Silnote Audio Anniversary II Master Reference usedSilnote Audio Top Reviews 8ft Pair Anniversary II Master Reference Speaker Cables The World's Finest Reference CablesThis listing is for the highly regarded Anniversary II Master Reference Speaker Cables 8ft pair with spades. Manufacturer show demo as new with original box and lifetime warranty. Made in USA. ...1295.00

Silnote Audio Top Reviews 8ft Pair Anniversary II Master Reference Speaker Cables The World's Finest Reference Cables

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This listing is for the highly regarded Anniversary II Master Reference Speaker Cables 8ft pair with spades.  Manufacturer show demo as new with original box and lifetime warranty.  Made in USA. 

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All Silnote Audio cables are precision hand built here in the USA and include a lifetime warranty. Visit our website for all  cables we offer. See our Audiogon E-Store for more Silnote Audio cables listed here on Audiogon.


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"First, I wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying the Morpheus Ref II Series II speaker cables I purchased a few weeks ago. At first I was kicking myself for not taking the leap to the Orion M2 but once I started listening, it was apparent this was a significant step forward in overall performance from my previous cables. The soundstage really is in 3D and the details of the instruments and vocals are vastly improved - all fully fleshed out without etch or glare and has greatly enhancing the musical experience. These speaker cables may be the best deal out there! Dante" 


"Cables arrived today (Morpheus Reference II) and I am listening to them as I type. They have about six (6) hours on them so far and yes, I am gobsmacked as my British friends like to say! These are the best cables I have had in my home and trust me when I say I have had a lot. Straight out of the box I was impressed but even now, with just a mere six hours on them plus the system all warmed up I am just as pleased as I could be. Your cables are outperforming my Nordst Quattro Fil cables, which by there own right as no slouch. But your cables are warmer, but not too warm, and they feel less "harsh" on the music’s edges if that makes sense. Quite a winner! Bob" .



Positive Feedback Review:

"With the Poseidon Signature II  in tow, music’s upper octaves sounded resolute and airy, the midrange life-like and holographic, and the bass impressively taut, deep, and palpably detailed. On a cut like "Domino" (from Polish trumpeter Tomaz Stanko’s 1999 release from the Green Hill (ECM), the Poseidon placed Stanko, John Suman, and the rest of the band in the center of my listening room as living, breathing, 3D replicas of real musicians, not 2 -dimensional cut-outs. With its heightened transparency to sources, particularly amplifiers, its natural tonal balance, robust dynamic expressiveness, and unflappable naturalism, the Poseidon Signature II  manages to cross the threshold that separates very good high-end performance from pure greatness. Maurice Jeffries, Positive Feedback" 


"Most Wanted Component of The Year Award"

Silnote Audio Orion M2 Speaker Cables/Poseidon Signature Interconnects (speaker cables -$3,295 for an 8 foot pr; interconnects - $1,595 per metered pair: Reviewed here) The  Silnotes are sonic chameleons in the best sense of the word. Peerlessly neutral, smooth and holographic, superbly detailed but never etched or bright, they reproduce the unique tonal shadings, dynamic gradations and overall gestalt of any recording one cares to use with unflinching fidelity. In a world where reference-level cables frequently cost more than fine automobiles, the Silnotes deliver most of what the pricier competition offers for a fraction of the cost. The Orion M2 speaker cables and Poseidon Signature balanced interconnects are my new references, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. (Maurice Jeffries)"  


"I’m listening to the Morpheus Reference Series II cables; they’re great! They compare favorably (i.e. at least as good as) the Transparent Ultra I was using. I got these cables because I’m setting up a second system in my house, but it’s not set up yet. My plan was to use the Transparents in the new "better" system, but now that I’ve heard these, I’m thinking I might want to get rid of my Transparents. 



 "As these cables burn in, they are sounding even better, so it actually turned out to be a no-brainer. Good-bye Transparent! I look forward to setting up my new system, and putting the Morpheus Reference II Series II on the L/R channels. Now I will have 5 pairs of Silnote balanced interconnects, enough for both systems complete! I’m glad you advertise on Audiogon; if not for that, I wouldn’t have discovered your cables, and I’m only listening to your most affordable cable! Kicked Transparent Ultra to the curb…amazing value. Rob"



"After converting from the traditional CD playback to a digital music server I experienced a loss in some of the midrange and lower frequencies from other cables. The reproduction was good but was losing the emotion of the music. I tried some cabling products from other companies but was still coming up a little short.  
 After reading a review on the Silnote Audio website, this caught my attention and I was excited to purchase the Morpheus II Reference Series II Speaker Cables and Interconnects. After installing the new wires, I was smiling with the outstanding reproduction results I was hearing.  Yes, the mids and lower frequencies were glorious and the emotion was unveiled. Many of my WAV music file recordings which sounded muddy and washed out came back to life, which I was extremely happy to hear again. I have spent so much more money previously on other companies products, but they have not performed with this kind of emotion and clear precise dynamics . Highly recommend!Thanks again Greg"


AXPONA : Silnote Audio Room Report:

"As I mentioned earlier, Doug Schroeder and I agreed that one room in particular stood out for its extraordinary sound, sound that owed in no small part to the extraordinary cables used to configure the system: the Silnoteroom. The system that Silnote’s approachable proprietor and chief designer put together, seriously seduced my tired ears for a second year in a row. Their delicious system came within shouting distance of winning my "best sound at the show" designation.
Look for a review over the next several months. Oh, and my deepest apologies to the Silnote team in advance, but I was so taken by the exhibit and the great sound coming from this room that I forgot to take photos. Mea culpa!         Jeffery Brown , Stereo Times " 


"I turned to the Silnote products as they present a highly refined sonic signature." "This puts the Silnote products in very fine company, among the very best I have used in the past decade. Doug Schroeder, Dagogo"


“Well I got home and hooked them up and was floored to say the least. One of my test selections is the Overture to Candid with Bernstein on DG. 
My room exploded with the all the excitement this piece has to offer without the over emphasis and edginess in the upper registers. Body, weight, color, timing, breadth, etc, etc… 
I was in audio heaven. Next I put on piano discs and the upper registers of the piano had clarity, color and sparkle but not edginess or over emphasis. I have to say this is the best my system has sounded. I had no idea I could get the level of sheer musicality I am now getting from my system by changing to Silnote interconnects and speaker cables. 
I am really enjoying these Morpheus Reference cables. Combined with the Poseidon Signature and your Poseidon Ultra Reference Speaker cables my system is sounding better than ever. I just can’t imagine it sounding better. Thanks for your thoughts…. And again for your truly musical cables. Jim"


"Game changers. I mean I always feel like I can hear nuanced differences with cables and the like...but often I wonder if I’m just bullshitting myself to rationalize the purchase. These are a significant upgrade in my rig. And that’s right outta the box. These things RIPPED a veil off I didn’t know was there. More presence and meat but without crowding...more individual space in the SS. It really makes the treble on the my Beyerdynamic T1’s (through a Woo Audio WA2) more digestible...actually adds detail and subtracts the sibilance it can have. I just got done playing 3 songs that always have some edges...they were edgeless. Mid-range from heaven. I’m a drummer so I always hone in on the drum timbre and realism. Beautiful and accentuated cymbal nuance and the bottoms of the toms and kick sound like controlled cannons. 
Great upgrade...and they’re still cold out of the box. I’ll get back to you in a few weeks with how they evolve. Bill"


"The strings of the guitar are very vibrant as I can hear each vibration of the strings and feel the full weight of the instrument. The sound is clear, fast and natural with a wonderful dark background. If you have never heard music coming from a black, silent background, do yourself a favor and give these interconnects a listen. Morpheus Reference II" Stereomojo.



"Amazing value. Replaced interconnects (Stealth Metacarbon) worth 15 times their price, and they sound wonderful. True value and well-made. Good folks with whom to deal." 




"Cables (Morpheus Reference II RCA interconnects) look and sound beautiful. Great seller. Fast shipment. Good communication. I highly recommend Silnote Audio cables and I will buy from Silnote Audio again."




"Very quick ship, very helpful seller--led me through product choices with great patience. Sound is really excellent--very good highs, superb mids and lows-- replaced silver and MIT cables." 



"These cables are giant killers thats for sure!The big boys should be shaking in their boots! Make sure you snap them up at these fantastic prices! Just superb sounding xlr interconnects! Highly recommended to all! A+A+A+A+A+" 


"This cable far exceeded my expectations. It is a flat out steal at the price. It reproduces dynamics and musical textures with great naturalness and ease. Emotionally involving and hard to stop listening. A great product!" 



"Great Transaction. Cables shipped quickly and I look forward to extended listening sessions as they break in. Initial listening confirms these are great sounding interconnects. Quality construction which is first class." 



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Silnote Audio 


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