Meridian808v2Meridian 808v2 Referance CD TransportMeridian Signature BLACK 808.v2 Signature / Reference CD Player the top of the line and without a doubt one of the finest CD players made! This is the Second Version S/N# 808-200484 Like its 808...5995.00

Meridian 808v2 Referance CD Transport [Expired]

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Meridian Signature BLACK 808.v2 Signature / Reference CD Player the top of the line and without a doubt one of the finest CD players made! This is the Second Version S/N# 808-200484 Like its 808 predecessor, the 808.v2 is engineered with separate high-current, 'over-built' power supplies for each individual circuit section or subsystem, and is assembled on a motherboard / daughter-card structural layout for maximum reliability, serviceability, and upgradeability. Rated 8/10+ like new and HIGHLY recommended by top reviewers, people in the known and myself. Can be used directly to amplifiers and attenuates volume directly from the remote or Signature CD Player, has analog and digital inputs and can be used as a full featured DAC & Pre Amplifier. Also available Silver demo complete with manuals, newer MSR Remote, full double box and cables. Absolute Sound's Robert Harley called "the new benchmark". It plays both CD's and DVD-A's. It is regarded by many to be the best player player around and highly regarded as a reference. Features both RCA and XLR / Balanced outputs and pre amp functions. Comes with MSR II new and improved programmable / universal Meridian remote with program able inputs to control your other pieces. • Additional analogue and digital inputs to connect radio, tape, turntable/phono preamp etc • Digital and fixed/variable analogue outs: drives a pair of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers directly, or conventional stereo amp/speakers. • Powerful and versatile stereo replay system with the highest- quality CD playback available anywhere, at any price. Either way, the 808 delivers the same, superb performance. A pair of Meridian’s DSP Loudspeakers make ideal companions for the 808. The 808.v2 Signature Reference features improved clocking and buffering systems that together reduce coloration-inducing time-base errors or "jitter" to very nearly immeasurable levels - the lowest Meridian's widely experienced engineers have ever observed on any player. An improved analogue section, built to audio engineering's very highest standards and exploiting the finest components available regardless of cost, ensures full performance is maintained at its analogue audio outputs. Significantly, the 808.v2 employs an exquisite new digital filter developed by Meridian's research team. Bob Stuart, who is a fellow of the Audio Engineering Society, authored an AES paper in 2004 in which he recommended the development of 'apodizing' filters - filters that were minimum phase, with no ripple, causing no pre-echo: and thus offering perfect timing. He predicted that such a filter design would even be able to correct errors in the digital recording and mastering process itself. Indeed, CDs played back on the 808.v2 Signature Reference can sound even better than they did in the studio! The new filter requires significant digital signal processing (DSP) capability, using much of the power of the 808.v2 150MIPS main processor. Furthermore the 808.v2 is the first source component to feature Meridian's new RJ45-based digital interfacing system dubbed SpeakerLink, allowing a direct, single-cable link from the 808.v2 to any of Meridian's unique DSP Loudspeakers (or to a Meridian digital preamp/controller) via convenient, widely available CAT-5 'Ethernet' cabling. The first DSP Loudspeaker model to feature the new SpeakerLink connectivity is the brand new DSP7200. All Meridian models will soon feature this elegant new digital interface. As with earlier flagship Meridian CD designs, the 808.v2 employs a professional-component ROM optical-drive mechanism. In combination with Meridian's proprietary disc navigation and buffering software and hardware, this latest-generation assembly contributes substantially more accurate and reliable data reading and error correction than has ever been possible previously. Also on board is Meridian's proprietary Resolution Enhancement system, which upsamples 44.1/16-bit CD data to 176.4/24-bit with 48-bit internal precision, along with a newly refined delta-sigma digital-to-analogue converter system of reference accuracy, that can together extract from the finest CD recordings a degree of transparency, detail, and musical realism that simply must be heard to be appreciated. Technical Specifications: THD & Noise: Better than -96dBFS. Mechanism: Triple-beam laser, multi-speed CD/DVD-ROM transport. Converters: 192kHz-capable, 24-bit, Delta Sigma converters operating at 4 x CD sample rate (176.4kHz). Stereo Outputs: Analogue: 1 unbalanced on phono, 1 balanced on XLR-3M: 2.3V rms fixed/variable, Class A, 47R impedance. Digital S/PDIF (IEC60958): main coax with MHR plus auxiliary coax, operating at up to 2 x CD sample rate (88.2kHz), 24-bit. Stereo Inputs: (808i only) Analogue: 6 unbalanced on phono. Digital S/PDIF: 3 coax and 2 Toslink optical Formats: CD Audio (CD-DA), CD-R, CD-R/W, MP3. Comms: Two 5-pin 240¡ DIN sockets for Meridian Comms, and RS232 full remote/configuration interface. Three programmable 12v trigger outputs Construction: Black lacquer or satin silver finish (both available) in metal & glass. Dimensions: 480mm (18.9in) x 175mm (6.9in) x 411mm (16.2in) (whd). Controls: Front-panel keys for Open/Close, Play, Stop, Pause, Previous, Next, On/Off. Additional controls behind hinged front access cover include Repeat, Fast Forward/Reverse, Display, Mute, Volume Up/Down, Store/Clear; Source. Full remote control via MSR+, RS232. Display: 20-character dot matrix display with adjustable brightness and contrast. Indicators for Phase, Repeat and EQ (emphasis). Power: Universal power supply for 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 25W. • Digital and fixed or variable analogue outputs, ideal for connection to an existing preamplifier or surround controller (e.g.861). • Drives a pair of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers directly (e.g. DSP8000 or DSP7000 shown here) or a conventional amplifier and speakers • Can be used to create a simple, stereo CD replay system with the highest quality CD playback available as a CD player with fixed or variable outputs on RCA or BXLR Differentially Balanced outputs. Best to call David with questions in Los Angeles Showroom 310-472-8880 or on my cell after hours and weekends 310-927-2260. Weinhart Design has lots of other items new and used and if you're in Los Angeles or visiting please accept my invitation to experience our World Class Audio Showroom and please visit our web site @ We are always interested in purchasing quality Audio and Video items, CD & LP collections and most quality trades are welcomed. All sales out of California are State Sales Tax exempt. California State Sales Tax of 9.75% applies for items picked up or shipped to a California address before the end June sales tax is increasing on July 1st to 9.75% We accept payments by Bank Wire Transfers without fees and is the only form of payment on all sales out of the U.S. and Canada. We prefer this method of payment and also makes shipping to addresses other than billing agreeable. VISA, MC and Papal are gladly accepted within the U.S. and Canada as long as the charge is approved and shipping to the billing address on record and adds 3% to cover costs. Please call me directly in my world class showroom in Los Angeles weekdays @ 310-472-8880 or any reasonable time on my cell including weekends @ 310-927-2260 and I can answer your questions and help you with all of your new and pre owned needs.
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