MeridianDSP6000 96/24I'm selling a pair of Meridian DSP6000 speakers. These were upgraded by Meridian to 96kHz/24-bit status. They are currently running the latest firmware (version 5.20). If you haven't heard these...5500.00

Meridian DSP6000 96/24 with latest firmware [Expired]

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I'm selling a pair of Meridian DSP6000 speakers. These were upgraded by Meridian to 96kHz/24-bit status. They are currently running the latest firmware (version 5.20). If you haven't heard these speakers, you don't know what you're missing. You will not get better sound out of DSP5200 or DSP5500 speakers.

These Meridians have a tight, fast, deep bass. That, along with a design concept similar to a WATT/Puppy, allows them to image beautifully. These speakers excel at dynamics, and have the typically excellent rhythm and pace of the best British gear. When you consider the fact that all you need to make these sing is a source with a coaxial digital output... well, you're reading this so you know all about the benefits of Meridian digital speakers.

This pair is in good condition, especially for piano black speakers. (There are some slight swirls in the finish here and there.) I've rated them a 7/10 due to their age and the normal wear that accumulates over time; however, there are no scratches, dings, or damaged areas.

I'm including the remote, M5 and S5 comms cables, coaxial digital cables, spikes, and power cords (everything but the manual and original boxes). SHIPPING TO THE CONTINENTAL US IS INCLUDED AT THIS PRICE. Otherwise, shipping is to be arranged by the buyer at the buyer's expense. I will transport the speakers to a shipping store, facility, etc. to ensure proper packing.

Here's the technical stuff:
Performance: Frequency response in-room within 3dB from 25Hz to over
Maximum output >114dB spl @ 1m on music material
Noise less than 15dB spl.
Overall distortion typically Inputs: Two digital inputs to SPDIF standard; 32kHz�96kHz sampling
rates at up to 24 bit; MHR support. (A future software update
will enable support for 192kHz.)
Construction: 3-way infinite-baffle system.
4 x 200mm long-throw bass drivers.
1 x 160mm polypropylene mid driver in separate enclosure.
1 x 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter, silver wire, short hornloaded
with protective grille.
Black gloss piano-lacquer head unit and black cloth and
glass bass cabinet.
FIFO memory buffer input for the lowest possible jitter from
almost any source.
Four precision 128x oversampling converters for bass, mid
and tweeter signals.
Analogue gain and filtering using proprietary Meridian Class-A
discrete amplification.
Digital and conversion electronics constructed using
advanced surface-mount techniques and partitioned 6-layer
printed-circuit boards.
Four 75W power amplifiers; one for each of the driver ranges.
Power amplifiers use a unique feedback topology and
precision local error-correction systems to achieve a
performance equivalent to the conversion system.
Dimensions: 1330mm (52.4in) H, 275 (10.83) W, 425 (16.73) D
Weight 65kg (143lb)
DSP: 100MHz Motorola digital signal processor.
Digital crossover at 200Hz and 2.6kHz.
Response correction for the whole system.
User tone controls.
Volume and phase control.
Controls: Rear-panel controls for Power On/Off.
MSR and RS232 port provide control over bass, treble tilt,
listening axis, volume, time-compensated balance and
absolute phase.
Front display: Eight-character display with system lights, can be blank.

To help ensure a smooth transaction for both of us, please note the following:
- Please submit all offers by clicking the 'make an offer' link. I will kindly ignore offers via email.
- If you pay via PayPal, please make your payment within 24 hours of offer acceptance. If payment is not received within 24 hours, I will make the item available to other buyers.
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- Please wait until you have the money before submitting your offer. If you require special consideration, please explain in your offer. I'm reasonable and am willing to make exceptions for folks with good feedback. Thanks again...
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