Wayne's AudioTurntable Outer Ring SS-2newWayne's Audio SS-2 Turntable Outer Ring for VPI Clearaudio Basis Kronos Hanss Rega Sota Music LinnWayne’s Audio proudly present you our 2nd generation specially designed Universal Turntable Outer Ring! You can go to Wayne’s audio website to make order, save taxes and shipping costs. The SS-2 ...649.00

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Wayne's Audio SS-2 Turntable Outer Ring for VPI Clearaudio Basis Kronos Hanss Rega Sota Music Linn [Expired]

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Wayne’s Audio proudly present you our 2nd generation specially designed Universal Turntable Outer Ring!

You can go to Wayne’s audio website to make order, save taxes and shipping costs.

The SS-2 outer ring weighs 3.8 lbs., 20% heavier than our previous model SS-1, and provides more stabilization. 

The outer ring and 16 resonance-controlling inertia weights are made of stainless steel #304L , and the weights are screwed on the underside. We decided to increase the weight as we found that a slightly heavier ring provided an even greater listening experience.

The ring itself is 3.2 lbs. and diameter is 13.5", comes with a set of long weights (10 mm, 0.6 lbs.). We also offer optional short weights set (5 mm, 0.35 lbs)  for some thin platter turntable.

Outer rings are used to alleviate the problem of vinyl records no longer being playable when warped. Furthermore, even the slightest warps can easily cause damages to the stylus/needle when played.

This product is revolutionary for vinyl playback and can not only fix warps quickly in seconds, but also improve speed stability when the outer ring is installed.

The normal flat record only sits on 60% of the platter, while the remaining 40% is in free air induction distortion from styles feedback. The outer ring is designed to contact a record’s edges, improving coupling to the platter to 90% contact. The ring effectively removes record resonance and noise by up to 40%.

This is a huge improvement in dynamics, detail retrieval ,complete low-frequency control, 10 db plus in background noise reduction, up to 50% improvement SRA tracking. These all result in reference level vinyl playback.

This outer ring has been through trials over many turntables such as the Micro Seiki, Clearaudio, VPI, Music hall, Miracord, Hanss, Kronos, Triangle art, Audio Note, Rega, Basis Audio, Thorens, Linn, etc....and works wonderfully.

Now with new designed sitting disc!!

The completely new redesigned sitting disc will help you accurately place the outer ring on the center of spindle, sit right on the edge of record, and the lines we added on the sitting disc (Linear Offset technique: extra function) will help you visually adjust the cartridge for better alignment.

This product is guaranteed to improve your listening experience - A Complete Turntable Upgrade!!

Please view my website waynesaudio.com 

Here is the YouTube video for Wayne’s audio Outer ring:


You can still order our previous model, the SS-1, 3.2 Lbs, priced at $529.

Thanks !!

My Outer ring is universal and fully comparable with their like: VPI, Clearaudio....ring; mine can also fit other brand’s platter too. I am the manufacture and I directly sell to the consumers, no middleman. So The ring costs only half of their price but the effect is the same.

I have great customer’s feedback on eBay, Audiogon & Audio Mart,  please review them, make an offer, try it on, and I am sure you will love it.

Thanks again!!

Wayne's Audio



Customer’s Feedback:

Wayne is very responsive, has a great product at a very decent price. This ring is a great accessory. Makes bass well-articulated, instruments are clearly defined, brings out details that I’ve never heard in recordings. Very recommended.

Great product! Works perfectly on my VPI Scoutmaster 2. Definitely recommend this product!!

Very nice transaction with Wayne. The outer ring is beautifully made and works perfectly. Thanks! A+++

Smooth transaction , well packaged and well made. Could note for vpi hw19 my iv customers that use requires removing 2 of the 3 motor cover posts to allow necessary clearance— step is not difficult, requiring only a screwdriver and access to the underside of the sub chassis, but without it the ring will not spin . Prelim sound tests are all

Great seller who makes an excellent ring that makes my 1210GR sound fantastic. Thanks!

Super Teil. Deutlich besser durchhörbare Strukturen. Mehr Ruhe im Klangbild Top

Excellent seller.The ring is very high quality built and the shipping and packaging is first class. Excellent communications You can read more about it here on a thread I started. very highly recommend.!! http://vpiforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=9647

Excellent item! This is what I always wanted and finally I found it with price reasonable enough to purchase it. The ring clamp is not only for slightly warped records but also significantly improve sound quality. Since I got the ring clamp I always use it on my VPI Scoutmaster II when I play the record. Thank you 

Wayne for great product and pleasant professional communication.

Very nice turntable ring, excellent weight and balance. Very nice option to be able to add or remove the additional weights depending upon compatibility of turntable. A+++

It was great to meet WayneC, product was as advertised and transaction was easy, he even delivered the product to my home and make sure it worked properly! I would highly recommend WayneC to any buyers. In addition, 

WayneC also makes some awesome power amps, check them out at Waynes Audio! Thanks Wayne!

Fits nicely on my VPI TT & works great on severely warped LPs

Fantastic! The final nail in the coffin looking for Audio Nirvana, this is it.

Excellent seller, perfect condition, we’ll packed and quick turnaround. Would deal with Wayne again without reservation.

Wow! What a great product and great price. This outer ring took my analog rig to the next level of clarity. I highly recommend!!!!

Got Wayne’s SS-1 outer ring for my Clearaudio Concept turntable, and it works perfectly. My records are now totally flat, and my tone-arm looks like a linear tracking arm now; it doesn’t move a bit. Highly recommended. Thanks for the great product!

Works like a charm to maintain record contact to platter.

Every vinyl enthusiast should buy one of these directly. Dramatic improvement!

Wayne ... beautifully crafted outer ring , thank you so much!!! *****

Excellent seller, smooth hassle free transaction, the clamp worked perfectly, kept my records tight and flat to the platter, making the record one with the platter. Highly recommended.

Anyone hesitating to buy one of these - DON’T, buy it you won’t be disapointed

Item as described. A very worthy upgrade in sound for my SL1200. Recommend

Great Communication and Product - None Better. I’m very pleased, Thank You!

This is a phenomenal periphery ring! Thanks to Wayne for great comms!

The sellers so nice and professional working. The product is great quality.

Wayne is a great seller and a really nice guy to deal with. His products are outstanding and fairly priced. Highly recommended and will buy from again!!

An excellent high quality product both in appearance and fit /finish of the ring. Wayne is very responsive and shipping is speedy. If your a Vinyl lover this is a welcome addition to your rig. Highly recommended!!

Fantastic, well made product! Curious if an insert can be made for smaller diameter records? Would buy that too.