Garrard401usedClassic MKII Garrard 401 plus SME M2-12R by Jean NantaisThe tonearm included in this sale is used but in good condition with just a few tiny marks near the tonearm rest. It includes the box, all papers, instruction manual, screws and bolts. It currentl...7850.00

Classic MKII Garrard 401 plus SME M2-12R by Jean Nantais

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The tonearm included in this sale is used but in good condition with just a few tiny marks near the tonearm rest. It includes the box, all papers, instruction manual, screws and bolts.  It currently retails for $4695.00 new.

I am known for my Lenco rebuilds but not as well known for my Garrard rebuilds, which I have been rebuilding steadily yearly since 2004. The 
first client I had was not for a Lenco but for a Garrard 301, done in my usual special layered CLD Classic plinth. The following is this very first review from a customer, Garrard 301 set up with a Dynavector 507 MKII/Denon DL-103R; compared to both a low-mass, two-tier Cain & Cain plinth, and a Platine Verdier armed with a Schroeder and a Koetsu Urushi:

"Well, got the stock i/c on the Dyna, and not all tweaked yet, and nothing sitting on stand, without isolation, and it betters the Verdier/Koetu Urishi on a special Isolation stand...I am candidly surprised. I did not expect this. I had the Cain and Cain plinth and it did not sound good. This is way above. The 301 is incredible in your plinth. It has only the inexpensive Denon 103 R and that is not redone yet...and only a stock cable and it is better by a long ways than the Verdier on a special isolation table. Next I will try the Koetsu in the arm....and in my best phono stage and see. Damn...don't let this get out, or it will ruin the high end."

Here my lowest 75-pound Classic Garrard rebuild is compared with more expensive tables, a competing Garrard rebuild and a Direct Drive: 

"The 401 landed yesterday. A fantastic packing job has resulted in no damage whatsoever. Of course I had to stop everything I was doing - even though I am under a deadline on a project - to set up the 'table and the SME arm...

"I just wanted to say that you, sir, have absolutely ******** KILLED it with this rebuild. Listening to my back-up 9TT through my Slagle-modded Artemis Labs PH-1 into my Donald North Stratus (2A3-based headphone amp) into a pair of modded-Sennheiser HD800s...

"Wow. That's all I can say for now - wow. The combination of dead silence, punch, verve, bass (which the HD800s are not known for...) and breath-taking detail... It's the whole hog. Very very fun. Best thing about it is the sense of space - not just the width of the soundstage but its depth as well. Really 3D...

"It just slays the Technics I was using. And it slays the Dobbins 301 I used to have. And those cost more... The Dobbins A LOT... The Ikeda really likes the longer, heavier arm. And I have learned enough in the last few years of vinyl obsession to be able to dial in all the parameters of the arm and the cart..."

Each record player is built personally by myself, all parts are designed by me but machined by my Swiss-trained machinist. This particular 'table for sale is a model above those reviewed, with a more intricate plinth with better materials, higher density towards the center to concentrate mass, a Classic MKII level rebuild, including a special thrust plate designed by myself, complete rebuild, a spot on accurate motor pulley made by myself. It weighs in total 100 pounds with the tonearm, the mass extracts an astonishing amount of performance when the marriage of machine to the plinth is done right. It is designed for 12" tonearms.

It has the European strobe platter which is more common. There is an accessory available from England I have used before which times the light to match the 50 Hz English platter, I can order one to pre-install if wanted.

It is pictured here with a Reed 3P tonearm and Dynavector DRT-XV1S to demonstrate that unlike my competitors' work which are almost always partnered with vintage tonearms and cartridges/designs/SPUs etc., mine can be partnered with much more sophisticated devices, due to my non-existent noise floor, perfect speed stability, very careful choice of materials, and the consequent absolute refinement.

NOTE ON THE VENEER: this is a freak of nature, a case of vines growing THROUGH soft maple on the edge of a swamp, I bought everything they had, there is only one source. I named this special wood Chocolate Chip Maple (sold as "Spotted Maple" which does not exist), the only source in the world is myself, you can see what is left in the photos. I hand-make the veneers myself.

Introduction to a review of my work from renowned specialist in vinyl and audio reviewer Arthur Salovatore: "
This is the finest turntable I have ever heard. Now I’ve heard countless turntables in the last 40+ years, in my own system as well as in private homes, showrooms and at audio shows, but none of them can match this turntable in its overall cumulative strengths. While it was inevitable that I would eventually discover a turntable to outperform my personal reference of more than 17 years, the Forsell, what is amazing is that this new reference uses a technology (and actual model!) from more than 4 decades ago. Adding to the mystery is that fact that I had long felt this approach was obsolete (based on my actual experiences of the past, and not just simple “theory”)."

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