Marantz SR5005 HDMI 1.4AV Receiver Like New with Marantz SR5005 HDMI 1.4 AV Receiver Like New with  WarrantyMarantz released their new 6 series line-up for 2012 so we are selling our now discontinued SR5005 demo unit that resided in our "Street of Dreams" model home. Unit has extremely low hours of use ...420.00

Marantz SR5005 HDMI 1.4 AV Receiver Like New with Warranty [Expired]

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Marantz released their new 6 series line-up for 2012 so we are selling our now discontinued SR5005 demo unit that resided in our "Street of Dreams" model home. Unit has extremely low hours of use and is a perfect 10 cosmetically. Receiver comes complete with original box and packaging, manual, set-up microphone, remote control, antenna, etc. We are authorized Marantz resellers so this unit will come with the full Marantz warranty. MSRP $799.99, asking only $499 + actual shipping. Paypal adds 3%. If you have any questions - please contact us at (253) 737-7407 From Marantz's website: Clean, Precise & Inviting Design The SR5005’s design is your first indication of thorough sophistication; the front panel is clean, precise, and inviting. Volume and input selection knobs flank a large information display. A drop- down door hides secondary controls and connectors to maintain that classic look while providing easy access to the extensive features of the SR5005. HDMI 1.4a As the nerve center of a fine home theater system should, the SR5005 puts the capabilities of HDMI 1.4a to work connecting your sources with your high definition video display. Four (4) of these inputs and one (1) output allow real flexibility to choose the components you need to complete your system. Being fully 3D-capable the SR5005 is ready for 3D viewing whenever you are. An Audio Return Channel eliminates the need for a second connecting cable between display and receiver so you can enjoy soundtracks from streaming video or a game console without adding hookup complexity. With the one-touch convenience of CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) you’ll enjoy full system-wide operation at the push of a single button. An Auto Lip Sync feature eliminates the distracting delay between hearing dialog and seeing a character’s lips move while Standby in Pass Through mode allows the SR5005 to pass all video and audio via HDMI even when in Standby mode. Conventional Connectivity . . . The SR5005 offers a wide variety of rear-panel connections for analog and digital audio. So you won’t exhaust possibilities before you’ve hooked up your last source component. Behind the front panel door, you’ll also find an A/V input for easy connection of a camcorder or other portable device. iPod/iPhone, USB and Bluetooth Beside the front panel A/V input, you’ll also find a USB connector to bring your music media from an iPod, or other USB portable device directly to the SR5005 for true high fidelity playback. There’s also a rear panel connector for wireless data transmission through the optional RX101 Bluetooth/IR module. M-DAX2 for Improved Compressed Music Concerned about listening to compressed audio from a portable source or wireless connection? Don’t be. Marantz’s exclusive M-DAX2 circuit restores often-missing high frequencies to make these playlists fully listenable under the best home conditions. Discrete Component Amplifiers The SR5005 boasts seven (7) discrete component amplifiers each developing 100 continuous watts over the entire audio bandwidth to coax even difficult loudspeakers into providing their best sound. Just what you’d expect from a company that has been setting standards in audio reproduction for over half a century You’ll find nine (9) pair of heavy-duty four way binding posts for connecting your loudspeakers with a wide variety of speaker cables. Audyssey Automated Setup Audyssey MultEQ uses test tones and unique processing to analyze the influence of your room on the sound. MultEQ then creates a very detailed equalization curve for each speaker to correct for the room’s negative impact on sound quality. In addition, Dynamic Volume maintains constant audio levels by automatically reducing the perceived loudness of commercials, for example, to minimize their intrusiveness, and Dynamic EQ makes guarantees a satisfying balance of bass and treble at every volume, from very loud to very soft; just the thing for late-night screenings. Surround Sound Modes The SR5005 brings the benefits of comprehensive surround sound processing to enhance all your audio material precisely as the original artists and engineers intended. Dolby capabilities include TrueHD, Digital Plus, Pro Logic IIz, Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker, and Dolby Headphone circuitry provides a convincing surround sound effect with conventional stereo headphones. DTS modes range from HD Master and High Resolution Audio, to ES Discrete and Matrix6.1, Neo:6, 96/24, and Neural Surround. Upscaling & Transcoding for Near HD Video The SR5005 video processor allows transcoding of analog-based composite and component video signals to digital so they can be transmitted via HDMI. It also upscales digital and analog video signals to the highest resolution your display can handle so you’ll always enjoy the finest possible image. HDMI and component video inputs are assignable so you can configure your system to suit your preferences. The On-Screen Display In today’s A/V world, an on-screen display is mandatory to setting up a home theater system; a text-based GUI is available via HDMI so you can see it on your high definition screen. Configuration is key. The display lets you rename inputs so you can see at a glance exactly what system component you’ve selected. If you’re using fewer inputs than the SR5005 provides, you can also skip certain inputs while scrolling through the remainder for quicker access to the source you want. You can compensate for the different volume levels you encounter when switching from one source to another. The display also allows you to select a turn-on volume level, limit maximum levels, and adjust mute level as preferred. These conveniences let you fully enjoy your system without inadvertently disturbing others. Tuner People often overlook the tuner while choosing a receiver. The SR5005 invites close examination. In addition to 56 presets (8 presents in each of 7 groups), this tuner is also Sirius-ready for the finest in satellite radio (subscription and Sirius receiver required). And you can store Sirius channels in your preset list for instant access. Second Zone Capability The SR5005 provides full second zone operation. An Amp Assign feature shares amplifier resources by facilitating the automatic switching between connected pairs of surround back and Zone 2 loudspeakers; Zone 2 source selection is completely independent of the Main zone. There’s also a Zone 2 preamp output that works with a second amplifier for additional Zone 2 power if needed. Custom Installation and Remote Control The SR5005 is ideally suited for a fully integrated remote control system. In addition to the a back lit, learning IR remote, the SR5005 fully supports RS232C for third-party control systems. An IR Flasher input and DC trigger are also provided. A D-Bus (RC-5) control provides control of Marantz legacy components. An optional rack mount kit RMK6504SR and detachable IEC-socket power cord add mounting and installation flexibility. Conclusion The SR5005 is ready to serve you’re A/V needs in all but the most demanding installations. It combines a rare level of power and flexibility to answer all your needs and invites connection to a variety of conventional and mobile sources. Whatever source you select, the SR5005 will reveal its lineage whenever you use it. Marantz quality provides superb performance regardless of how you enjoy it. That, after all else is considered, is what makes a Marantz a Marantz. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Color Black Front Panel Aluminum/Glass-resinforced resin Remote Control Backlit, Learning, Pre code System Remote Controller Power Requirement AC120V 60Hz Power Consumption 650W (Standby: 0.2W, CEC Standby: 3W) Dimensions W x H x D (Inchs) 17-3/8" x 6-5/16" x 15-5/16" Weight (lbs) 25.6 AUDIO SECTION Power Output (8 Ohm) 100W (20Hz - 20kHz, 0.08% THD, 2ch driven) x7 S/N Ratio 98dB (IHF-A weighted, Source Direct Mode) Freq. Response (Analog In) 10Hz - 100kHz (+/-3dB, Source Direct Mode) Freq. Response (Dig In) - VIDEO HDMI In 4 Component In 3 S-Video In 0 Composite In 5 (including Front input: 1) HDMI Out 1 Component Out 1 S-Video Out 0 Composite Out 2 AUDIO Analog L&R In 6 (including Front input: 1) Analog L&R Out 1 Digital Optical In 3 (including Front input: 1) Digital Coaxial In 2 Digital Optical Out 1 Digital Coaxial Out 0 Other - OTHER Pre-Amplifier Out 7.1ch Main Amplifier In - Multi-Channel In 7.1ch Multi-Room Audio Out Zone 2 Pre out Multi-Room Video Out - Multi-Room Speaker Out Assignable Surround Back Speakers as for Zone 2 Speaker A/B Yes Networking - External control RS-232C DC Triggers - D-Bus Remote (RC-5) In/Out 1/1 Flasher In/IR Receiver In/Emitter out 1 / 0 / 0 Front Panel A/V Inputs USB: 1, Digital Optical: 1, Composite Video: 1, Analog L/R: 1 Headphone Out 1 AC Outlets (Switched/Unswitched) - / - MULTI CHANNEL/SURROUND Number of Channels 7ch Amp. 7.1ch Processing THX - DTS HD Master & High Res. Audio/ES/96/24/Discrete & Matrix6.1/ Neo:6/Express Dolby True HD/Digital Plus&EX/ Pro Logic IIz, IIx, II/Virtual Speaker/ Headphone DSD(SA-CD)/NEURAL - / yes SRS - SOUND ENHANCEMENTS Current Feedback Topology - Discrete Amplification Yes Power Transformer EI D/A Conversion 192kHz/24-bit Digital Signal Processing ANALOG DEVICES: SHARC 32-bit Video Off (Pure Direct) Yes Source Direct Yes Chassis Steel Variable X-over Yes Video Up-conversion Composite/Component to HDMI, HDMI to HDMI Auto Calibration by MIC Audyssey MultEQ Satellite Radio Ready Sirius AM/FM tuner 1 Bass Management Yes Lip-sync (digital audio delay) Yes Software Upgradable by Marantz Service Center
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