I love it, my Kronzilla sounds much much better and they look cool! Thanks so much." Bernie

"I can recommend these racks without reservations whatsoever. They look great, are incredibly strong, highly versatile, sounds wonderful, are priced fairly, and the brains behind the design belong to a very classy gentleman." Mark

You can get this rack with 2 levels 3 levels,4 levels etc please call for pricing

10-day money-back guarantee for item as described. Custom sizes are non-refundable. OUR RACKS SHIP IN MULTIPLE BOXES AVOIDING UPS OVERWEIGHT CHARGES. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

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