MagnepanMMC2 +DWM FOUR WAY MINI 3.7 ( TWO FOR SALE)usedMAGNEPAN MMC2 + DWM WOOFER SET (MINI 3.7)  ONE SET LEFTOne set left :Serial 121994 Each pair of MMC 2 is sold with one woofer panel DWM. (I also have a brand new pair of MMC2 never out of the box that I will list separately) The MMC 2 is a three way ...750.00

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One set left :Serial 121994
Each pair of MMC 2 is sold with one woofer panel DWM.

(I also have a brand new pair of MMC2 never out of the box that I will list separately)

The MMC 2 is a three way speaker. It looks similar to the MMC 1 but is in reality a substantially different and a more advanced speaker.
A sort of mini 3.7 without a woofer panel. Add the DWM and you are getting close to it.

The marketing of this speaker has been confusing.
Here Magnepan clarifies:

What is an MMC 2?

The MMC 2 is NOT an MC 1 with a motor. The MMC 2 has a unique planar midrange, plus a quasi-ribbon tweeter and quasi-ribbon super-tweeter. When used with one or more DWM Bass Panels, a full-range, 3-way system achieves the sound of our large free-standing speakers. To get a mental picture of the MMC 2 system, imagine that we removed the tweeter/midrange from our large 3-way speaker and motorized it on the wall and "hid the bass panel in plain sight" inside furniture.

further clarify because it seems Magnepan can’t really explain it’s self .
The MMC2 does NOT come with a motor. Never seen one in the boxes and I bought three pairs all brand new.
The motor is still an option for a fee.

The DWM rear panel is set up with connections for a pair of MMC 1 or MMC 2. The internal crossover is set at 80Hz. 


MMC 2 List price $1,995

DWM   List price  $  995
              Total :   $3,000 

Both sets of speakers were used as double surround channel with incredible results.


Tested and working fine.
The DWM panel with cherry trims has original box are is in like new conditions. No blemish whatsoever.

MMC 2 serial 121995 (sold)

MMC 2 serial 121994
Fabric in perfect condition. Black wood trims. NO original box.
I will double box with rigid panels on both sides to protect properly. Packaging to be at my expenses.

Magnepan says the MMC 2 are provided with stands but again this isn't true. Once I had to buy one set (then lost) for a mere $80 to run some test.  Their cheap stands look and feel like for the little you paid. For sure out there there is something still inexpensive but a bit more solid.
Incase you need hardware for on wall on installation like as surround speakers.  Magnepan provides a set with two little brackets which I lost.
They sell them for real cheap.

Wiring modifications to MMC 2
The original flimsy cables were replaced with wiring of a larger gauge . To do this an electrician, working in home audio, removed the staples in order to move the speaker fabric enough to access the crossovers were he removed the original thin wires and soldered the thicker ones. Problem is, only one could go tru the hinge reason why you see the second wire pocking out from the fabric

Shipping cost at buyer expenses and to be verified after the sale. Audiogon calculator is always wrong.

MMC2  Box 53x12x4 weight approx 35 lb
DWM    Box 25x25x5 weight approx 25 lb

If shipped with USPS it appears being less expensive than UPS, still making this purchase a great bargain.


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