Manley Stingray itubeManley  Stingray itubeProduct Description This unit was sent Back to Chino not China to be serviced, I thought that it quit working on me. little did i know that i had pressed a button for 2 long and reset the unit. ...3600.00

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Product Description This unit was sent Back to Chino not China to be serviced, I thought that it quit working on me. little did i know that i had pressed a button for 2 long and reset the unit. Silly me but because of that it has spent 1 yr benched. THe good news is that the Factory has reset and reinstalled new apple software and its now up to date. IF you want e mails to confirm this i have recorded all of them. I bought this unit as nothing looks like a MANLEY - period! To me its a work of art and still is. Best speaker match for this model has to be Joseph Audio RM 22 or 25 XL-Synergy made in heaven- 2nd choice Tyler acoustics-American on American FANTASTIC! Highs are not bright in this combo whatsoever. Proudly Made in the USA S/N MTST012- IF you need to know anything about this perfect amp and its history. I am the First Owner. The famous Manley Stingray stereo integrated amplifier has been renewed and refreshed for 2009! Presenting the Stingray iTube integrated tube amplifier with iPod dock and full featured RF and IR remote control. The Stingray iTube is the next evolution of the acclaimed Stingray Integrated Amplifier. The Stingray iTube retains the same basic tube circuitry and marvelous output transformers as the original with some important improvements: An iPod dock has been integrated into the Stingray iTube as the 4th input source. The Manley iTube has been certified by Apple and officially sanctioned as a "Made for iPod" product. The Stingray's Remote Control commands the iPod PLAY/PAUSE and TRACK FORWARD/BACK controls. The iPod's video output is available at the S-Video output jack located on the left side facia. The high voltage tube energy storage has been increased vastly resulting in even more solid and coherent bass control and impact. A headphone jack has been added to the right side facia. This jack re-routes the output from the speaker binding posts and mutes the Subwoofer output feed. The remote control works with both Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) technoligies. Using the remote in RF mode gives freedom from having to "point and shoot." The RF remote is omnidirectional and works through walls and cabinets. IR capability is included for those with Universal Learning Remote Controls for consolidated integration into existing systems. The volume control, balance adjust, input switching, and iPod interface commands are all on the RF/IR Remote Control. Additionally user can perform the MUTE, DIM, INSERT and SLEEP commands with the Remote Control. Each INPUT can be individually level-trimmed to match and to optimize system gain staging of various input devices. The blue LED displays surrounding the INPUT and VOLUME encoder knobs can be dimmed down or turned off entirely, after a user-settable time period, or a "screen-saver" random light sequence can be selected. Speed and intensity of the "Starlight" mode can be tweaked to taste. All custom user settings are hard written into memory when the unit is put into STANDBY mode and thus retained if power is later interrupted. Individual sealed gold contact relays deliver the selected input into the volume control system before hitting the first 12AT7 input tubes. Following the 6414 driver/phase splitter, the trusty EL84 output stage can be switched between either around 20 watts of TRIODE power or 40 watts of Ultra Linear mode push-pull operation. Individual bias for each tube is easily adjusted using the trimpots and test points, conveniently located on the top surface of the amplifier. The Stingray's power supply is extra-rugged and stiff, a MANLEY hallmark. It swims with the sharks: fast, agile, fluid, and with consummate authority. SUBWOOFER OUTPUT allows easy hookup of outboard line-level driven active powered subwoofers. This output is after the volume control so that the subwoofer will track the volume level changes of the main speakers. The SUB OUTPUT is a line level and full frequency output that is AFTER the volume control so your powered subwoofer follows the same volume as your main speakers. These are unbalanced RCA jacks, line level. They feed the line inputs of your subwoofer, NOT the speaker jacks. A switchable TAPE LOOP is standard. The TAPE SEND is the output of the selected input before the volume control. The TAPE RETURN can also be used as a 5th line input if needed. RECORD OUT (aka Tape OUT) is BEFORE the volume control so you can record whatever input you have selected without your listening level affecting the level going to your recorder. These are unbalanced RCA's. It is UNbalanced RCA's and UNbuffered so check out the input Z to your recorder to make sure it won't load down the Stingray main input while it is plugged in. Usually with unbuffered record outs we recommend you only plug in your recorder only when you are actually recording... TAPE LOOP: Also known as an INSERT point, the SEND or Tape Out comes off the selector switch as the Record Out option does going to your outboard EQ or Merlin BAM unit or tape recorder and then the signal returns (RETURN) to the Stingray in front of of the volume control so you can play tunes. A toggle switch selects whether the Tape LOOP (and whatever is plugged into the Tape Loop) is active or the signal goes straight through the Stingray as normal. Specifications: 3 x Stereo Line RCA Inputs 1 x iPod dock (analog output used) TRIODE - UL Output Stage Mode Switching RECORDING OUT SUBWOOFER OUT TAPE LOOP (Insert) with Bypass switch 1/4" Headphone OUTPUT (mutes speakers and subwoofer output when deployed) Logic controlled Volume and Balance functions All-Vacuum Tube, Low-feedback Stereo Integrated Design Output Tubes: 8 x EL84 Driver Tubes: 2 x 6414 Input Tubes: 2 x 12AT7 Maximum Output Power UL mode: 32 Watts x 2 channels 1.5% THD @ 1kHz into 5 ohms Maximum Output Power TRIODE mode: 18 Watts x 2 channels 1.5% THD @ 1kHz into 5 ohms Frequency Response: 15 Hz - 58 kHz, -1dB Gain: 35 dB at max Volume Input Sensitivity UL Full Power: 210 mV in = 32 watts out into 5 ohms with volume control at maximum Input Sensitivity Triode: 41mV in = 1W into 5 ohms with volume control at 20dB gain setting Input Sensitivity UL: 35mV in = 1W into 5 ohms with volume control at 20dB gain setting S/N Ratio: typically 72 dB A-WGT, 1W output, 20dB gain, Source Z = shorted input THD+N Ratio: typically 64 db at 1W output, Bandwidth 22Hz-22Khz, Source = 1Khz Sine wave Input Impedance: 12 Kohm nominal Optimum Speaker Load: 5 ohms Speaker Terminal Output Impedance at 20Hz: 2.36 ohms at 1KHz: 2 ohms at 20KHz: 1.83 ohms Damping Factor: 2.4 Headphone Jack Output Impedance: 53 ohms Remote Control Type:RF (radio frequency) and IR (infrared), user selectable Volume Control: Cirrus Digital Level Control System, controlled by Grayhill Rotary Encoders Power Consumption (Standby): 6W Power Consumption Idle: 198W Maximum Power Consumption at Full Power: 300W Power Supply: is factory set for 100V, 120V or 220-240VAC operation for original destination country's mains voltage. IF asking is met no fees no shipping. but i will add shipping into the cost of sale eg. 3350 + 50 =3400 total cost. This is My pride and Joy, i leave it around for display purposes. It is like ART with a good beat! it comes with all original accessories and box. Tubes are for the passionate. I have 6 tube amps and never get around to listening to all of them. So its never over used or overdriven or ever molested. This was in my kitchen setup where friends always talked about it IPOD and Tubes what a topic of conversation! -that was my sell to wife- It worked!! Unit is approx 1yr+ if needed i will give exact date with invoice/ bought from Authorized US dealer.
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