MeridianDSP6000, DSP5000, G98, G68I do not have the DSP6000 speakers anymore. I can not remove the notation from the listing so sorry for the confusion. A pair of the DSP 5000 towers are 96/24. The Center speaker is also 96/24....12500.00

Meridian DSP6000, DSP5000, G98, G68 Complete System [Expired]

no longer for sale

I do not have the DSP6000 speakers anymore. I can not remove the notation from the listing so sorry for the confusion. A pair of the DSP 5000 towers are 96/24. The Center speaker is also 96/24. I also go confirmation that some of the cables might need new ends. They were pulled in the wall at the house the system was installed in and some of the cable ends came off. A Meridian dealer can easily replace or parts can be bought from Meridian. Ok I have a complete Meridian digital surround system for sale. I have a total of four towers, a center speaker, processor, controller, and DVD player. All of these are a matching system and was purchased from a Dealer in Dallas Texas. With this listing I will throw in a AMX control system that is already programmed to operate the system (see components below) As well as a Faroujda DVP5000 video processor. System was used by one adult owner and is currently located in Texas. System comes with all remotes and power cords. I cannot guarantee that any other cables will be included other than anything that is proprietary to Meridian.
I do not have any of the original boxes or manuals but have access to a profession crating company that will box and ship all of the items. I am looking to sell this off as a package. I might be willing to break up the system if you are looking to buy 5 items or more. I will not sell off anything one at a time so don't ask.
Buyer to pay all shipping. You will need to provide me an address to come up with a rough cost. The system will come freight to your house. The listed price does not include shipping but I would guess it will range from $500 to $1000 to ship it insured.
Please note that this system is in Dallas Texas. I am in Missouri. If you are near that area and would like to do local pickup that would be fine and I can arrange that. I am listing this for a friend and do not have possession of the product personally.
System works 100% and has been checked out by the dealer it was purchased from. I am listing this for a friend so I am lacking a little detail. As I get more info I will update this listing. Serious buyers only. I will ONLY take PayPal, cashier's check or bank money order. If paid by cashier's check or money order I will hold payment for 7 days before processing order. We might be able to work up a bank transfer as well if that is more comfortable for the buyer. I am a verified user on Audiogon under (Radoo) and also on eBay under (Bigguy1981). I forgot that I had two Audiogon accounts and listed under a new account. I had some issues with hacking on my old (Radoo) account and had to stop using it. I have 7 feedback under Radoo on Audiogon and over 500 under Bigguy1981 on ebay. I use the same paypal account for both websites so you can easily verify my identity. I am a trust seller and have been for years.
Photos of items are below. I can send more if needed as I was limited on my postings for this listing. All drivers in the speakers work 100%. All amps work 100%. speakers are in great shape.
Questions please ask as I know this is a hefty sum of money to pay for a system. I know that retail on this complete system was around $40k or so.
Meridian System
DSP5000 Tower Speakers QTY 4 Total

DSP5500HC Front Center Speaker
G98 Reference DVD Player
Also Included:
VPT-CP Touch Panel Controller
AXCENT3 Processor
Faroujda DVP5000 Video Processor
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