Synergistic ResearchPURPLE Quantum FusenewSynergistic Research PURPLE Fuse - significant improvement over the well-loved Orange fusesPURPLE Quantum Fuse - significant improvement over the well-loved Orange fuses The new Purple Fuse surpasses Synergistic Research’s Orange Fuse with technology initially developed for the state-of-...199.95

Synergistic Research PURPLE Fuse - significant improvement over the well-loved Orange fuses

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PURPLE Quantum Fuse - significant improvement over the well-loved Orange fuses

The new Purple Fuse surpasses Synergistic Research’s Orange Fuse with technology initially developed for the state-of-the-art SRX Series cables. In fact, before two last-minute breakthrough SRX technologies, SR could not better the Orange Fuse with its impossible combination of detail and rich harmonic musicality. As a result, SR were set to forgo a new fuse introduction for 2022 as SR could not build anything better sounding than Orange despite two years of trying. It was not until SR finalized two new technologies, namely a three-stage long duration high voltage conditioning process and a brand new UEF compound featuring Graphene, that SR were able to beat the Orange Fuse significantly. Together these new technologies create a larger soundstage with better image focus and higher resolution from a perceived lowering of the noise floor.

Of all the fuse generations and refinements SR has pioneered over the past decade, the new Purple Fuses are by far the best sounding and take the single greatest leap in performance over previous generations. All aspects of subjective sound quality get enhanced, including natural sound where instruments and vocals sound inherently right, dynamics, low-level detail, high-frequency extension, and smoothness all take a massive leap forward.

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Available with a 30-day, no-risk money-back guarantee so you can take your time and discover just how mind-bendingly excellent the new Purple Fuse is.


Alan Sircom of writes (February 2022): "...the overall effect can be summed up in one word; ‘naturalness’. The sound just seems a little less ‘electronicky’ and a bit more ‘natural’ and ‘effortless. Better yet, the more Purple UEF fuses you add to the system, the more it tends toward this effortlessly natural sound. Rhythmic elements in the sound just ‘pop’ into place a bit more with each fuse in the chain and swapping them back for anything else is a step in the wrong direction. There’s no going back... I can’t really see someone not liking the improvements brought about by using Synergistic Research Purple UEF fuses, especially as the effect is cumulative..."

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Rick Becker of Enjoy the writes (November 2021): "...when I ran through my compilation CD with 18 cuts of different music, the Purple fuses improved on all my priorities. Big jumps in transparency, resolution, tonal color, and physicality (or presence of the performers in your room). The noise floor dropped a little, but most of that was previously taken care of by the NPS 1260. And with the lower noise floor comes more inner detail, macro, and microdyamics. The soundstage expanded in the sense that voices and instruments farther away became more intelligible. There was a tremendous improvement of clarity within the soundstage. Instruments and singers up front did not mask what was going on behind them. The venue of live recordings became a lot more real — both room tone and audience applause..."

"...the music exhibited a sense of height that was appropriate for each recording. My speakers go down to about 33Hz and in that lower region, the timbre of instruments became a lot more palpable. The attack of notes also contributed to the dynamics but it was the extension and tonal color of the decay of notes that yielded a level of bloom that lifted the pace, rhythm, and timing that drew me into the music. Cymbals shimmered and my toes suffered windburn from tapping along with the music..."

"...two hundred bucks is a lot of money for a fuse, but it's a bargain for the musicality the Purple brings to your system, even if you have to buy a handful of them. If you're faint of heart, start with only one for your favorite front-end component. But maximum enjoyment will likely come when you run them from top to bottom. You might discover that you no longer feel the need to buy the much more expensive component you've been eyeing. And how many thousands of dollars would that save you?" 

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"...I have Purple fuses installed in every component of my system. Upon installation, the difference is immediately audible, not subtle and continues to improve over the first few hundred hours. With the Purple fuse, the sound is more organic and smooth... vocals and instruments sound more realistic; bass is better defined and less boomy. I have no idea why higher end manufacturers do not install these as standard equipment..."

"...I just installed Purple fuses in my Magnepan Magnaplanar MG1.6QR speakers. I thought they sounded pretty good with the factory fuses..... boy was I wrong. It was like I took a blanket off of the speakers. So much more detail and depth and they haven't even burned in yet. These fuses are worth every penny. Highly recommended..."
"...I've used these in both my Pass Labs amp and then my PS Audio DAC and each time the improvement was very distinct. And I was extremely skeptical it would make any difference at all. There are plenty of people out there who say there is no way a fuse will make any difference. I can guarantee none of them have ever tried it. I have and I am a firm believer now. Well worth the money..."

"...I replaced an Orange fuse with a purple in my Lumin streamer. the result is amazing even out of the box! A definite upgrade over the previous one, blacker background and smoother sound, highs are more extended and bass lower and tight. A definite must try accessory which has lifted the performance of my setup a notch or two..."

"...shipped Saturday had them Monday 3000 miles away. I was shocked at the difference these made in my system. I changed out 3 orange fuses for the purple not expecting anything more than minor changes in the sound. I couldn't have been more wrong, sound improved dramatically from the orange fuses. They give more of everything good and a dead black background. I am very happy with these and am now waiting on purple outlets, I hope?"

"...I moved from the SR orange to the purple. The improvement is substantial. Sound stage has improved in every way, very holographic, very detailed, with a relaxed and natural presentation. The depth of the presentation is hard to believe. The improvement with six fuses has been equal to any component upgrade I have ever made and there have been many..."

"...never, ever have I encountered an upgrade, tweak, cable swap or other addition to audio system that brought this type or level of sound improvement for such a small investment. The immediacy of attack on musical notes from the blackest background is AMAZING!!! The height and width of soundstage is something to behold. Kudos to SR on this one.........the antithesis of overpromising and underdelivering..."

"...these fuses are sheer magic! I ordered a pair of the purple, one for my DAC and another for my power amp and was rewarded with added fine detail and transparency, improved soundstage and an overall more lifelike presentation. I’vea new Musician Aquarius NOS R2R DAC chomping so once I’ve confirmed the fuse required I’ll order another for that. Highly recommend..."

"...Hello folks. This is my 3rd purple fuse. As I call it the grape juice. I installed one in my dac, cdt and now my tube amplifier. With all three units living on the grape juice now,it's more amazing than ever before. This is the best $600 I've ever spent on my system and got the most out of it. It actually sounds like I bought all new gear that cost thousands of dollars more than I had. My Nola ko speakers have never sounded better. How and why the purple fuses do this is beyond my knowledge. All I can say its not snake oil technology going on here..."

"...everything SR's Orange fuse brings to your system (which is considerable) is taken to the next level. The soundstage is fuller, separation is more pronounced, the background darker, and system response is clearer, especially in the mid to upper frequencies. Absolutely remarkable improvement/upgrade for the price..."

"...this fuse has completely changed the sound quality of my system for the better. My Constellation Integrated never sounded as holographic and "delicious" as now. All other reviews describe exactly what it does. For me, it has been remarkable so far in day 5. It's like the first time I installed a power conditioner and a XC DTCD™ power cable..."

"...I installed the Purple fuse in my Rogue RH-5 headphone amp, and it is amazing how much better everything sounds after 3 full days of burn-in. I am stunned at the improvement in depth of staging, realism of instruments and especially the vocals. The bass is tighter and deeper and can be felt now, and the noise floor became pitch black. There is more space and separation and everything just sounds more holographic and fully fleshed out. This just might be the single best tweak I have done to my system, and I will be putting purple fuses in my DAC (Sonnet Morpheus) and streamer (Sonnet Hermes) next..."

"...I have been a customer with Alfred from the red fuse until now and the service has always been excellent. I bought 6 of these for my amp and my Rel Sub 25 and it was my first time installing these for my speaker and sub on each side and I could immediately tell the difference. The speaker sounds gain in all areas, clairty, transparency, muscality and the sub bass is deep and tight. Highly recommend these products. They are worth the money. I will continue to buy more for my preamp and CD player..."

"...the Frankenstein moment. As the tile says, it's alive. I tried the orange fuses when they came out. I didn't care for them in my system. So I stayed with what was working. So out comes the purple fuse. With the 30 day return policy I thought I would try it out. We'll with the purple fuse installed in my dac the sound quality didn't change. But with in 20 minutes things changed to the good. Now with 6 hours of steady listening it has improved my system every hour. So all I can say is I need two more shots of grape juice. That's all I need is three in my system. Great job SR company..."

Synergistic Research PURPLE Quantum Fuses are available in many variants - small (5x20mm), large (6.3x32mm), fast blow (F), slow blow (T) and UK-Plug fuses. Small and large PURPLE fuses are both $199.95 MSRP.

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