TriangleARTMAESTROusedTriangleART MAESTRO Turntable ( Sales Event )******************************Demo inventory Sale Event************************************* WE HAVE DEMO UNIT AT SPECIAL PRICE PLEASE GIVE US A CALL TO FIND OUT MORE DETAIL Want to stop by for ...6300.00

TriangleART MAESTRO Turntable ( Sales Event )

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******************************Demo inventory Sale Event*************************************

 WE HAVE DEMO UNIT AT SPECIAL PRICE PLEASE GIVE US A CALL TO FIND OUT MORE DETAIL  Want to stop by for audition of full Triangle Art system. We are located in Anaheim Hills, California. Feel free to give us a call 714-553-6474   

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The Triangle ART Maestro Turntable design employs the same philosophy as its big brother, Reference SE, with characteristic of massive weight. It comes with a hefty solid composite metal 1 inches thick Plinth and 2 inches thick solid composite metal platter to control all vibrations and provide superior resonance.

Bearing Platform

The stainless steel Bearing is composed of hard and shaft Titanium with large ground radius which runs on a thrust washer. This is a special material with a very low coefficient of friction and very high wear resistance, providing a long, maintenance-free life.

Customer feedback:

Today, after listening close  to 150 records, audiophiles and non audiophiles, from jazz to classical and rock, from male to female vocals during the last 2 months ,at low to loud volume through my recently acquired Maestro turntable fitted with Osiris tonearm and Apollo Mc cartridge, Triangle Art phono preamp and TA 200 M mono blocks, I have to say during the last 28 years as an audiophile, no other company or components have made me so addicted to analog like now. Plenty of macro and micro dynamics, high resolution, beautiful and airy high frequency extension, deep bass with pitch delineation, natural liquid midrange, excellent ambience and soundstage (width and depth) fully controlling my Soundlabs A1 speakers. The sound is so natural and real. The products are so gorgeous to look at.I have gone through many audio shows, and I no longer feels like looking for another turntable/tonearm/cartridge, pre and power amp. I am totally satisfied now, and also want to thank Triangle Art excellent customer service.                        

Khai Do md,audiophile for 28 years.

I am very very happy with my Maestro turntable it is not only beautiful but also simple to set up and wonderful in sound. I was so impressed that I also perched his gorgeous sounding Zeus phono cartridge and Osiris tone arm.

They have brought my system to a new high and I enjoy listening to my Jazz Lp’s with a much more detailed ear, Tom Vu has also convinced me to perches has fantastic motor control and record clamp weight and I’m so glad he did my system sounds so much better and my bass response is out of this world 

Thanks Tom Vu for all your help with this great equipment 

Anthony Jones

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